Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :04 SEPT 2021
Time : 09:00 AM UTC.

Guest :Bradley
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the Project BITDIAMOND.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Hi Cryptoscape community! It's a pleasure to be here with you for this AMA.

I'm Bradley and I am Co-founder and Delivery Lead for BitDiamond. I'm responsible for managing the execution of our business strategy and talking with our community and potential holders. Which means I get to do things like this!

My background is development - I've been writing code for almost two decades, for mission critical applications for the largest companies in the world.

I'm now bringing that real world experience to Crypto 😃

I co-founded BitDiamond with Keyoke, who is our Development Lead. Keyoke is responsible for all of our development objectives. We occasionally let him talk to people but not often lol.

That's the core of our team. It's small but covers every skill that we need. We also have others that help out but none of those are full time.

2) What is Bitdiamond all about explain it along with usecases and Vision

BitDiamond is a project on BSC, and we think you've never seen anything like this on BSC or anywhere else on Crypto, so strap in for an AMA that may well blow your mind! 😃

At the core of the project is our platform token, BTDMD. This token has everything you'd expect from a low-MCAP challenger token. It has tokenomics that are great to HODL.

Frictionless yield means that everyone with BTDMD in their wallet gets a share of a 4% tax on all on-chain transactions. It's automatic with every transaction, you don't need to do anything to get it.

It has a low supply of 21,000,000. You can tell how much you have without endlessly counting all the 0s at the end. . .

The smart contract has been audited, liquidity is locked.

But much more than that BTDMD is a utility token. Being good to HODL simply isn't enough. New tokens need to deliver utility to truly rise in value.

BitDiamond is a platform of tokens and dapps. In addition to BTDMD we have community ranking NFTs, rewards that our holders earn by taking part in the community.

We also have our treasurehunt game, where you can mint NFTs with algorithmically generated art. Not only are these amazingly cool NFTs, but you can use them to win instant BNB prizes in our Bounty dapp, or the grand prize in our Trove app (currently worth about $9k and growing).

And then we have an NFT marketplace, and the ability to mint your own NFTs.

And our Words of Power novel and game, that introduces the world's FIRST LINT tokens.

And at all times we are conscious of delivering benefits back to holders of BTDMD and our community NFTs. Not only because that is central to our project ethos, but because when holding something has benefits more people want to hold it. And we all know what that does for price. . .

For example, a BTDMD balance of 500k would give you a massive +3 powerup in the treasure hunt game AND remove all fees for selling items in the marketplace.

I'll stop there, before I get more carried away. . . .

3) Bitdiamond has plans to launch nfts what all to expect from it and some insights you can give?

We have a number of NFTs (!). And they all serve a unique purpose. So here's how they work :):

Community NFTs: There are seven different community NFTs, ranging from level 1 (Supporter) to level 7 (Paragon). They cannot be bought. The dev team mints them for our holders free of charge. For example, we recently completed a community NFT minting of about 400 Supporter (Level 1) NFTs for everyone who held at least 1,000 BTDMD on a given date. All of our community mods were also awarded a Protector NFT (Level 2).

We haven't awarded any level 3 to 7 NFTs yet, but we will. You are awarded these for service to the COMMUNITY. This is important, it's about the community. So if we see someone helping others out a lot in telegram we'll make a note of that for when we do another minting round.

These NFTs are not only unique but holding them is a powerup in our TreasureHunt app. In TreasureHunt you can mint algorithmically generated NFTs. Each NFT has a set of 6 characteristics and a map grid location, the characteristics and map location are generated randomly BUT you can hold modifiers that massively increase your chance of getting a good result.

(For example, your chances of a Magical item are 1% without any modifier. If you hold a supporter and a protector NFT they BOTH at 1% to that chance, meaning you have tripled your chances of a Magical item to 3%. If you hold 150,000 BTDMD on your wallet that gives you +3%, and if you stake that 150,000 that's +6%.)

The other NFTs we have:

BTDTRS is our treasurehunt token that is an algorithmically generated NFT with a wide range of characteristics based on probability. This is your cryptokitty equivalent :).

BTDART allows you to generate your own NFTs whenever you want, without charge. This is our OpenSea.

BTDBNT are the NFTs that control our instant win BNB prizes. If you match a BTDBNT with a treasure token you hold you can claim the prize, delivered to you instantly and 100% autonomously and trustlessly.

(By using an NFT for this we can do it all on the blockchain with no manual intervention)

BTDCLM are very special - you can only generated one of these if you are eligibile to claim one of the two grand prizes. This proves, on the blockchain, your claim. We can't think of a better way to have an entirely auditable record of you winning these valuable prizes.

FINALLY we have our LINT tokens. We will be writing a novel alongside the treasurehunt game, and items and characters from this novel will be minted as NFTs. These NFTs will be available to buy on our marketplace and each one of these will also act as a powerup in the treasure hunt game.

We will release the first LINTs next week.

4) You have a nft marketplace in place why should users prefer it and can you give a comparison with bakeryswap ???

Our NFT marketplace will be the primary place to trade our treasure hunt treasure items and also the powerups associated with the game.

One feature that sets it apart from other platforms is that minting NFTs is totally free (except for gas, obviously), so if you just want to try something out it's a great option. Also there are no sales commission, if you hold enough of our utility token BTDMD.

(We try to always add benefits for holders 🙂 )

We have a sliding fee scale.

We can alter the bands later when the token moons 😃

Haha, thanks. We're very conscious that getting 50,000 BTDMD is achievable right now, but less so if the token gets to $1. Yes I think that other places can be as high as 5%, but I am not 100% sure.

5) You have different phases in places can you give tentative dates each phase will launch and mention some key development in each phase

Phase 3 will focus around feature improvements to existing dapps, particularly around the treasure hunt game and also the leaderboard functionality. We will make incremental releases on that over the next three months.

We won't wait for one single huge release but roll our gradually.

We have a lot of ideas about how to add features to the game.

In fact, we have to be disciplined to stop developing to tell people about what we have built! lol

Phase 4 which will be to move to a DAO is an important part of our strategy, but it's a more long term goal at 6 months plus.

And, of course, if we spot opportunities, or our community does, we will take them.

(For example, we developed an on-chain entropy approach that's a potential alternative to an oracle call as part of the treasurehunt game. We may release this as a product).


1) One of the interesting features of BitDiamond is that it has a BEP-20 token and 13 BEP-721 tokens, most of them in NFTS format. Can you explain why most of your tokens are in NFTS format and are tokens for different features of the platform? @captain_price9

All of the tokens have a different purpose. BTDMD is our platform token, it's a BEP-20 (so like an ERC-20, so not an NFT). Its purpose is to be a store of value that more and more people want to hold as holding it offers value across the platform (for example your BTDMD balance gives you a powerup in TreasureHunt, and lower fees on the NFT marketplace).

We only really need one BEP-20 token, as that's our 'cash' if you like.

As any of those tokens is exactly the same as any other of the same token type we just need the one. But NFTs are a difference matter. . .

For the community reward elements of our platform we felt that NFTs suited that really well.

They allow the association of artwork and everyone gets something uniqueu.

So for our supporter NFT holders they get the cool artwork but it's also stamped with the token ID.

So they know exactly which one they have.

The hope is that we grow a massive community that has pride in it's community NFT items.

And also the early holders can look with pride on the low number on their NFT 🙂

BTDTRS is our treasurehunt token that is an algorithmically generated NFT with a wide range of characteristics based on probability.

There are just over 12,000 possible combinations of these charateristics.

We have a number of other NFTs that perform certain purposes on the platform. Some of these automate the payment of prizes, and it is the unique nature of these items that allow us to automate those payments.

For example, the BNB bounty rewards are fully autonomous, if you have the right NFT to match you get the BNB.

It was important to us that these features run without any human interaction.

That makes the platform really scalable - in theory millions could be playing the game at once.

But it also makes it verifiable - in that you can go and see the contract code and view how it guarantees you the prize if you win.

I'm looking forward to recording some code walkthroughs of our NFTs so I can explain what they each do, both in terms of function but also in terms of the code.

We would love our holders to understand more about the code underneath the platform, and we think we can help to explain that.

The more people know, including getting a basic grip of solidity syntax, for example, the safer crypto is.

2) I’ve read that you will be releasing soon the first 2 of your #LINTs (Literature Integrated NFTs)? So can you talk more about it and can you also explain what is #LINTs all about? @Wormz29

I am so glad you asked! This is our greatest innovation and we aren't aware of this being done anywhere else. We have an author on the team writing the novel. It will be published one chapter per week on our blog. Items and characters from the book will become NFTs with artwork that we will mint which will also work as powerups in the treasurehunt game.

Activity in the game (for example the type of tokens that people are finding) will also affect the story as we right it. So this is a fully integrated novel!! The game on the blockchain will influence the story and items from the story will become NFTs that can be used to influence your outcome in the game.

That's why we have called them Literature Integrated Non-fungible Tokens

(We are cheating a little to leave out the F for fungible but LINFT really didn't read well 🤣 )

There is also a game in the book!

There will be 12 hidden words from the BEP39 list

(The list that is used as seed phrases for wallets).

Solve the riddles and you get the associated prize which is 100,000BTDMD and growing.

We are unbelievably exited about this. It is something genuinely groundbreaking. A loop where crypto and literature directly influence each other.

If it works well we'll turn the book into LINTs too. There are lots of options.

By the way the prologue is up on our blog now.

(There are no clues in the prologue though 🙂 )

We do have amazing mods, we are very lucky

We recognise that and of course reward them with free NFTs 🙂

3) What type of NFTs can a user mint what in-app creator tools is the BitDiamond app equipped with which will allow a NFT minting? How easy will it be for regular user to be able to do this without having to worry about technicalities of coding and blockchain intricacies? @Lidiamga

Currently you can mint image files (png, jpg, gif) but not audio or movie files.

It's very very very easy :). I can record a user guide but really it's as easy as going to the page, filling in the details and hitting create :)

This is all you need to fill out.

Haha, thank you for breaking my flow that was a terrible typo! Nothing else to add I think, if anyone needs help minting their own masterpiece they can ask in the group 🙂

4) I’d seen in your site the TreasureHunt. Mint algorithmically generated NFTs with custom made art. Who chooses which elements and characters are worthy of being NFT? Are you accepting community artwork for NFT? @imwiiw27

The artwork for the algorithmically generated NFTs is already created, as it's composed of various elements by a computer programme.

There are six characteristics, each of which can have a number of values, some being rarer than others.

In total there are just over 12,000 possible combinations.

For out LINTs (The NFTs from the story) we will most definitely be seeking community artwork :).

That would be amazing, to have artwork submitted by readers to be made into NFTs that can then be bought that are then used to get a better result in the treasure hunt game that in turn then influences the direction of the story.

5) You have a governance feature slated to be launched can you give more insights on it and what all decisions can community take After that and how you assure it will be truly democratic @Grumpyb14017909

Our long-term ambition is to be a DAO like maker DAO or uniswap. That means that voting rights will be associated with users balance of a governance token. Now, when we make that DAO a users balance of BTDMD will determine how much governance token they receive and therefore their voting rights.

The idea is that ALL decisions on the project will then be governed through smart contracts that users who hold the governance token vote on.

Typically DAOs see something of a transition period, where the Dev team hold a large balance of governance token at the beginning and assist with the project direction, but that over time this balance gets spread around to allow true decentralisation.

We are at least six months away from this yet though. Our plan is to make sure BitDiamond is stable, profitable and big enough to stand on it's own as a DAO before we embark on that journey.


Q1- KhaLi_ID_jAi:
Is your smart contract AUDITED, is your SECURITY strong and top notch, 'cause a strong project is more important to investors?Is your smart contract AUDITED, is your SECURITY strong and top notch, 'cause a strong project is more important to investors?

Hi KhaLi, Yours is the first so I chose this one! Yes, BTDMD has been audited by QuillHash, one of the best in the business. If you head to our site there is a link to the audit report.

Q2-White 444:
While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Hi White 444. Yes, definitely! We are a very open development team and are very welcoming to ideas from our community. We will always listen and take on board feedback. We will also share our vision of where the project is headed, so that our community understand our direction.

Q3-C R 7 ⚽:
Good day sir,

can I buy your tokens right now and also which wallet support your token?

Hi C R 7! Yes, you can buy our platform token BTDMD right now on pancakeswap and indoex exchange. There are links on our website to make it easy. All wallets that can hold BEP-20 tokens support BTDMD. So metamask, trust wallet etc. These can also show the balance you hold of NFT items but to view the artwork you can do that on our website.

✅Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in NON-CRYPTO SPACE??

This is a great question and not one I have had before, and is something I think about all the time! Part of the thinking behind our literature integration was to build a story that would have appeal outside of crypto. In the same way that NFTs have brought people into crypto by association with art we feel that books and literature can do the same. Our ultimate goal would be to publish the book when we have completed the story and the prize associated has been won. That feels like something that could open up crypto to a wider user base.

Have you applied to list on COINMARKETCAP and COINGECKO already? If yes what is the status of it now?

We have applied a long time ago. For CMC we are an untracked listing, which means that they recognise the quality of the project but we don't currently have enough holders or daily volume to be a tracked listing (it's getting tracked that tends to result in that surge in price). For CG I think it's the same story, we simply aren't big enough yet. In that sense it's probably good news for potential holders, as we still have those listings to come. In terms of when that will be we simply have no idea, we just need to keep building the project and the community and then we will reach the right size 🙂

Haha, I was about to carry on answering but I think that is five?

I wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent hosting, and thank you to your community for the hospitality.

I have enjoyed this very much.

I will be available on my channel for some time to answer any questions I haven't been able to cover here.

Anyone interested is welcome to join the channel and hang out with us 🙂

I had a great time, thank you again 👍

Thank you very much. I will visit your channel often and keep you updated 😃

I'll head back to my channel now, Thank you again CRYPTOSCAPE 🚀

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍



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