Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :23 July 2021
Time : 06:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team Cosmic coin
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project COSMIC.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

Odd trader:
So I am here with @Ryan12237 and @CosmicCeo.The idea for CosmicCoin began about 2 months ago when we established the idea of our DApp ecosystem, from that point we as a team worked together to expand upon one another's ideas and we eventually came up with CosmicFee as an idea. We are all inspired to work hard on this project and excited for what's to come! Full doxxing will be released on the website before our public presale, which is on the 2nd!

My name is Mikkel😊 22 years, i been in crypto since Bitcoin was around 250usd so quite a Long time😊

I Think crypto is the future for sure!😊

Odd trader:
My name is Declan, I personally have been into crypto for about a year and a half, through that, I've spent a lot of time looking at what needs to be fixed in the crypto space, which is how we came up with the idea of CosmicCoin!

Q2 What’s CosmicCoin all about explain it along with the usecase and vision?

Odd trader:
CosmicCoin is a hyper deflationary token, that we conceptualized as having a "all in one" approach to user rewards and tokenomics. We have by far the most diverse and modern set of tokenomics right now. Along with that, our usecase is to provide an all in one, user-friendly DApp ecosystem that will have tools to trade and create tokens. These DApps will be compatible with one another and go hand in hand based on what your trying to accomplish with them.

We aim to change the DeFi space!

Q3 Please elaborate your tokenomics and justify the distribution and mention about locking of liquidity ?

Odd trader:
The distribution function we employ allows users to be rewarded for simply holding CosmicCoin, we have other rewards systems in our tokenomics too, and all of them are amplified by our CosmicFee system. Locking of liquidity is very important to us, which is why we will be locking liquidity for 1 year initially, to allow moving of liquidity to future exchanges.

Q4 what are your future plans? Can you share roadmap and upcoming plans

Odd trader:
Yes, so our future plans post presale, are to do scheduled burns, work on our marketing movement, and to, as a team, work on our DApp ecosystem, through putting together our ideas and applying them, along with that, through community input. Our full length roadmap is on our website.

Q5 Can you explain about cosmic launchpad and how this is going to be better than other launchpads.And how you would you assure security of projects which get listed through your launchpad

Odd trader:
CosmicLaunchpad will be unique, because it's the only launchpad that will allow both token creation and launching, it's an easy-to-use way of creating your own projects. The security will be implemented through trial and error, we will spend months perfecting it's security and it's overall quality.

It will be the main component of our DApp ecosystem.


Q1 I think I’ve read something about your CosmicFee? So can you tell us first what is CosmicFee and
how it works? And I believe it has many uses too, so it would be nice if you can tell us the different uses of your CosmicFee? @Wormz29

Odd trader:
CosmicFee is the first kind of tokenomics based technology to implement a two-sided tax on transactions. Meaning that those who are selling our token are taxed at a higher rate than those who are buying. Through this system, selling pressure is substantially lower than normal, and overall holders have incentive not to sell. Along with that, tokenomics features are amplified when selling, so you get an increase in rewards in a potential downtrend.

Q2 Along with Cosmic Coin’s Launchpad, a Cosmic-DEX will also be launched, allowing trading, staking, and other viable options in general, can you please explain to me what will stand out the most in this Decentralized Exchange? How will user engagement contribute to its progress? @Alistai89126620

Odd trader:
Our native Cosmic DEX will stand out among other exchanges, not because of it's staking features or it's simplicity, but it will work hand in hand with CosmicLaunchpad, meaning when you launch a token it will be listed on our DEX. User engagement is very important, which is why we will heavily market it.

Q3 How you plan to control the dump after the pre-sale and do you have any vesting period or something for the same also generally projects promise many things but can’t deliver it after pre-sale so how you assure us on that part?? @Abc97341745

Odd trader:
Initial dump of presale is a problem in the overall crypto space, thankfully our CosmicFee feature adds security to our price and will prevent an initial dump of tokens. I agree, in general a lot of projects can't deliver, we will make sure we can, through a process of transparency and sharing with our community.

Q4 I have seen many projects with charitable donation plans that actually use it for simple publicity. How can we know if your contributions to making the world a better place are sincere? Where will the funds for these donations come from and how can the community be a part of it? @Lidiamga

Odd trader:
Our charity function is not for publicity, we will choose donation destinations through polls directly through our twitter and telegram, along with that, we will post donation receipts for everyone to see. Along with that, we will Livestream the process for our community to witness! CosmicCoin stands to make an actual difference in the world, not to make a publicity stunt.

Q5 The pre-sale is starting in 10 days, can you give more details about the same and also tell about minimum buy-in and what will be the incentive given to make more people interested in participating in the pre-sale @Sahil_0_Jangra

Odd trader:
Yes, our presale will begin in 10 days, our minimum buy in will be .3 bnb and maximum will be 2 bnb per wallet. We have decided on a soft cap of 100 BNB and a hard cap of 300 BNB, more details will be announced upon starting time. Buying through presale is highly encouraged, because you are exempt from an initial taxation on your tokens, which would happen if you bought through our launch on PancakeSwap. Our private sale is being given during this ama to those who want to buy CosmicCoin at a significant discount too.


Q1-He മലയാളി:
On your Litepaper, I noticed that Cosmic Coin uses a feature called CosmicJackpot Fee which’s automatically distributed on a weekly basis across 50 holders, though, can you tell me what sorts of holders are most likely to win this special reward? How can users be eligible for it?

Odd trader:
This is a great question, CosmicJackpot actually randomizes a process of distribution so anyone who holds more than 10 dollars of CosmicCoin has an equal chance of winning!

One of your services caught my eye because it’s called HIGH YIELD RETURNS, can you tell us more about it? How can this feature help users, especially the holders??

Odd trader:
Yes! High yield returns come through our huge tokenomics system, which has several routes of rewards, you can win jackpots, and passively earn tokens, along with that down the line you will be able to earn yield through our native DEX.

Q3-Alice Nguyễn:
Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

We are trying to be audited before presale! Also as one of the first project out here that Will be using multisigg Wallet, so no one Can rugpull! Multisigg Wallet means u setup Keys, like 2/3 Keys need to be used to transfer out of the Wallet! We Will use multisigg for all wallets.

For each project, community factors contribute to the success of the project. Do you have any plans for long-term community development?

Odd trader:
Community is our number one priority! Expansion of our community will be through activities like giveaways, airdrops and charity events!

Can you give us detailed information about your CosmicFee technology? Does CosmicFee work like artificial intelligence, or does it have a human behind it? Thanks

Odd trader:
CosmicFee is a function that is imbedded into the contract of CosmicCoin, it has no human behind it or anything like that, so it takes the same tax no matter who is buying!.

Thank you for the great questions everyone! I enjoyed answering all of them! Make sure to join telegram to stay updated with our latest news! Also make sure to join our private sale to buy CosmicCoin at a discount 👍

Thank you for having us everyone!.

Thank you from Crypto Scape

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