Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 09 JAN 2022
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project CROWFI.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Professor C:
I go by Professor here at CrowFi

My own experience extends to other areas of the crypto space, helping develop and expand projects to reach their full potential

My expertise is in strategic business growth

My team consists of a few developers who have, quite frankly, some of the most impressive resumes I’ve seen

All of us being anonymous, it has developed a unique relationship with the community. It is difficult to become a reliable source without putting a name behind it. However, I feel like by letting our products speak for themselves, and stick to our word/timing with new updates and features, we’ve been able to build a solid community!

2) What is Crowfi all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Professor C:
This one might get a bit lengthy so I'll try to summarize

CrowFi is a DeFi toolshed!

The goal of the project is to provide utility to the Cronos chain that is unmatched anywhere else

Normally included in a DEX: trading pairs are cool, farming is great, staking earns passive income. BUT.... where is the adoptability, where is the education for new investors, where is the interactivity?

There are quite a few things I feel are lacking from a truly great DeFi exchange

One thing is actual tools for traders... who would have though an exchange would need REAL trading tools! HA

Stop Losses, Limit Orders, and Graph Trading bots will be integrated into our DEX this quarter

Another aspect that I have yet to mention publicly, only hinted at it in our TG group, would be our contribution to the Metaverse, which I am extremely ecstatic about

3) Why you decided to make a yield farming product as generally nowadays they aren’t so successful mainly because of inflation

Professor C:
Our yield farming system works based on 2 things, if there are tokens to mint, and if the community decides to do so

As we build out our DAO operating system, I take community input very seriously

We launched our token with over $1m in liquidity, and a $6m market cap, with only 30% of our total supply minted. 70% went to the farm and staking rewards. The max supply to EVER be minted is 1B tokens, which means once that threshold is reached, our farms turn off,, unless voted for by the majority of holders.

Our burning mechanisms have been helping that mint supply stay steady

4) Can you share some of the features of your nft marketplace and also do you have plans to launch your own nfts ?

Professor C:
Here is where things get interesting...

Our NFT marketplace will be a 'Metaverse' market

Allowing access into our metaverse game by purchasing an avatar!

If you would like me to dive into the game I can do so

So the name of the game is MetaZoa World

Animals run the world of Zoa

Set up:

In a lush versatile world, forests, snow mountains, beaches, intricate underground tunnel system, all seemed to surround a giant dark jagged sinister inactive volcano.

With in this land inhabit sentient creatures of all race species and creed but the most notable would be lions, crows, meerkats and moles. *other NFT collections of note can be added in as other factions* each faction has access to an excess of a certain type of material, different races will need to barter with each other if they wish to gain better items.
Key: M= Materials, W= main weapons

* character traits/inherent abilities.
Crows: flight/speed, low damage from melee attacks.
-M: feathers, used for imbuing items with mystical properties.
-W:arrows/ranged weapons
Lions: speed/strength, low damage to magic attacks.
-M: Meat, used for health,
-W:Claws/different material clause
Meerkats: stealth/agility/dig, Low damage to ranged attacks.
-M:Seeds, used for farming.
-W:short swords/daggers.
Moles: strength/carrying load/dig, Low damage to ranged attacks, can dig mines to mine in game currency.
-M:raw metals, used for forging items.
-W:pick axe/heavy axes

*all weapons can be upgraded and given magical abilities or custom skins. Same for character skins armor and etc.

Zoa, is a lush fertile land filled with so much to do! Sports and activities of all kind, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, mini quest, main quests, parties, events, races, Arena battles, education and so much more!

—— main quest—- “ The Erruption“

On what seems to be like any other day strange quiet gripped the air and out of nowhere the dark volcano centering the lives of a song spews fourth lightning thunder and chaos. Volcanic ash like spectral creatures descend out of the eruption upon the world killing everything they touch. Undead animals and corrupted creatures flood the land! What are the inhabitants of Zoa band together in order to save there home, or will Metazoa be plunged into never ending chaos and darkness.

Create alliances, level up your character, kill mini bosses and final boss.

Bosses will auto respawn after a period of time allowing others to fight and earn treasure and XP. Mini bosses must be defeated in a specific order. If party (character or clan) 1 defeats a boss before party 2 has arrived. Party 2 will need to remain in the area until boss re-enters the field. It pays to be first and it pays to be fast.

XP is earned through mini games, mini quest, main quest and other activities. Completing these activities will trigger a XP and loot drop. If these activities are completed as a team with multiple players (party/clan) The loot and XP is distributed equally amongst all involved. Pros and cons of battling solo or with a team. With the team it is easier to complete missions but individuals do not gain as much XP or loot, solo players get much more loot and XP but certain actions and activities are much more harder.

Characters must navigate mazes and collect items in a specific order that unlocks doors/locations that will get them closer to the final boss. If main quest item one has not been found yet main quest item 2 will not be able to be picked up or equipped.

——-side Quests/activities——
Complete small missions and tasks to gather weapons, money, property, creatures etc. In order to level up helping players complete main quests.


Create or join a team to share resources, set up a tax system where a percentage of all loot goes into the clan treasury

host gatherings with your friends, build a nightclub, concert hall, gathering area, where you can charge an entry fee or create exclusive events.

The best part, is that we're partnering with other projects within the Cronos space to build out the game. CroDex's Cougars will be a faction,'s Loaded Lions will be a faction, Mad Meerkats, VVS Moles, Cronos Chimp Club, etc

We're all coming together to build out a 'Zootopia' style world

5) How you assure about the security of your product and how you justify you don’t have any plans to rugpull

Professor C:
We are currently undergoing a full audit by Certik with Skynet security tracking!

We have privately KYC'd to Certik, and are doing everything we can to protect our community!

Rugpulls are a major issue.. no doubt about it. However, with the connections and relationships we have behind the scenes, rug is not even in our vocabulary


Q1 I read from your Q3 2022 plans in the roadmap that you will be developing the decentralized financial brokerage of fiat to DeFi, allowing users to do peer-to-peer lending, bill payments, hardware applications, and more. How will you make this wide expansion possible? @kimterbear

Professor C:
That will come with our own growth, as well as the growth of the Cronos net itself. By funding an asset-backed lending pool, and allowing the community to contribute and lend from it, opens up a whole new world of decentralized banking

Currently, the main way to get around crypto taxes in some countries is by crypto-backed loans. This I feel will be a big part of the future of DeFi

Q2 I observed you have a dex as well can you tell me more about the benefits of using your Dex (fees, Speed etc)? @Crypto_Dreams1

Professor C:
Ofc DEX speeds strongly depend on the network itself in which it operates. Cronos network itself is still in Beta, however network speeds greatly outperform Ethereum. In terms of fees, we are one of the lowest on the market, with zero tax on our native token, and a 0.17% fee upon trading, which rewards liquidity providers

Q3 Why you choose the cronos network to build your product and can you tell the advantages of this project @Rockydj834

Professor C:
I'll keep this as simple as possible :)

Haha, aside from the MASS marketing is doing (which alone will drive adoption), Cronos network is built on Ethermint and Cosmos APK

Very secure, very fast, very cheap

Q4 In Q2 2022, You have a section for gaming that are mainly focused on lottery and P2E gaming, can you tell us the ways to take profits from these games? What game is being developed? How can the users whithdraw their tokens and trade them for other cryptos? @Lidiamga

Professor C:
Yeah so the lottery systems will work just as any other, users will use their Crow tokens to wager on different 'games'

Crow tokens cash be cashed out just as any other.

the P2E gaming refers back to MetaZoa World

In Zoa, players can earn rare NFTs, collect gems and items, mine for metals, hunt enemies on quests, and trade/sell their NFTs in the market

Q5 How you came up with this name and can you tell some of the ongoing developments in your product?
What’s your day OK partnerships @Abc97341745

Professor C:
Crow? Crows are very tenacious

We have Crow Fun Facts posted by our community members quite often! They're quite interesting. I'll share one

Crows are so smart and so good at improvising that some zoologists admiringly call them "feathered apes." And yet, from a primate's perspective, crow brains might look puny. The New Caledonian crow, for example, has a brain that weighs just 0.26 ounces. But relative to its body size, that brain is huge, accounting for 2.7 percent of the bird's overall weight. By comparison, an adult human's three-pound brain represents 1.9 percent of their body weight.
Of all the living birds, crows, ravens, and parrots have the biggest brian-to-body size ratios. And in lab experiments, these avians show a degree of cognition that puts them on par with the great apes. In fact, research has shown that they have a much higher density of neurons in their forebrains than primates do. The amount of neurons in this region is thought to correlate with a given animal's intelligence. Theoretically, having more neurons translates to better cognitive reasoning.

So Crows just naturally became the mascot of our project

Ongoing developments include

Trading Tools
- Stop Losses
- Limit Order
- Graph Trading

Launchpad/IDO platform
- Token/LP Lockers
- Pre Sale site & Calendar

- Land and character renderings
- Game storyline
- Scaling usability

Mobile App
- Portfolio Tracker
- dApp connectivity
- metaverse mobile gaming

Cross-chain tools
- swap
- charting


Will you release any limited edition NFTs?

Professor C:
Yes! Our Zoa Genesis Collection will release next month

Genesis holders will be able to have first-access to the world of Zoa, as well as special mint rights and free season passes

The season passes will be the way to get the best bang for your buck in Zoa, better loot drops, XP boosts, rare skins, etc.

Upto what extent we can participate in the token governance?
Do you consider the suggestions from the community???

Professor C:
Suggestions from the community have been a MAJOR factor in our growth so far. It is important to me to allow the community to dictate the direction of the project.

Q3-MD Alomger:
Most investors focus only on the short-term price of the token instead of the actual value of the project. So what are the benefits for long-term investors in project? @ProfessorCee

Professor C:

We are NOT a short term project. With all of the facets of development, we’re planning, thinking, and executing with the long-game.

Q4-Will CrowFi come packed with cross chain support, limit order, stop loss, margin, and even predictive trades? All these features will be completely decentralized? Will the community be 100% owner of these components?

Think about buying Cake when BNB was at $50

Q5-Captain Price 🎖:
I was doing my own research and I found an aspect that caught my attention. CrowFi is planning to develop plug and play hardware and RFID payment in order to facilitate access to the DeFi world. Can you give us more details on this topic?

Professor C:
Here's a good one,

We have a partner currently building mobile DeFi hardware.

Call it a DePhone if you will

We’ll be keeping a close eye on development :

Q6-Jesia Bird:
Does your $CrowFi support BEP-20 or ERC-20 ??? How much is the total supply of $CrowFi Token now ??? What are your plans for the future?

Professor C:
At the moment we only support CRC-20, Cronos network

HOWEVER, most contracts written on ERC-20 standard are deployable on Cronos as well

Cronos is working on the ETH - Cronos bridge, and once that happens we'll be implementing cross-chain solutions shortly after

All is well here!

Thank you all for having me

any further questions that were left unanswered, feel free to join our TG and we'll take care of you




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