Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :13 July 2021
Time : 05:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Exip Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project EXIP OFFICIAL.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

*Aswin EXIP:
I’m the operations manager at EXIP. We have a great team of highly qualified marketing directors,
software engineers and blockchain experts. Our blockchain partner platform NIFTRON is the SAARC
award winner for being the most innovative blockchain startup globally.
EXIP started as a thought between our core group 3 years ago, intending to decentralize the internet
genuinely, as the internet we all know and love has been heavily controlled and manipulated from when
it started by two entities, namely ICANN and IANA. They take down and control domains at their own
will while calling themselves nonprofit organisations. EXIP aims to overcome this by allowing the
community to truly have control over the internet.

Q2 What is Exip all about explain it along with the usecase and vision

*Aswin EXIP:
EXIP is a fully fledged blockchain based DNS solution, where users will be able to buy, sell and auction
domains and TLD’s where ownership would be proven by an NFT. All domains and TLD’s would be a one
time purchase and the owner will have full control of what they own. All DNS servers would be run by the users of the community, as this is what would make our ecosystem fully decentralised. We also have an agnostic model which means that users could choose on what network they would want to own their tokens in, a holder with 10 BEP20 EXIP tokens would be able to send it to us and receive the same amount of tokens in the Stellar or Ethereum network. All this is done while ensuring only a total of 2,100,000 tokens are in circulation at any given time, while all other tokens would be locked.

Q3 What are the tokenomics of Exip and what is the transaction fees mention it along with locking period of tokens held by team ,seed sale investors etc?

*Aswin EXIP:
We have allocated 75,000 tokens to the team which have been locked, 50% for 1 year and 50% for 2 years. All Pre Sale tokens have also been locked until the end of 2021.
EXIP does not charge transaction fees when trading EXIP tokens. All EXIP holders would be staked 21% of each sale of auction of domains.
All Node runners would receive 19% of each token sale or auction.

Q4 Since you are targeting an unique field which hasn’t been tapped much in crypto at a large level so you don’t have anyone to learn from so how you would tackle this problem?

*Aswin EXIP:
The reason EXIP began was because of was because there was no one doing what the community truly
needed, there are others who offer similar solutions but all DNS servers are centrally controlled by them which makes no sense in solving the manipulation that we currently observe. We do have a great team
who have extensive knowledge in this field and we believe we would be able to achieve everything planned in our roadmap.

Q5 For the community and by the community that’s what you state so explain it along with any other events planned like hackathon, conferences, etc?

*Aswin EXIP:
Currently we have nothing planned, as we are still in the process of building our ecosystem. Once we have completed and launched our ecosystem as a whole, we would be organizing such events in the future. EXIP does take part in crypto related conferences and summits, a recent such one was synopsis.


Q1 What’s the priority given by you to the holders and what role do they play in future decisions also how you plan to incentivize them to hold your tokens for a long term @Grumpyb14017909

*Aswin EXIP:
All EXIP token holders would receive 21% of each token sale or auction. All EXIP tokens holders will also have the power to vote for any changes that are needed in our ecosystem, for example if a domain needs to be taken down all EXIP holders would be able to vote in favour or against it. This would mean
that for any transaction or decision which are to be made in the EXIP ecosystem, EXIP tokens would be a

Q2 Tell a bit about security of your product and which chain will it support and what’s the status of audits @SaymaAzmin

*Aswin EXIP:
EXIP follows an agnostic token model in which users would be able to receive or exchange their tokens to the network of their liking.

Audits would be done as soon as we release our whole ecosystem.

It would be relased within the year
Our Domain Reservation System is already live, our browser would be launching within the month followed by the DNS servers in July

You can find out full roadmap at

Q3 First of all your extension slated to be released will it support mobile devices as well and secondly is there any minimum buy in for the first exchange offering being Offered and are they fully claimable? @Tommydashing82

*Aswin EXIP:
Currently, we are only planning to release the extension to support traditional browsers on PC’s, this would be improved in the future, and mobile devices could be accommodated. Our IEO does not have a minimum buy limit, and all users would be receiving all the tokens purchased by them.

Q4 “A Blockchain DNS solution where an agnostic NFTs prefered by you identifies your domain & Top-Level Domain” explain this statement and how it works to a own techie? @Sweet01333

*Aswin EXIP:
Through our domain reservation system, any user is able to buy any available domain or TLD to their liking with a one time payment. This domain’s ownership would be proven via an NFT minted and sent to the buyer. Whoever owns this NFT would have complete ownership on the purchased domain and would be able to sell or auction when and where they desire freely.

Q5 In theory the EXIP DNS system allows ordinary users to buy, reserve, sell, auction and transfer domains and top level domains identified via an NFT, can you tell us what the initial price of a domain name in Exip will be? How will your pricing structure evolve? @deminfur

*Aswin EXIP:
We are initially offering domain at a price of $1 each, after every 250 TLD’s issued the price would increase by $1 until 25,000 TLD’s. The price would then be fixed at $100 per domain. You can find the full break down of this on our white paper.


Q1-. You have really so much properties on your roadmap. Do you think you can build them all within your time schedule?

*Aswin EXIP:
Yes, upto date we are on schedule with all developments. We are also looking to hire more developers to our team. So the future is looking bright for us and I do believe we would be able to achieve all the milestones on time.

Q2-Shreya #:
How do you guarantee us the safety of our funds and data, many project despite promising utmost security, still get hacked and rugpull, how will you prevent such?

*Aswin EXIP:
We are very concerned on our security. The DNS servers are to be run by all the community members which ensure that all DNS requests would need to be confirmed by multiple servers. Which in turn provides a very high level of security thay would be almost impossible impossible hack.

Partnership is one of important thing if a project want grow and spread fast. Which project already doing partnership with your project?

*Aswin EXIP:
We are currently partnered with crowdcreate and coindar for all our marketing needs.
Many domain registrar services are ij talks with us us get partnered with us in the future.

Q4-Sahil Jangra:
Can you tell me about decentralised hosting in exip ecosystem also how those nfts going to work in that ecosystem

*Aswin EXIP:
The decentralised networked would be enabled and come into play as you all the users of the community would the ones running the DNS servers, this ensures that no single entity has control over it whuch would lead to centralization. NFT’s would be what proves the ownership of all registered domain, which means that whoever has the NFT for a specific domain in their wallet has exclusive ownership to it.

Q5-Kristine Nguyen:
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

*Aswin EXIP:
Only 2,100,000 EXIP tokens will ever be available across all networks at any given time. The 75,000 team tokens have already been locked. If anyone wants proof of the token locks and we would be more than happy to share it with you.

I had a great time answering all your questions and spreading more awareness about EXIP. I do believe we have a long road ahead of us and would like all of you to join us in this journey.
If anyone is interested in buying EXIP tokens please do so as soon as possible, as its being sold out very fast with a limited 100,000 tokens available for IEO.

You can buy tokens at or

Thank you everyone 😊.

Thank you from Crypto Scape