Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :08 SEPT 2021
Time : 1:00 PM UTC.

Guest : GAINDAO Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the Project GAINDAO.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Gladly, my name is Robert McDonell and I am the founder of Gain DAO. It is a pleasure to be here at the CryptoScape. Here are the biographies of our core team members to get a little background on us.

A: Robert McDonell
Professional trader and market analyst. Robert has over 10 years of practical experience in financial markets, specializing in developing algorithmic trading strategies.

Robert de Groot
Hi! Some background: I co-founded these projects in the blockchain space: started a mining project (2013), Internet of Coins wallet (2014), Hybrix dex (2017), Argu voting on Monero (2018), Lisk Center Accelerator Program (2019), Kismet Consulting for VASPs (2019), currently Startup Program Manager at Ethereum Swarm. Former employers: Rabobank, Radically Open Security. Organized the first Dutch ICO.

Eliott Teissonniere
A mentor at the Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and an advisor to various crypto and technology startups via his company Nuclei Studio.

Amin Rafiee
UNESCO award winner and a global Bitcoin and blockchain speaker, with a background in product design. A consultant and an advisor within the crypto space since 2013.

Nolvia Serrano
Marketing and PR specialist within the banking and investment industry.
Nolvia previously held the CMO position for AAVE as well as a PR role for Citibank.

Hunter Rogers
Professional social media marketing and business development specialist. Hunter has obtained his BAS in Supervision and Management and is certified in Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. Hunter has also been educating people in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market for over 6 years with the dream and goal of helping others achieve financial freedom.

Umar Khattak

Umar is an Experienced Business Executive and Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services and Renewable Energy Industries. Umar is currently involved in Asset Management as well as co-founder of a Regulated Securities Exchange.

Luca Cotta
An early adopter of crypto, and one of the first bitcoin users in Italy, since 2010. Luca has collaborated with a number of different companies in the crypto space, one of the most known is AAVE. An expert in strategic consultancy, support, and marketing.

2) What is GainDao all about explain it along with usecases and Vision

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Our story starts with one basic idea; Combining the best attributes of DeFi with the scaling and usability of Traditional Finance.

So Gain DAO introduces Hybrid Finance (HyFi); combining the best attributes of CeFi and DeFi. We are a bridge between DeFi and the liquid and scalable traditional financial systems. Our goal is to passively grow your cryptocurrency holdings.

Gain DAO offers cryptocurrency based pools that are actively managed by vetted pool managers, which are selected by our community, to grow the Gain pools through the use of machine-learning optimized trading technologies.

In summary, our primary use case is generating an attractive return on investment for our token holders.

3) 'The value of the GAIN token is supported by a Harvesting Mechanism.' Can you explain how exactly

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
The Harvesting Mechanism allows GAIN token holders to redeem their tokens for Ether from our Pool. So it is an essential part of our ecosystem, as this supports the price of the GAIN token value. These Harvesting events will occur once a financial quarter. Holders of the GAIN token can always buy and sell GAIN tokens on the open market, however the Harvesting Mechanism allows for a secondary option for cashing out that does not put any sell pressure on the GAIN token.

The GAIN token is backed by the Ether in the pool it represents, so there always is a price floor. Both when using the harvesting contract, as well as on the open market

Which means there is an underlying hard asset for your GAIN. Regardless of market interventions

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
It is a unique feature to the Gain Ecosystem.

4) Your private sale is active right now can you give more details about the same to our community

So: we are currently offering our private sale via
Anyone joining in this phase will enjoy a rate of 3000 GAIN to 1 ETH, before our IDO will take place later this year at 1000 GAIN to 1 ETH.
The sign up requires a KYC identification, because our pool managers are working with the traditional finance sector to increase you ETH amount

There is no IDO confirmed, we did have an AMA with BSCPad recently to showcase the project to the world

Seed investors will receive their tokens in December 2021, divided over a 12 month period

And if you have any further questions related to the sale, feel free to ask here or in our channel :)

5) Share in your Tokenomics and mention about locking and all . Additionally mention transaction fees charged on every transaction

So, there are 42,000,000 tokens in total, of which 6,300,000 are offered in the current seed sale. Seed investors will receive their tokens in December 2021, divided over a 12 month period.

We are currently looking into burning a portion of GAIN on each retrieval of ETH to deflate the amount slowly, but there is no actual need as the pool would grow

6,300,000 are offered during our presale seed round, to investors at a minimum of 0.5ETH per person.
The remainder is offered in 3 steps by public expansion rounds of the pool, starting with our IDO. The ratio of GAIN for ETH will become less favorable over time until the distribution is completed.

There will be NO additional high% fees charged for buying / selling like reflection projects do.


Q1 You are in governance field so how you assure you are truly democratic and is their any minimum token requirement for users to hold to take part in governance @Abc97341745

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Great questions ABC! So because we are a DAO it is important to have a diversified token distribution for a true reflection of the will of our community. This is why we have capped the participation in our Presale. Anyone who holds GAIN tokens has a vote in the DAO and the direction of our ecosystem.

For our Presale the maximum participation is 50 Ether.

Q2 I am a crypto investor and I only care about prospect of a crypto that I chose, tell me the reason why I should choose GAIN token over the existing one ? What is your token advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite token? @Lidiamga

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
With a total raise of 2,100 Ether, this is less than 2.4% of our Presale per individual.

To compare if we are competitive, please take a look at our current results, over the past year:

As you can see by our audited beta, we have generated 193% ROI over the history of the beta.

Nolvia Serrano:
I can contribute on this one. We are a team of blockchain professionals who understand how the market works and what are the needs for projects to be successful. I was CMO for Aave, even before rebranding, and all I can tell you is how important it is to build a community that supports what you are doing and supporting them back. GAIN DAO es a project that will involve community and has the team and expertise to make this successful.

Q3 I am concerned about the security of the product I am investing in so how can you assure me you won’t rugpull and is your smart contract tested?? @GirlAnime14

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Hello GirlAnime14, we discussed the process with our CTO and developers. These are some of the measures we want to implement:
- our development will be open so the community can make suggestions before the release (so no minting shenanigans or other stuff)
- community bug bounties
- we will provide at least 1 external audit by a firm
- we will have the contract publicly scrutinized. We advise everyone to check a project contract first via services like SafeShield, StaySAFU, Token Sniffer, etc.

Q4 Gain dao hopes to be a BRIDGE between traditional finance and emerging Defi crypto World,How will you be able to successfully bridge Defi into Cefi?Which digital Defi financial product will you be able to deliver to users in a regulated environment and what aspect features will Gain dao implement? @shadyaboabdo

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
A solid question Shadyaboabdo. The brokers we work with are regulated and have the license to act as a custodian for our Pools. This is very important as fund security is of paramount importance. With Gain DAO we are adding value by tokenizing the Pools and also allowing our vetted Pool Managers grow the Pool, which increases the value of the GAIN token.

So... you don't have to go out of crypto, but you do enjoy the benefits of traditional finance

Q5 Majority of the tokens fail to pump after the listing dump which happens in 90% of cases so do you have any plans to tackle it ? @Gaurav_097

1) Our seed investors receive their token participation divided over time, starting in December. This will be once the token has gone through its IDO, so a dump of the market is not possible because of more liquidity already around

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
2) GAIN tokens are redeemable for Ether with the Harvesting Mechanism. This creates a price floor that prevents the GAIN token from having a large dump. Most tokens are very speculative as they cannot be redeemed for anything, which is not the case for GAIN.


Q1- ✨✨Ruthie✨✨:
While researching on GainDAO, I noticed that one of the key and important entities in the GAINDAO ecosystem is The "Technology Providers". Can you please elaborate more on thier role& functionalities in your Ecosystem?
How do they help achieve a smooth running of your Ecosystem?

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Good questions Ruthie! You are absolutely correct. The Technology Provider or Pool Managers are a critical component for the Gain DAO ecosystem. Our DAO has strict requirements they have to meet in order to qualify for an allocation of our Pool. This is voted on by our community, which is one of the key features of Gain DAO. Democratically electing the best and brightest for this roll.

Q2-Bubba Partivvel:
Any partnerships with other crypto projects to come? And non-crypto people are the future. So is community important to gainDao? How do you plan to expand it to reach people in the future? Will you expand to more chains in the future?

Hi! We are in talks with a few projects. For audits, for pool management, for a CEX listing, and some marketing agencies. Prime focus will start with people within the crypto ecosystem because they will understand the unique features best. We may open up later, as we are full KYC compliant and operate in traditional finance anyway.

The community is important! They will decide via votes to allow which additional pools, pool managers and features the team will build. We do intend to expand to a BTC pool and USDC pool in the next phase.

Q3-Damar aureva:
🔵🔵🔵 the use of the ETHEREUM network certainly has expensive fees for small investors. is GAIN DAO specifically for BIG INVESTORS? how can small investors participate in GAIN DAO?

Hi! Everyone is welcome. We batch the transactions to save of fees. You can participate via with a minimum of 0.5 ETH.

Trust and Security should be the top priorities of every project right? So with #GainDAO, how can we guarantee that we are all secured here and we can trust you 100%? How can you prove that you will fulfill your promises and won’t disappear years from now?

Well... personally I’ve been building legit crypto projects since 2013, I have no intention on risking a reputation on that and nobody would in the team. Which is why everyone is fully doxxed (see :)

I also would like to refer to a previous answer;
These are some of the measures we want to implement:
- our development will be open so the community can make suggestions before the release (so no minting shenanigans or other stuff)
- community bug bounties
- we will provide at least 1 external audit by a firm
- we will have the contract publicly scrutinized. We advise everyone to check a project contract first via services like SafeShield, StaySAFU, Token Sniffer, etc.

Q5-Araminah 💚 | AMA LOVER:
#GainDAO Treasury Management Services (TMS) provides a cash management service for blockchain projects with a goal of increasing cash flow & maintain a conservative risk profile. So can you give us an overview of the benefits of choosing #GainDAO’s treasury management services?

Hi! The Treasury Management Services is a service we offer B2B as an additional form of income for the project. It has the same benefits as directly signing up via our website. We offer it to other crypto projects to grow their team reserves :)

Q6-Deli Kaptan 🏆:
Could you tell us about the ways to generate profit/income and the revenue model so that GainDAO can complete all planned development stages? Will you be able to establish a system based on a win-win formula for both the investor and GainDAO?

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
Hello Deli Kaptan! Your question hits a critical point that many projects fail to address, which is sustainability. Gain DAO not only offers this through our Pools, but also as a business to business solution known as our Treasury Management Services program. This program allows us to offer our technology to other projects as a service that not only generates revenue for our Treasury and also to form partnerships with other leading projects.

We are commencing a voicechat over at in case if you have any additional questions regarding the project :)

Rob MAC (Gain DAO Founder):
I would like to invite the Cryptoscape community to join us for a voice chat in our telegram channel. We will be available for your questions! :)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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