Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :28 OCT 2021
Time : 11:00 AM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project INFINITY SQUAD.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Alright! So, I'm Mustapha, the representative of Infinity Squad, you can call me Muss tho. Well, our team Is based in Algeria. We met in 2014, in a conference that had to do with NGO's, we were young and ambitious, we are still young and ambitious tho 😅. Back then we shared the same passions, we had similar goal which was making the world a better place. One of our team members introduced us to the world of crypto

At first when I heard about crypto I was a bit skeptical and amazed at the same time !

How can people make such an easy money! I used to teach english, I loved my kids and my students, but you know since bills keep getting higher, I went to my friend and was like " show me the trick bro"

I have never been that stressed out in my whole life ! 😅 you can nap and wake up either rich or poor 😅

2) What is InfinitySquad all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Well, Infinity squad is a group that merges between the world of investments and crypto into a one body. We focus mainly on long term goals. When we say long term in crypto, we mean huge profits. We wanted actually to bring new concepts of investing into this domain.

We wanted to combine between token reward and our platform. Our tokens are an integral part of the platform.

Investors will profit from different domains such as swap, yield farming and rewards.

And there will be more concepts also !

3) What’s the security of your platform and have your product went through an internal audit and what’s the status of external audit?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
First of all, we are KYC'd, our team is doxxed. Adding to that, our contract is being audited (it is being audited by ).

For the platform, there will be an internal audit for sure. The platform is in progress, as most of you may have seen on our website, precisely in our roadmap, in the first quattro, our platform will be launched at the end of this quattro, however according the progress that we are making it will be launched sooner. We will make sure to notify everyone, on our telegram group chat, Twitter.....

And more will be added to it...
In case of you have questions on the platform or the website, hit the contact us button and tell us about your concern.

4) Tell us more about the Ongoing presale in pinksale

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Well, concerning our presale is live now on pinksale (don't miss it out folks). People were concerned on why our presale is taking so long to reach its Hard Cap... well, right after our AMA on pinksale and After launching the presale, PinkSale got scammed, we have received so many private messages concerning the matter. But what we did was that we tried to comfort our investors, we were transparent with them as much as we could! That's the basis of every relationship between the owner and the buyer TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY. We tried to beat that throughout massive marketing, doing more AMA's ( AMA's in different languages to target more people, Spanish Portuguese Italian english and arabic)

Adding to that, before even starting our presale, we have been contacted by investors who wanted to hold a good percentage of the tokens. That's why we did the whitelist first, we wanted to build a strong relationship with the first investors as they are the basis of all this project and they are the ones willing to go with us on the long run. After those investors granted a spot on the whitelist, we opened it for the public

And now we are growing slowly indeed but organically and with real people !

5) Can you share details about the tokenomics and mention about locking of liquidity ??

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Well, in our Quattro we have mentioned that the first token that we are launching is INFINITYADA, It is the pillar of this project. Speaking of its tokenomics, 12% every transaction buy\sell, will be distributed to all holders. Investors won't have to claim their earned ADA. They will be sent automatically to the investor's wallets. 4% will be transformed into liquidity in pancakeswap to help stabilizing and creating a price floor for our token and to avoid any sort of dumps the other 4% will be allocated for marketing (it will be swapped into USDT) we also wanted to devote that 4% to fuel the projects who call for action and of course to reward our community

Token distrubition:
10% private sale
40% presale (30% locked in pinksal 70% liquidity in pancakeswap )
25% token liquidity
10% marketing locked in pinksale
10% rewarde locked in pinksale
5% team locked in pinksale 225 days first release 20% every 45 days

Locked token for marketing and reward released 25% every 4 months


1) As to what InfinitySquad mentioned "Good Things Take Time". Can you tell us how sure are you that you can achieve all the things that you listed in your roadmap, within a specific limited quarter of year? How good is your progress so far? @Kimterbear

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Good question!!
First of all, as I have mentioned earlier, we focus on long term goals. Our team members are workaholic, that's our best feature. We have been planning things and getting them done before the time we expected them to be done. We have the support of our community, once we get tired, when we check our communities messages after AMA's and their feedbacks on our telegram group chat, it hypes us up more, to give more and to do more.

Everything is set, we are keeping a close eye on every single detail and in every step we are making we are being cautious but we are coming in force.

Easy to say, but our progress till now, tells everything about our team.

Infinity squad is a connected team, same as our tokens

2) From an investor’s point of view, what can be expected from Infinity Squad in term of reducing the risk of investment losses? and how does Infinity Squad pay serious attention to the project quality before investing in?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
I'm loving these questions !
Infinity Squad cares for its investors. Therefore, we have a back up plan to avoid any sort of investment losses. First, we focus on growing our community, the more people we target the more investment plans we will be bringing. In addition to that, all of our objectives are connected to each other. For example, when you see that we will be launching a group tokens, it doesn't mean that after the launch of a new token, we will forget about the previous one

Each token support the previous one, in order to avoid the loss of the token's value and the investors loss...

We will be bringing new concepts of investments, we will be integrating the real world investments with crypto

3) Something caugh my eyes is when I sees BabyDoge & BabyCake project are on the InfinitySquad’s compare diagrams. Are you considering these two project as your main competitor or it just for example? Why on the diagram you suggest people to "DON’T BUY" BabyDoge & BabyCake? @Corrie_Dorf

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Another good question !
Well, InfintySquad is a real project and InfinityAda has the same reflections like the above mentioned coins.

We are giving our investors, more rewards and more profits. They are just coins...but we are bringing a whole project which means again more profits....we are giving our investors the best reflections.

We are bringing a lot to the table

4) I read that you have 20% transaction tax. Please explain us about incurring 20% of transaction fee. It is too much for the users. A Lot of platforms usually incur 10% fee on a transaction maximumly. Do you think that the users will be happy with the 20% transaction fee? @FariaFari8

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Okay !
We have thought that the holder won't be have with this 20% transaction tax... however, when our investors hold, they will gain in 12% of every transaction buy\sell

So, it is better to hold... as a result the token InfinityAda value will grow

5) 12% of transaction will be distributed to INFINITYADA holders in ADA. What is the minimum value of INFINITYADA token to be hold in order to qualify for this feature? Will users be rewarded ADA based on the quantity of holding INFINITYADA in their wallets? @Lidiamga

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
42.000 tokens is the minimum value of INFINITYADA token to be hold in order to qualify for this feature (approximately 45 dollars)

And yes they will be rewarded ADA based on the quantity of holding INFINITYADA in their wallets ! The more investors hold, the more they earn!


Q1-Sondhar Tara:
✅✅ Many people want to learn about your project but they have problem with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have a Marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, ... about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand Project.

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Thank you for your contribution in this AMA sir!
Well, of course we have taken into consideration this matter. Our team members come from different backgrounds, as a result we master different languages....Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, french and Arabic... and we are currently recruiting more. The more people we target around the world the more our project and our investors will profit...
FYI we have an AMA this evening with the vietnamese community.

Q2-Priya Agrawal:
Q) Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON’T DM FIRST~:
Our presale:

Our website

Our Twitter

Our telegram group chat

Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Good question !

Well, our primary objectives go for the long term, that’s where we came up with INFINITY...
So infinity Stand for long term, more profits and it’s all about the journey, we are not gonna stop here.

Q4-Nani C5:
Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
We integrate all of the features that are in the BSC in one platform !!

Q5-Việt Khoa:
egarding marketing, what plans, ideas and next steps does NFINITY SQUAD have to attract investors and users? Does NFINITY SQUAD intend to take advantage of the popularity of social media like Facebook, make NFINITY SQUAD more popular?

Mohamed El Mustapha Benia ~ I DON'T DM FIRST~:
Our goal for now is to create a basis for this project. By basis we mean real people ! Real investors! Those are going to be the pillars of our project, and special thanks to everyone who is investing in with us and looking forward to bringing up more plans, so that we won't be the only ones profiting and growing

If we grow, you guys grow with us !

Well I would love to answer more...
You guys can dm me ! I would be more than glad to answer all of your questions and concerns....

Well, thank you CRYPTOSCAPE, I truly enjoyed this AMA, there have been lots of cool and very interesting questions. Thank you guys !

Wish you more profits, more growth ! The best is yet to come

To the infinity and beyond 🚀

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍



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