Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :04 SEPT 2021
Time : 2:00 AM UTC.

Guest :Mr. George Galoyan
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the Project DAO.VC.


1. Could you describe DAOvc and give us an introduction to the project?

George G | IT & Blockchain: is a decentralized venture ecosystem that provides all-in-one venture solutions. The platform was founded in the beginning of 2020 and consists of a marketplace, a venture capital social network, the LaunchLab startup accelerator, a decentralized investment pool - to fund blockchain startups acceleration, and a limited venture partnership pool - to fund IT startups acceleration. Startups that come through the LaunchLab acceleration program could then place their crowdfunding campaigns at as well. Thus, a campaign co-investing model will be utilized together with
Now is working with blockchain and IT startups. For instance, is a tokensale provider and operator for the biggest CIS-based martial arts league, Hardcore Fighting Championship, that sets up its blockchain platform with the HardCoin token. plans to execute the acceleration of 10 more IT and blockchain startups in 2022.

2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

George G | IT & Blockchain: main-strategic point is аn all-in-one startup ecosystem. It consists of co-investing, acceleration, in general. The main difference between DAOv.c Launchpad and the others - all Launchpad projects are the projects already accelerated by We speak about the project smart-co-investing model here. It provides users opportunities to combine the best traditional VC practices with modern decentralized features.

3. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
DAO. vc' team background creates a perfect mix in order to achieve the results. Speaking of the team, there are only top-notch experts and industry professionals. has two founders. One of them is a venture capitalist and a founder of a Singapore-based venture fund. The second one is me. I’m an experienced startup entrepreneur, a winner of a Russian Venture Forum.

One of my startups made it to the world’s top-7 startups by ChatbotSummit. I have also built a community of startups. So, we really understand all pains and needs of the industry and seeking to provide the comprehensive yet straightforward solution

So the collective experience of the team really gives us the best view and understanding of all pressure points of the industry that need to be addressed

4.Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
Yes sure this is an important part to enable growth, we also mostly using our network to find the best startups or accelerations. Although, our business model ensures the growth not relying on outside tech partnership right now due to the fact that the ecosystem is based on Ethereum with a voting mechanism powered by Binance Chain.

And yes, is currently working on marketing and promo campaigns. Besides the common marketing activities I believe that upcoming startups which are going to be listed on the platform should make more impact than any kind of paid traffic could.

5. What are the future development plans for DAOvc?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
Here are the nearest development plans.

Technical development plans:
App development to make the platform accessible from mobile.
DEX exchange listing.

Marketing development plans:
Integration of LaunchLab into the platform.
Partners onboarding to the project.

Further development plans can be found in the roadmap

You can check the roadmap


1) .NFT is gaining popularity with distance today. It seems that NFT has a bright future. So do you have any plans to include NFT in your project?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
Of course. Despite being a big hype at the moment, NFTs are a great mechanism to secure privacy rights and enable digital creators to join the crypto world. All the projects joining Launch Lab will use NFT technology to digitise their products.

That’s why all of the projects launched within the platform bring additional value both to the platform and to the project itself

The first NFT-related project powered by is HardCoin. It is the project of the biggest CIS-based martial arts league, Hardcore Fighting Championship. The collectibles are planned to be available in different NFT marketplaces, including marketplace.

2) Can you Explain the uses Of your Governance Token & LP ?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
The owners of the governance token DAOvc vote for the projects that have applied for the acceleration program. All the projects who have applied for the acceleration are giving 10% of their tokens to the pool. You can buy the token of our tokenized pool, which represents an index of all projects that have undergone acceleration

At this stage we are not providing access to the tokenized pool, as we have launched our first 2 pilot projects, who will be the first ones to contribute to the pool. Later the poll will be open for public participation

yes the second one will be announced shortly and is a BOMB !

3) What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
Well, of course the top priority at the moment is our public sale, that starts on 5 September. You can still apply to the whitelist on This is an important stepping stone to ensure we can easily achieve all our further goals and ambitions

1. The public stage tokensale on 5th of September
2. Listing at D&C exchanges. We are going to start from Uniswap on 5th of September as well
3. Hardcore FC project launch

4) .I understand DAO VC is a combination of classic tools from the venture and defi market. What system did they take from their Venture association to create a custom fork in the same investment possibilities for all users? How does it benefit the project, investors, and users?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
We took a principle of the venture structure that allows co-funding investment model in both IT and Blockchain projects. This way investors are growing their portfolio by having shares of profits or tokens depending on the pool they participate in

how it works

01 - The partners' funds are used to accelerate classic venture startups through a tokenized pool, meanwhile filling their portfolio with private equity shares

02 - Startups undergo an acceleration program and enter the market.

03 - Partners receive 10% equity + 10% success fee from all venture startups that are accelerated by the ecosystem

5) According to your website, Launch Lab Accelerator provides funds to startups in order to assist them succeed. Bravo to the team; this is an excellent initiative that is lacking in many IDO launchpad platforms. What sources of funding will you use to keep this Grant system alive?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
In order to maintain the access to budget for startups acceleration, we have created and are using on of 2 our tokenized pools to fund the necessary processes.

The bigger we grow - the more projects we accelerate.
The more projects we accelerate - the more people become interested in them - the more investments we gather - the more additional value is generated.


Q1- Khuka Babu:
Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
As a true DAO, we are not making this decision ourselves. The holders of governance token DAOvc can put this up to a vote and if only decided collectively, we would do the token burn.

Q2-Crpyto FC:
Hello sir,,,💓💓

Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable??

George G | IT & Blockchain: smart contract has received Crypton Studio reliability certificate.
The certificate proves that smart contract has neither safety issues, nor critical errors.

Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

George G | IT & Blockchain:
We have translated our website to Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, German, Spanish and Russian. The platform adaptation is to follow. Of course we are very conscious about every region and community.

by the way, if you are interested to represnt our local community please get in touch

Q4-Cậu Vàng:
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??

George G | IT & Blockchain:
here are our main channels

Q5-ID Nai😭😭😭:
I want to invest to your project. Where i buy your token? Is it available on any exchange???

George G | IT & Blockchain:
The toknsale staring tomorrow at 12pm UTC. Please register to whitelist and join to have a chance to win one of our 240 allocations for USDT 500 . Also, the token will be listed on Uniswap at 23.59 UTC , 5 September.

thanks to everyone

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