Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :08 July 2021
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Mr. Paul Flynn (Chief Executive & Co- Founder)
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the project ECOWATT.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

With pleasure!

Hello world, I am Paul, the co-founder of EcoWatt.

We are a governance token and store of value backed by physical green power assets that back impact funding and back daily rewards.

I have been in renewable energy for 15 years and advised companies, organisations, governments and even the United Nations on projects with a value exceeding 750 million USD.

My focus has always been in Europe the middle East and Africa.

And now with the power of the blockchain I see an opportunity for you and me to have the same kind of benefit that usually only companies and millionaires get

Every 1 EcoWatt token is backed by 1 Watt of green power.

So there is real value, high liquidity, daily rewards and we can make the world a little better.

I love this !

We did a Crypto trial in 2018 and used the last winter to prepare for a big launch this year

You are early!

Q2 What’s EcoWatt all about explain it along with the usecase and vision?

Great question!

We are defined by our guiding words!

Value Liquidity and Impact

Every EcoWatt Token is backed by minimum one Watt of Green Power.

So our assets are backed by real value that exists outside of tye Crypto market. So we are a winter proof store of value.

Our assets also generate income from power sales. we turn sunshine into electricity and revenue into daily rewards that can be staked with up to 20 percent APY! Additionally we offer instant liquidty up to 50 percent of staked Tokens.

Last but not least we use some of our asset revenue to plant trees and fund impact projects that help people in developing countries.

And your governance vote decided what we do !

Next our tokenomics are a key driver to increase token value and price !

We have a fixed token supply but a GROWING Green Asset Portfolio. So once we pass our 100 percent portfolio target we will have more Watts backing each token.

1 Watt costs 1.2 Euro, which is our token launch price.

With two watts the price doubles and so forth... but our daily rewards double too and so does our liquidity power.

The upward price momentum will be really big we believe.

No burning required because we add real asset value!

Long-term I hope that we become a real driver for climate and social impact with a community that can negotiate with large institutions.

We will save thousands of tons of CO2, help tens of thousands of people and plant millions of trees.

More importantly - you will be rewarded for doing something good.
Companies make so much money with electricity and we are the first project that puts this value onto the Blockchain for your benefit!

We can 10x and then 10x the token again and have a Token that exists for decades because the assets exist for decades !

I can't even imagine the value in a few years but right now the private sale is for 0.1 Euro and the exchange Launch is 1.2 Euro and our portfolio target for 2023-25 is Minimum 10 Euro.

That's a good start !

There are not enough projects with REAL value!

We will change that !

We have a bounty and affiliate program valued at nearly 500.000 USD

Q3 You have pre-sale planned please shed some light on the same and how could users be eligible for the same and through which platform are you planning to do it?

We want people who can’t afford to buy the tokens to still participate and earn tokens

We are currently in our second round invitation only private sale.

After the AMA, Melanie our community manager will share an invite link to pre-register and do KYC to buy larger sums.

BUT I have a bette proposal .. we would like to return in a week or two after you had time to do your research on us.

And then Together with your moderators we will arrange an exclusive private sale for this community!

Meanwhile we are also regularly launching affiliate and bounty programs to earn tokens and we will do an airdrop to anyone who registers on our telegram or website and helps us on social media.

We will share that link here too today !

You can earn tokens, buy a few tokens or buy thousands of tokens.

More important for me is that you join our movement and together bwe can achieve great things AND increase token value at least 10x and maybe 100x.

And once you have Tokens you can vote on impact projects that help families with power food and water security.

That's important for all of us !

And You deserve to be rewarded for this :-)

Q4 Erc 20 has a huge market cap but meanwhile can’t attract small investors owing to high gas fees so why you chosen this network and what are your plans of bridge in future and when could we expect cex listing?

We are launching on Polygon Matic to avoid high gas fees and will watch developments carefully.

Our goal is for tye community to have easy access and lost transaction costs.

ERC20 has the widest adoption and that is why we wanted as many people as possible to have access.

But also we highly incentivises staking and long-term hodl of the token.

We will offer instant liquidity against 50 percent of token value and / or daily rewards that can be used to pay back liquidity loans OR burned for USDT.

Why sell something that increases in price, increases liquidity and increases rewards simply for staking?

I believe that the token will greatly increase in value because apart from real asset value, most people will stake the token and it will become scarce !

We are advised by some amazing blockchain experts including Polka Ventures, Tokeny and a team that worked on Solana.

We are solid and reliable!

Q5 Tell a bit about ongoing airdrop ?

We will be airdropping nearly 500.000 USD value in Tokens.

Some are allocated to AMAs, some are allocated to bounty campaigns and some to an affiliate program that's coming soon.

It's really easy to earn Tokens!

We will share a link here and ask a few questions to ensure you understand the project in general.

Then we ask you to share our message on Social Media .. the usual .. follow, like, share our Channels and posts

We want a community that is excited about what we do and talks about it so that we get discovered by more people

Lots of projects make empty promises but we can literally show physical assets that have government contracts that we turn into rewards.

EcoWatt rewards are powered by sunshine !

Who else can claim that 😁

Join our Telegram and listen to your moderators ! We will share an amazing private sale here soon!

A Token at 0.1 Euro that has an exchange launch price of 1.2 Euro

Like I said, you are early!


Q1 How you plan to increase the mass adoption of your token and why you think people would be interested to buy in your token @Sweet01333

Great question!

The amazing thing about our business model is that we do NOT need mass adoption!

Think about it .. every 1 token is backed by Minimum 1 Watt. We only issue Tokens when we add more Watts until we hit our portfolio target.

So what if we only ever sell one token?

That Token is still backed by one watt that produces green energy and has value and daily Rewards!

We need adoption to increase the token price but the basic price of 1.2 Euro and the Liquidity and daily rewards is guaranteed from day one

Because we offer liquidity, people would also be crazy to dump the token.

Why sell something cheap if you can get the liquidity instantly anyway AND get daily rewards !

That's what makes us special!

Q2 How much do you value your community and what role do they play in major decisions taken and are you truly democratic @Grumpyb14017909

Our community - YOU - are our most important asset.

I have contacts to large organisations including the United Nations, R20 Foundation and last week I was talking to the world Bank about this project.

The challenge they all have is that they want to co-invest in projects but have no idea what real people want to see

We want to enable a governance system that is not just based on how many Tokens you have but also how long and actively you supported the project and also how much you are trusted by others in the community.

So someone with 100 Tokens can have the same Influence as someone with 10.000 tokens

Imagine you propose something to dig water wells in South Sahara to support a few hundred families.

As a community we follow the project you propsoed and the world Bank cofunds this

You can say that you did that.

AND token price increases as a bonus

To me that is great and I will do this tye rest of my life

Q3 When your mission is to be better, faster & smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. So who are the great people behind ECOWATT and what are the pain points, challenges or struggles the team have faced upon taking this project and how did you solved them? @Wormz29

Great question!

Delivering Renewable energy and infrastructure projects requires specialists.

My background is in finance and business law for example with additional training and certification bin contract law from Harvard University.

I've worked on some high profile projects valued around 750 million Euro total value and also including work in the middle East and Africa.

I've talked to CEOs of big companies and Government Ministers all over the world. Once I was invited to be a speaker at the United Nations in New York.

And my partners and team have partially more experience than me.
Thomas the otter co-founder has delivered well over 1.5 billion in assets and built energy, rail and harbours around the world but primarily eastern Europe.

Another senior member is Dr Rolf Schiffer. He is literally a company and government adviser and teacher applied engineering at a German university and leads Innovation projects Witt government grants.

He is really high profile in his niche 😅

Struggles are mainly in the relationships on the ground and the many stakeholders.

I have travelled to places in the middle of nowhere including Congo and Somalia border areas.

The solution is just as easy though.
Respect people, listen to them and try to help within your means.

That's my personal goal and motivation.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone was nice for no reason?

Just incase tye answe is "no" we have tye high token price increase and daily rewards built in to our tokenomics 😂.

That’s the president of Kenya with our regional director

He was my bodyguard when we went to some "interesting" places

We work with and they sometimes look for people to assist in projects onsite ..

If it is possible we will arrange token holders to travel and help on location but that will take a while

Our first project is with trees . org in Uganda and will support 500 families to develop their own farms, dig water wells and plant 1 million trees

We will do many such projects in the future ! That's impact !

Q4 How do you plan to promote renewable sources of energy and what are your plans of expansion
and do you have a detailed roadmap to detail the same? @Dayumnn69.

This is our roadmap and tokenomics price increase

Renewable energy projects are already supported by governments around the world.

You need experts like us to travel on location and figure out where exactly to build and then manage engineering on site.

This is why large institutions need us. They are tye money and bureaucracy .. we do the real work.. but that's ok :-)

Our plan to expand is to build a large community like I said.

Building a renewable energy project is like buying a house. The bank wants to see that you have at least 20 percent capital.

Our community and the tokes are our capital and we can get up to 5 USD for every 1 USD we get from token sales.

And that gives us real Growth.

Next is the special circumstance that our assets make money like a house that pays rent.

We use that "rent" to fund additional assets and increase token price, also we fund impact projects, liquidity and daily rewards for you

This is why we are a great store of value. It's like owning a part of a house that pays rent and actually builds more houses that pay even more rent

Once we hit our portfolio target we will be large enough to truly be independent and could in theory increase token price forever

Government contracts pay "rent" for up to 20 years .. no other projects can have this much guaranteed power !

Q5 How many tokens are held by the team and related parties and are these locked and how would they be vested and why should users trust your product @Stevero23845473

The founders, the team and I believe in this project a lot. And here is proof how much ...

We received ZERO Tokens in advance.
No lockup .. I literally have no EcoWatt Tokens.

I need to earn them by achieving the portfolio goal of all tokens and assets issued.

If I only achieve 10 percent I only get 10 percent and if I want 100 percent I need to deliver 100 percent !

In terms of general allocation, 80 percent is for the community and 20 percent for company operations of which 7 percent are for founders including me.

You can see that with this setup we are incentivised to deliver what we say and that rugpulls are not possible!

Our website has more details :-)

Zero tokens for the founders! Find another project like us!

95797 (641×329)

We have PWC as an auditor.

The plan is to complete our private sale and then do a full published audit ahead of our public launch

We also offer selected community representatives to review our data room to literally see asset contracts, payslips and insurance documentation etc

Because we work with institutional investors we have compliance levels that meet banking standards

In short "everything"

If we do the private sale with this community we can arrange for tye moderators to review our data room on behalf of you all.

Dear Community members 🥳🥳 we have a big surprise airdrop for you all 😃🌱

Reward pool : $450000 ECW Tokens !!!

🌍 The more friends you invite the more $ECW Token you will earn !

Airdrop Distribution - August 30th

Click the Link and start the tasks for getting your Airdrop Tokens ❤️🥳

And follow our telegram and your moderators for more updates!


Q1-Steffi Reguera🎀:
Hello sir


What is the total token supply? Can you share a detailed tokenomic of the mainnet token supply distribution? Then, do you have a token BURNING plan??

Token supply and burning..

Our fixed token supply is 1 billion ECW Tokens backed by 1 Watt per token. Once we hit that milestone we stop issuing Tokens but add Watts and increase token value, liquidty, rewards and price.

The Great thing is that even without wide adoption, each token maintains its value because the assets generate their revenue outside of Crypto

A perfect store of value that increases in price.

Regarding burning, we have none.
Burning is like a magic trick that projects with zero value use to create the illusion of scarcity.

Q2-Sahil Jangra:
Where can i buy token, is there any presale or any IDO

we have real value because we have real assets with a real business case and we increase token price by adding assets and incentives scarcity with our awesome staking rewards

Pre-sale will be shared here today as a pre-register and this month we will return and arrange an exclusive presale right here with this community.

We will share an invitation only link that is valid for two days (coming soon)

Don't miss that as you can get tokens for 0.1 Euro.

Later we will have a public launch sale at 0.3 Euro followed by exchange launches at 1.2 Euro.

Q3-Sahil Jangra:
You are going to plant around 2m trees, what will be the major location will be there as ecowatt is needed everywhere, will this be worldwide

Impact projects ..

EcoWatt is already global!
We will build assets wherever they are needed and generate the most value.

But as a token holder it doesn't matter where you are. Defi smart contracts will give you your rewards anywhere bin the world.

Look out if the window. If the sun is shining, then somewhere our assets are generating rewards for you :-)

Q4-budi karebet:
hello @Paul_EcoWatt
-Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with #EcoWatt ?

Safety and security!

Unlike other projects, you can Google me and even check my credentials on LinkedIn.

We are a fully registered company in Ireland and operate under a regulated financial organisation. We deal with banks, institutions and governments so we have a very high compliance standard.

Also our assets are connected to power grids so their data is on punk c ledgers that can be tracked and verified.

And last but not least .. no rug pulls are possible because we as founders including me need to earn tokens.

This is a true honest way of building a relationship.

EcoWatt aim to donate these proceeds to charities / projects / foundations that help fight climate change through technology. Does EcoWatt believe that it is possible to change people’s behavior? What is the plan to improve our stay on the planet?

Another impact question..

This will sound strange but I do not believe in charity as a solution to world problems.

What we all need is a sustainable solution that once built becomes self sustainable.

EcoWatt achieves this. People who buy Tokens recieve rewards. That's a much bigger incentive than a dination.

Also, Once we hit our portfolio target, we become sustainable and generate enough revenue to build more assets forever that increase token price.

My vision is to be like the noble peace prize. An institution that lives for over 100 years and only builds green assets, funds climate and impact projects and rewards token holders!.

Q6-Cleopatra Dawkins:
The race for success in crypto is a very long marathon and you can never do it alone. What is your opinion on the partnerships and collaborations you need? When will you give priority to partnerships?


I think the fact that United Nations departments, R20 Foundation for Climate Change and the world Bank are interested in us means that our concept is valid.

The next is execution.

I am Ugandan-Irish and was born in Germany and lived all over the place from London to Nairobi. I still have family in Africa and I have seen real poverty.

I will be delivering these impact projects the rest of my life.

Help me make the world better and get 10x rewards for your trouble!

That's a fair deal :-)

Reading your twitters I see you saying that EcoWatt Token opens up new opportunities in the global electricity market, making the company a leader in the field but your goal is to save animals. animals in danger of extinction. Do these two seem to contradict each other?

Electricity and impact .. a contradiction?

The world needs water, food and power. A world without belectricity is not possible.

All we can do is make it as green as possible and that is what we do.

Electricity projects are supported and protected by every government and there is a crazy amount of value there.

But only companies and millionaires can benefit from this.

Tye EcoWatt token changes that and let's you benefit from a government protected market that will grow and grow and grow as we all use more and more electricity.

That’s why we will 10x and then 10x again and maybe even 10x again 🤞.

I am delighted that you incited me. There where some great questions and we will definitely follow up.

Guys and Gals, check us online and do your Ur research.

You all have been looking for projects with real opportunity.

A TOKEN with Value, liquidity and impact!

Recognise real value when you see it ;-)

Thank you ❤️

Mods, we will follow up with You :-).

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