Date : 24 FEB 2022
Time : 01:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Andy Koh
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project GEMS.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Andy | GEMS CEO:
My name is Andy Koh and I am the co-founder of @thegemsgg, which is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem.

GEMS being an ESPORTS aggregator propels Esports into 3.0 by integrating:

1. Gamefi,
2. Esports
3. Metaverse
4. Socialfi

2) What is GEMS all about , it’s usecase and the vision of GEMS ?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
GEMS is main features for gamers will be us being a gaming aggregator where we list GAMEFI project into our platform where gamers can search Gamefi ranking and enable gamers to search by type of daily quest earned, status of game and game genre. However we are more than just that.


So think of us like a PREMIUM SUPERMARKET for all kind of gaming needs except for hardware. GEMS platform can house and host many GAMEFI, INFLUENCERS, FANS etc within an O2O eco system.

We believe GameFi will be the next Esports!


3) Can you please tell us a bit about what is Esports 3.0? How will you achieve the vision of making GameFi in the next Esports?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
ESPORTS 3.0 is building a ​decentralized platform specifically designed catered to bring ESPORTS 3.0 into the blockchain by integrating mainly competitive gaming using digital identity (blockchain wallet) and smart contracts

Through ESPORTS 3.0 ecosystem, players, team, organization can prevent Social Engineering since ESPORTS 3.0 is defined by a digital wallet on the blockchain, which acts as his or her user-ID.

Company, Sponsor and Donors can utilize smart contracts will enable everyone to interact and perform​ ​trusted​ ​transactions.

Fans will also be represented via such user-ID’s and they can now support their team wallet/ID and will be used throughout the lifespan of the user. A true fans that last forever via a digital identity and recognition though TOP FANS without any manipulation.

Web 3.0 Smart contracts running on the BLOCKCHAIN enable us to build a trusted environment where interactions and relations between stakeholders are logged.

4) Can you justify the transaction fees and your tokenomics and tell how would it create the best interest for the blockchain investor?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
So it is important every project what kind of BLOCKCHAIN they implement. @thegemsgg we choose to be on Binance Smart Chain due to it very low or almost no gas fees coz it is so low so that our gamers, players, team, fans and organization can perform gaming activities within our ESPORTS 3.0 eco system without worrying about annoying high GAS FEES.

5) Can you explain to us what’s FanFi studio? What is the project tokenomics and revune model?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
Forget to mentioned BINANCE is NO.1 Ranking as now in the EXCHANGE world.

I would like to use graphic to represent FANFI STUDIO and talk abit about the current challenges and what is @thegemsgg solution.

Andy | GEMS CEO:

Challenges: Today's youth is already more interested in PLAY 2 EARN games than actual sports like tennis, soccer, and football. ​ESPORTS will keep expanding as every next teenage generation will grow up playing video game. ESPORTS fans will keep on watching ESPORTS as they get older – just like all sports fans watch traditional sports for fun because they used to play them as kids. However while they serve as 1 of the most critical group to the ESPORTS eco system. There is nothing for the FANS to be rewarded.

Solution: GEMS @thegemsgg will acquire blockchain aficionados to influencers and streamers with GEMS’ all-rounded system. A fan tokens system will be introduced to
diversify their income stream.

Andy | GEMS CEO:

We have mainly 4 type of business model for revenues align with what @thegemsgg platform is offering:

1. Gaming revenues (Recurring Fee)
2. ESPORTS revenues (Transactional Fee)
3. Metaverse revenues (Subscription Fee)
4. Social revenues (Service Fee)


Q1 Tournaments are a vital source of revenue for all eSports players, as well as essential promotional tools for eSports sponsors. So tournament transparency is vital. My question is, what kind of protocols have GEMS implemented to maintain balance and fairness in the tournaments? @Lidiamga

Andy | GEMS CEO:
I have been in the ESPORTS industry for the past 15 years and have hosted many League Of Legends events including having a DOTA ESPORTS TEAM in Vietnam which I made them champion in country and go to world ranking from 153 to 47.

So we clearly understand anti-cheats etc and @thegemsgg platform have IN-GAME TRACKER to analyze for social engineering plus we have partner with METAVISA to conduct user's rating system as well to BLACKLIST users or prevent/ban them from certain activities.

Q2 What are your plans on nft staking and also any other passive income which your product can offer ?? @Grumpyb14017909

Andy | GEMS CEO:
It implies that game users of GEMS can earn income from two different NFTs by either selling off the non-fungible tokens to other players in the game or by simply staking their gaming NFTs.

Other source of income:

1. GEMS have Gamefi ranking that not only do listing but enable gamers to search by type of daily quest earned, status of game and game genre.

2. GEMS have a backend features for Gamefi developers to create daily matches, competition and offline tournaments hence enabling GAMERS to search, join, train and compete plus earn finance.

3. GEMS have streamers Hub to help streamers develop passive income streams through GEMS streamers hub and connect with the most relevant audiences.

@thegemsgg Online 2 Offline Eco System.

Q3 It has been announced for months that the market would fall and it is currently in a very bad season. So, how will Gems be able to survive during this period that the market is going through? Does your project have the characteristics to survive for a long time? @SharayLug

Andy | GEMS CEO:


Not only BLOCKCHAIN is affected especially due to the pandemic. However the good news is SEA is where @thegemsgg is recovering much faster than you can imagine. I can share with everyone that business, school, sports stadium are already open plus most major flight are scheduled to open in May'22 across SEA. So HODL guys.!!

We have closed our private investment round and so we are set forth to build the best game aggregator product over the next 1 year.


Q1-Baxy *LOVE CRYPTO 69:
Could you please tell me just a little more about GEMS team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
Question 1: I once asked my veteran partner: Mr Yuen Wong (CEO OF LABSGROUP) how do you assess a project is legitimate. He answered: check out the team profile. So from that point I clearly understand which is why even though I have everything to bring ESPORTS into the BLOCKCHAIN I still lack of partnership and blockchain technology partner that I can leverage on,

With my veteran blockchain partner and another OFFLINE ESPORTS hotel chain brand in SEA. I was able to do this project successfully with a amazing blockchain team, partners and founding members.

Founding Partners.




Q2-Sion The Ray:
How can I join the presale or IDO? Is the whitelist still open? And what will be first exchange where GEMS will be listed & How to buy it?

Andy | GEMS CEO:
Question 2: We plan to delay alittle on the IDO since the market is abit bearish now but is also the best time for us since we are spend more time hying the project and creating more awareness on our product. We are in talks with Kucoin,, Bybit and few other top exchange right now. Is important not to hurry on exchange coz once u have finalized it is basically GG. So we have been very tactful and patient on the IDO selection process.

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Goodbye all and I will see you again perhaps after product launch.



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