Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 11 DEC 2021
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Jemie Beck
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project GRAVITON ZERO.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
My name is Jamie Beck, I have worked as an IT engineer and project/technical consultant for many IT, Blockchain and gaming companies over the last 12 years. Right now we have a small skilled team which have all been hardcore gaming and crypto enthusiasts for many years - currently we have 2 internal core game developers which have worked on AAA titles but we are also working with some external developers and studios co-developing the game which also have solid AAA title experience. Producing Work for companies like EA Games, EPIC Games, RIOT Games and UBISOFT.

So my personal journey in crypto started back in 2015 - as an Avid gamer i have always had a top spec PC and this is when i found out about mining using my GPU when I wasn’t gaming - i did really well and slowly brought more and more GPUs to build out a very small home mining farm and my interest in crypto never stopped growing from there. Eventually i went on to be technical consultant for a couple of blockchain companies and now that the Metaverse and crypto gaming is becoming so large i decided it was the time to fully expand and start our own project combining both of my passions - Gaming and blockchain

2) What is GRAVITON all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Graviton Zero is a Sci-Fi Play to Earn, NFT game with player owned assets and land. Graviton Zero lets you fight friends and enemies across an engaging array of game modes, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. Trade and collect Land NFTS, Ship's and other Assets. Step into the stunning world of GRAVITON ZERO and immerse yourself into a PvP and PvE metaverse experience like no other. One in which only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle. The team have been working on this project concept phase for about a year before launch. and we have been co developing with external studios to release our MVP demo game in the near future.

3) what are GRAVITON unique selling points as compared to the other similar projects in the industry

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
It will be powered by unreal engine the most powerful real-time 3d creation platform, It has NFT staking which will provide randomized rewards for its holders on a weekly basis, expressed in GRAV tokens, other types of NFTs, LOOT chests, Ship Refuel tickets, tournament tickets and high fidelity enjoyable gameplay with a Huge open world end-game. You will be able to battle each other for planetary control and control of monuments and stations. We aim to be the biggest Space MMORPG in the blockchain industry. Built by gamers for gamers.

4) How will be the tentative gameplay of graviton would be?! Eloborate on the needs and requirements for play to earn!

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Step into the stunning world of GRAVITON ZERO and immerse yourself into a PvP and PvE metaverse experience like no other. One in which only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle.

Graviton Zero will be free to play. You will need a ship to traverse the Graviton Universe but we are going to give every single player in the Graviton Zero universe a starter ship to get you started on your journey to overcoming the VOID. Players will need to own an extractor to mine on land they do own or a space station to mine from land they do not own. The benefits of owning the Genesis land collection will be the bonus' that are provided. Mining Bonus, Void Mission Time Reduced, NFT Mining Luck for grav tokens/NFTS, Land plots, and varying rarities of Landing pad.
Players will also be able to earn GRAV tokens, NFTs, Upgrades and much more by doing PVE VOID missions and competing in Seasonal PVP leaderboards or battling for planetary domination.

5) Are there Any exciting News or updates with regards to GRAVITON That you would like to share with Cryptoscape Community??

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Graviton Zero has just raised $1.2 Million in seed and private round. Overwhelming amount of support from investors and backers in our very early stages! Seed and Private rounds ended earlier then expected! Private 2 and Strategic rounds should be closing up shortly! We are absolutely blown away from the support from our partners and community which will enable us to rapidly accelerate our growth and collaboration with world class studios in order to produce the greatest Sci Fi MMMORPG ever.We also expect to have HUGE announcements regarding IDO listings in the coming days. Please stay tuned to our socials for the announcements!


1)The Play-to-Earn Gaming Industry is gaining huge traction from Social media and VCs. Investors do not have the required information on game mechanics, features etc. How does Graviton plan to rewrite this narrative?Do you have any Youtube videos explaining about gaming mechanisms? @juneee178

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
We have all forms of social media and also a Youtube channel which we already produce content on. We plan to hold AMA's and developer diaries to let the community follow us together as we grow on this journey to become the biggest Sci-fi MMORPG in the industry. Lastly we also have the upcoming UPLINK series which will be an audio/visual expansion of the lore and story within the Graviton Metaverse - We are so excited to release all of the content we have coming up!

2)I have seen many gamefi projects fail in establishing a stable inflow and outflow of the Tokens in game economy! How well GRAVITON taken this aspect in to acount?! @Bernard83054114

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
The GRAVITON ZERO ecosystem provides different reward mechanics for gamers and token/NFT holders. We will implement a sophisticated system based on DeFi principles like: staking for Liquidity Provision, NFTs, GRAV token staking and game platform Governance through a DAO. GRAV token holders will have the ability to provide liquidity or participate in a revolutionary internal staking system and be rewarded with additional tokens, NFTs and rewards. It will also be used to purchase NFT's and upgrades all sold on the Graviton Marketplace. We have heavily planned on this ecosystem and we will release tokenomics and tokenmetrics in the coming week with our full whitepaper release. We are also working with top quality game eco system designers and market makers to ensure that we balance the ecosystem and game economy

3)On your website, I could see that Void missions to receive GRAV and NFT’s will be released soon, nevertheless, could you outline how these missions will be carried out? What will they consist of? Furthermore, what do you mean by these missions increasing NEM experience? @Alistai89126620

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Void Missions are going to be an ever expanding array of tasks and quests that you can perform within the metaverse – they can include but are not limited to things like collection of packages/artifacts at certain hotspots in the map, travelling to certain locations and defeating PVE instanced content and bosses, Seasonal exclusive events and content (hint – secret admin ship events where players can earn a variety of rewards and many more fun and engaging events)
NEM experience relates to the ingame character experience and progression system within Graviton Zero - full details will be announced as the game content is coming closer to release

4)While reading your medium page and website I understood that you are partenered with lot of vc’s that invest on gaming project.Later they dump their bag on public.I faced issues when I ve invested. So can you tell us what will be the vesting properties for seed or private sale? @RiaaaRiaaa179

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
I agree that some early bag holders dumping coins can be a problem in some projects which is why we have brought in our full vesting schedule which will be announced with our whitepaper and audit certificates next week – in essence any of our early investors have all signed up to vesting contracts and will have their tokens released linearly over the space of up to 1 year! This should give all of our community the safety and security they desire as all of our early backers are in this for the long term! Everyone including the team wants to see this become the largest Sci Fi MMORPG ever! Great backers and investors are also a key part of connecting us to key partners to help us accelerate our dream of creating this VAST open world Sci Fi Metaverse

5)When learning about the UAT/Strigaal Ship Release, I read that these ships will have special benefits for the first initial pilots, yet, what kinds of benefits will these ships bring the players? In what ways are these ships mainly designed for the benefit of initial pilots? @Alistai89126620

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
The initial Genesis 1 release of UAT/STRIGAAL ships are designed to reward early adopters of the Metaverse while also maintaining a good level of balance within the ecosystem. The genesis one collection will give benefits including but not limited to Faster ship repair times, Lower refuel and fast travel costs, additional upgrade slots and cosmetic changeable skins – full detailed information will be released as and when this set becomes available.


Q1-উস্তাত গুয়ামারা কাম ছাড়া:
Dear. Admin√©™®

®As you move forward with your roadmap, what are your next most important priorities?√ Did you consider community feedback♪ / ♪requests when creating your product to spread new ideas for your project?√ Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood?©♪√

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Our community is one of the most important factors for us! we are all Avid games and we believe that community comes first and with it a great game and ecosystem will thrive - Key factors will include a DAO system that will enable token holders and NFT holders the chance to bote and steer the direction of the Graviton Metaverse.

Q2-Salam Soltan:
From introduction you gave about Graviton Zero , it makes me feel like the game is gonna be very difficult to play. Can you tell us the requirements involved to start playing Graviton Zero? Will there be news to pay or its free? Also, will players have full access and ownership?

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Hey Graviton Zero will be Free to Play - Play to Earn metaverse you will still be able to participate in nearly all aspects of the game within the free to play model but some of our NFT releases will unlock additional benefits and features - the game will be structured in a way that is playable and enjoyable for all levels of experienced gamers - while also keeping a skill based mechanic that allows the more hardcore pvp community to compete in seasonal leaderboards.

Q)5. BSc is a convenient medium for all investors in the world, which allows small investors to invest at low cost and encourages investment. Do you have convenient confidence in BSc in #Gravition project ???

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
Hey we have chosen BSC to initially launch the token due to its high speed and low fees but we also plan to bridge to many other chains like SOLANA, ETH, MATIC, AVAX, WAX, IMMUTABLEX to give our players and ecosystem a wide range of options to participate.

Q4-Salam Soltan:
Within Graviton Zero platform users can Use Graviton Zero Marketplace to exchange with other players and profit from their war spoils. So how will exchange within this market place be facilitated, what kinds of assets will users be able to exchange in your marketplace?

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
We plan to introduce many ways for players to exchange their assets including an ingame market place to enable trustless transactions and also we plan to have our project listed in all the mainstream marketplaces such as opensea - users will truely own every asset inside the ecosyem, land, ships, weapons, upgrades, currency skins and much more.

Q5-Hareem Fatima:
How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Jamie - Graviton Zero Co-Founder:
The token is not yet live but we will have full detailed announcements regarding our IDO listings in the coming few days - please stay tuned to our socials for all the updates!

Big Thank you to the Cryptoscape community for hosting me on this AMA - i really hope everyone is as excited as we are about this project and we cannot wait to see you all in the Graviton Zero Metaverse soon!

Thank you guys! much appreciated

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍



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