Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :30 OCT 2021
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

Guest :Mr. Anomus
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project ANOMUS.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

I am Mr. Anomus a CEO of

I am working in IT sector for over 10 years by now. Started as developed and moved into startups a while ago.

Sice 2017 joined crypto-space since that worked with multiple projects.

Most of my team is working with crypto since 2017 too. So basicly we know what we are doing and have plenty of experience

And as blockchain changed how people see money.. we want to use blockchain technology to provide value for people by fighting fake news

2) What is Anomus all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Oh... the idea came to my mind long time ago. I think like 4 years back.

As fake-news are all around us and it is quite hard to seperate is true or false i always been thinking how to solve that

D. Trump once he was selected for USA President post he talked alot about fake-news in various ways

since that been thinking about this issue even more

and how gathered up a team of people that are on same page with me and we trying to solve and got a plan how to do it

so basicly ANOMUS - is fighting for people freedom of speech and freedom that is in born right for everyone

we should not allow anyone to suppress it

While fighting for that we want to provide people with tools to challenge everyone and find a truth in any topic

so ANOMUS is all about Truth and Freedom of people!

we have corruption we want to remove from todays world

3) What’s the revenue model of your token and I think you have no competitors because what you are doing is unique so why you feel it’s a thing defi needed

For the revenue ANOMUS will have multiple ways. As we will have incentives for publishers to join our platform we will be taking small fees from donations, payments from Ads they receive

also as fact-checking challenges are based on ANOM token we will be taking fee for processing that.

all these funds will go to ANOMUS Foundation that will be used for development

when platform will be finished we will be shifting to full DAO stucture that will incentive participation from that same ANOMUS Foundation

regarding competition it is wide yet to do stand out by our approach and decentralization that is lacking in our competitors

and if you want to trust information that you receive you need to be able to participate in every part of the process

this will be enabled by our DAO stucture

4) Can you tell bit about your marketing strategies and your partnerships and how will they benefit anomus

We have multiple ways into the marketing. One of which are boarding Publishers which already have their own communities and will be boarding a platforms as soon as it goes live

this will be quite huge as we got big list of them already

other marketing activies are carried out to board users the readers into the platform that we are doing it by our guerilla marketing campaigns that are being carried out as we speak in various places

Also our partners are helping us alot by spreading a word about us

for partners we are selecting carefully

currently we joined us with Arweave blockchain, Holochain, TokenFarm, ChainPort, Polygon

and other that will be announced soon

Online News Association confirmed us as Partners

many updates will be released soon about partnerships we are having

yet we are bringing big guns for that

5) Can you tell a bit about your tokenomics and also transaction fees charged??

Our Tokenomics pretty straight forward

for whole details you can check our website

but in short

we got Private and Public round

at this moment we are in Private and preping for Public

Trasanction fees

we will be taking 5% fee upon certain actions

these fees will be applied until DAO stucture is fully preped and delivered

once it is done fees amount will be decided by our community using DAO voting and proposals

basicly we want to provide people with a tool and give them rights to change is and express every idea via our DAO

It is possible yet we take everyone after carefull DD

because we want values on top of the ticket itself

we could easily close our private round but its all about additional values of our partners that join in

basicly if someone can offer good values for projects like marketing or other activies that project can benefit from

we can get an agreement on a ticket

everyone can get in touch with me via DM

or by email


Q1 ANOMUS is a 100% decentralized news protocol providing the world access to fairly distributed news. People cannot trust the news anymore, so what’s the difference here? How we can assure that users can trust you? Why is ANOMUS better than news? @Wormz29

Basicly our approach is decentralization

the way to trust is knowledge how it is working

and seeing all money incentives put to it

current news media gets billions of dollars and noone knows whos paying them

in ANOMUS we are open we are open for everyone to participate

you will be able to see every transaction every movement on the platform

on top of that you will be able to challenge every opinion and see the whole picture of a story

so to be short when you able to participate in governance you able to trust the process

yes.. it is hard path we took

yet we see how it should be done at this moment receive alot of attention from VC's that participate to solve same issue as us

Q2 Let’s talk about Anomus terms and policies about the creators’s contents. How would you ensure that the contents are appropriate and does not violate any malicious conduct within the platform? How does Anomus manages its content creators? @Lidiamga

We do not manage content creators we provide with open tool for everyone

community does the management

this is the whole point!

if community decides that certain content is not suitable they will be able to put it to "Quarantine"

it will be available on a platform yet not on a "main page"

so basicly everything is for community to decide

Our team is just a "servant" to provide with tools required

with our tools we noone will ever be able to delete an article

as we use Perma-web and NFT for representation

so only quarantine we have as a tool

we have to be open to be fully LEGIT and trustable

Q3 It caught my eye that #Anomus team has decided to be anonymous, can you tell us the reason behind it? Do you plan to be anon forever or will you reveal yourself later on? Also, aren’t you worried about the fact that this anonimity could potencially affect investors' trust on you @MemoonaKhawar

Our team and myself included are anonymous due to the matter of a topic. We are fighting agains corruption & censorship.

We do not want to be in danger also visibility of our faces can create any source of harrasment

as we are creating vendetta agains billion of dollar worth market

also our product is fully dependant on a community

once DAO is live our team will be just a community members as you all

Investors understand that pretty well. Also i was requested not to reveal most of our private investors due to same issue

because they want to be safe yet want to solve this problem of todays world

Q4 How you assure about the security of your product and have you done any audits @Gaurav_097

Yes. Current Illusion of democracy is not on our side 🙂 🙂

Regarding security

we take it seriously

all our code is tested by our team carefully

also one of our VCs provided us with his team to do security checks

and 3rd part of security is outsourced audit

by companies like "Certik"

Q5 May I ask do you plan to launch nfts or not and will you have a governance feature in place??
Your roadmap only stress on marketing and all what about the developments happening in the product?? Can you share some of those developments?? @Abc97341745

Yes we will be using NFT's

in the processes they will be used for articles to represent ownership

also for our DAO stucture we will have additional NFTs

for Board of Governance

they will be used in a platform to give additional right on voting regarding changes in a protocol

regarding development we are currently in progress
we are planning to release initial version of ANOMUS in begining of December

Stay tuned in our channels for further updates


Every news agency claim that they have their fact checked, how is your fact checking different form other news agencies?

You are correct!
Whole point is fact-checking. Yet current news agencies fact-check themselves.

How can it be good to check yourself? Because you always get to same answer.

Fact-checking should be completed by 3rd parties or in our case community that has different opinions, different experiences

this is the only way how fact-checking should be carried out.

Question 6. What is the background of your project,
Do you think the team is able to support the long-term development of the project?

Yes we are able to do that. As we are in crypto for 4 years now. We stayed in crypto in Bear market and bull market. Our team is well prepared to deliver a product and all that is required and highest quality possible.

Q3-Thuý Hiền 💨💨:
What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about Anomus easily (even for beginners)?

We will use gamification for this one. As it emerges users morei nto the topic via our gamification we will guide every person though the process to understand it and monetize on top of that to keep it intresting.
After that once users are boarded they will know every bit of a platform and will be able to use it at their best.

Q4-Syed Rahmat Mubeen Shah:
Do you have your own reporters or are you planing on having them to verify nows or for fact checking?

We do not have our reporters. We are boarding reporters from all over the world. They are freelancers at this is the best way to keep neutrality from the team itself.

Q5-❕KHOA ❗:
For any blockchain token to be truly successful, it must have real utility. So what uses and functions does your token have, what roles will it play in the Anomus Ecosystem?

Token utility is well defined. It will be used in various ways. Once DAO released more utilities will emerge and any person from the community will be able to make their offers to increase even more.

It was plesure to be here!

ANOMUS is here to change perception into the news forever

join us on this vendetta

it will be fun as we got huge plans

and the Truth is inevitable!

it will come out!

For more information

just drop us a question

on any group of ours

Follow us on social media 🎭📰
Twitter | Reddit | Website | Medium | Discord

also alot of material to read in Medium 😉

if intrested in Private round - DM me

or drop me an email

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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