Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :12 SEPT 2021
Time : 01:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Paul Flynn
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project ECOWATT.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your cryptostory

Many of you already know EcoWatt. We are the first green asset backed project with the goal of making crypto green.

Pre launch we already went up 300% and just started IEO on

I'm the Co-Founder of EcoWatt and I have been in renewable energy for over 15 years now and advised on over 500 million USD deployed

We want to put our experience onto the blockchain and create an exciting token that lets you access and benefit from the exciting explosive growth of the electricity market

2) what is Ecowatt all about explain it along with usecases and vision

At our heart we are a renewable energy and social impact project. We own and operate renewable energy projects and plant millions of trees to reduce and capture carbon emissions.

These assets back the value utility and impact of our token.

When you buy and stake our token you get daily rewards and can access leverage liquidity and nfts etc

Enterprise partners stake EcoWatt and get carbon certificates which makes them green instantly

We are the answer to Elon musk

We have real asset value, a business case with three revenue streams and very high long-term staking incentives.

Value AND scarcity

3) Can you explain more about the Tokenomics of ecowatt

We have crazy simple Tokenomics. During issuing every 1 Token is backed by 1 Watt with a value of 1.4 USD.

The token supply is fixed but we use our three revenue streams to add more Watt.

The more Watt we add the more value utility and impact our token has.

Midterm we aim to have 5 to 10 Watt per Token and a target price of 10 to 20 usd

Now the token is 0.35 USD

4) Can you tell about your listing plans? Especially the ones involving major exchanges, CEX and DEX.

We have just started our IEO on Listing is on October 9th.

You can buy and later trade our token there or go to our tokensale Plattform and buy and stake it.

You can do both right now.
The closer we get to listing the higelher the price goes.

0.35 per token
0.94 per token

Listing at 1.18 usdt

Right after listing on Bitforex we will be on Uniswap and are talking to several top 20 exchanges

A big media campaign is launching on Monday and wlou will hear a lot about this.

5) Can you give more details about the ieo and how can our community members participate in it and what will be the benefits given to those who buy in ieo and will their be any locking applicable for them

We will do 350% this month

I will use an answer I gave previously

So why EcoWatt?

Real world business case
Each Token is backed by physical green watt power with three recurring revenue streams. We produce green electricity and plant millions of trees to reduce CO2 emissions for a green world and the value increase of the Token.

Solution to a real Problem
We make Crypto mining green again by providing Carbon credits as a enterprise staking reward inventive. Long-term staking, reduces Token supply and increases Token value.

Real Value increase (Reverse burning)
Token increases in value as Watts are ADDED against a fixed Token supply. This increases value, utility, rewards and impact of the Token and increases staking incentives to further reduces supply and create scarcity.

Daily Rewards
Up to 24% APY issued as daily Rewards Tokens to access utility features incl. Governance, Leverage, Carbon Credits and NFTs. Rewards Tokens also create additional trading opportunities without selling EWT.

1 Billion Token fixed supply backed by 1 Billion Watt (Approx. 200 large Wind Turbines) during issuing.

Fair Launch
Founders are doxxed for 1st year and then tied to Token issuance. To receive 100% of Tokens they must achieve 100% Tokens issued

Our above Plattform link is the best place to buy and stake the token at initially 1% DAILY.

We also have an affiliate program to earn 5 percent commission when used

We need you all to help us become a strong community with a real voice.


1) #EcoWatt is one of the best and most promising projects that tackle the issue of #RenewableEnergy. So can you explain how does #EcoWatt changes the field of renewables? How we can benefit from all of this?

Again I will use an answer I gave before because this is important

We solve Cryptos biggest problem by making it green.

How do we do it?

We created the first Green Asset backed token to give our community access to the explosive growth of the green electricty market and make our Enterprise partners green.

We produce green electricity and plant millions of trees to offset carbon emissions and create three recurring revenue streams.

With that we create a simple solution for Crypto miners to become green by staking EcoWatt and recieving carbon credits. In seconds they are verified as carbon neutral.

The Token has a fixed supply but the green asset portfolio continues to grow. The more Watt we add and the enterprise partners stake our Token, the more valuable AND scarce it becomes.

We do something great for the world and benefit our Community with a Token that has real value and a growth potential driven by whole economies.

We have the potential to 100x and maybe 1000x midterm based on real value add and staking incentives

This is an early stage opportunity that will be around for decades

2) EcoWatt supports and incentivizes what kind of green energy generation. Do you have any partnerships with companies that provide electricity to support your token? How do you intend to gain support from the government and other stakeholders in the region where you operate? @Shadyaboabdo

In addition our model, we are the green electricity provider.

Regional Governments love working with us because we are specialized enough to get the work done but small and flexible enough to build decentralised solutions.

Big utility corporations can't think at a local level, NGOs are too bureaucratic and charities don't have the capital.

We are a new animal and aim to disrupt the electricity market!!!

Organisations like are already with us and we are final a cooperation with the R20 Foundation headed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the World Bank (IFC) and TopTier Impact, a leading NGO.

Obviously we are also talking to big Crypto miners and will soon make announcements

3) I read about your Real Value token, you mentioned that Every EcoWatt Token is backed the economic value and output of minimum 1 Watt green power. Does Fixed Token supply backed by growing green asset portfolio increase Token price and Rewards? @langitberwarna

Yes it does!

Our Token value utility and impact increases as our Watt portfolio exceeds Token supply and also staking incentives create scarcity.

Because we solve the challenge for miners to become green, they need to stake long-term. Also community members are incentivised to stake long-term because of high daily rewards and our liquidity leverage offers.

Both together increase the value and scarcity of the token and that drives price UP :-)

4) How you assure about the security of ecowatt and what’s your progress made from the previous ama you attended in cryptoscape @Abc97341745

Our security is one of the best on the blockchain because our value is physical.

You can't hack or steal a several hundred ton heavy wind turbine, or move a hydrogen power plant.

Our token is just a bridge to a public ledger and an asset to stake long-term. But there is no value that can be hacked in it ❤️

In terms of progress we have now launched our IEO on and already did a 3x in value

Parallel we are launching a 6 figure marketing campaign to really make us go big

It's an exciting time

Many articles and interviews are coming soon that will announce some more partnerships

We are on track to a realised market cap of 60-70 million USD on launch day

5) Who are your competitors and how you plan to beat the competition to make a place for yourself in the market??? @AloisiaQueen

The great thing is that both the utility market and especially combination with blockchain is new territory.

Right now we have an absolute first mover advantage and I think we will keep it for some time

There are not that many people out there with renewable energy experience AND Blockchain experience.

Plus our heart is in the right place. We are not in it for short term gain but to build something valuable and sustainable.


Q1- Dean Nit:
You said about Ecowatt "We are the answer to Elon Musk"

Could you please explain more about this bold statement?

Our bold statement - the answer to Elon Musk!

We all know that a key problem to solve before mainstream adoption is the need for Crypto mining to go green.

Elon Musk is a prominent example when he stopped accepting bitcoin until it's greener.

How do companies go green?

They need to either purchase green electricity OR they need to purchase carbon credits to prove they offset their carbon footprint.

We produce both with our green Asset Portfolio.

By buying and staking our token, enterprise partners gain access to our carbon certificates and INSTANTLY go green.

Obviously each miner going green will need to stake forever and that reduces our available supply and the token increases in value.

I read , the EcoWatt Token derives its core value from a physical revenue generating green asset portfolio. How much should I hold in order to participate in the governance of EcoWatt?

Governance participation.

We want everyone with real interest to be able to participate. We won't track how much EcoWatt you hold.

Rather we will track how much % of what you own has been staked and for how long.

Also we will introduce a Reddit style meritocracy system.

So someone with only 300 EcoWatt (about 100 Euro) will have the same voice as someone with 30.000 EcoWatt (10.000 euro)

Money isn't important. Heart is.

Q3-Babar Azam:
Can you tell us about your upcoming presale? Where can I buy your tokens?
Which exchanger can get this token?

Obviously a most important question where and how to buy 😅

❗️ IEO 1 NOW OPEN ❗️

Register to claim your free Tokens (Airdrop participants), get an affiliate link to earn 5% EWT of each Sale with your Link, and use the opportunity to buy to the IEO 1 Price at 0.30€

Or on

Please Note that the Tokens are locked to prevent price Dumping ❤️
€0.30 = 1 TOKEN

Lockup period information:

Traiding pair usdt/ewt:
10-18 September IEO1
€0.30 = 1 TOKEN

24-30 September IEO2
€0.80 = 1 TOKEN

09 October Listing
€1.00 = 1 TOKEN

🌱How to buy EcoWatt Token:
🧩 Contract Adress: 0xd9E838dd60c8ea1e7dD4E670913323bB87DB112c

Add custom token in Meta Mask or Trust Wallet on Matic Main Net

Decimal 8

🌱Q N A Session With CO-Founder of Ecowatt video:
Tokenomics video:

Q4-🏆Cenk🏆 🎯Kargin🎯:
You are fighting dog themed meme projects that are taking over the world, what are the challenges you have in this war as a real business themed project? What are you doing to show people the truth and attract them to EcoWatt? Can we say that things are going as planned for EcoWatt?

Real value Vs Meme Coins

Honestly this is our greatest challenge. We offer real value, a real business case and real growth while ALSO solving a real business problem AND contributing positively to climate change goals

But along comes a funny dog and the promise to burn tokens and everyone becomes a gambler.

We need you all to become affiliates and tell the world that there is a real project that is less sexy, less funny but also with 1000x potential.

Join our community :-)

Q5-আমি বুকা ছেলে:
👉👉Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the sam👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️😭
💞💞💞💞How can be we ensure that the your team consists of experienced and reliable people? Were you select them in adequate ways?🥰🥰🥰

Rug pulls are a real Problem!

We solve this by showing that we believe in the project long-term. All founder tokens are locked for 1 year and after that they are linked to the percentage of tokens issued

I need to achieve 100% of our token issuing goal to recieve 100% of my allocation.

This is what I call a fair launch !

As per the last question. Recognise the opportunity to join a real project with real value, where all founders and key members can be tracked on the internet.

The blockchain needs community to come together and support real value or our reputation will remain a meme!

Join us :-)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍

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