Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :23 July 2021
Time : 01:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Chros (CEO)
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the project IVORY GATE.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

Chris S:
Good day to you all and ty for joining our AmA! My name is Chris Schwichtenberg and I'm the Ceo of Ivory. My background is 4 yrs in the United States Navy, many years in professional services and about 3 yrs of crypto experience along with 8 years in stock market experience. Other team members are Ryan Palmer who is the Marketing guy and obviously sleeping in. Aaron Krums is the idea guy and woodcrafter for the Ivory signs we are starting to make. Jamie is part of our social media and Ryan Gosling stunt double. Hary is our Africa connection ad he lives there and is great at shilling! That's our basic team with many other holders involved!

Here is a quick example of some of the woodworking products we will be selling for charity as well!

Q2 What’s Ivory gate all about explain it along with the usecase and vision?

Now for what you all here for what Ivory Gate is all about

IvoryGate has one main goal to help bring awareness to Elephants to the crypto world and to combine the two worlds with Charities and Sanctuaries. Who are doing amazing things in protecting, rescuing and caring for these amazing gentle giants. Our mission is to not only bring more awareness to these amazing endangered animals but to learn about them and why we need to protect them. They are similar to us, in that there lifespan mimics ours and there intelligence and how they care for the herd is astounding. Our vision is to grow as a community build amazing relationships with these charities and eventually have raffles for our holders to visit these majestic animals in the wild not in zoos see how wonderful they are.

Q3 Please elaborate your tokenomics and justify the distribution and mention about locking of liquidity ?

Chris S:
Of course!

Our tokenomics is rather simple. On every transaction 2% is burnt, 2% is reflected back to holders and most importantly 2% is sent directly to charity. Now I’ll clarify we do not donate only 2% to charity, however I think that’s for one of the other questions Our! Our liquidity is locked for one yr and will relock it every yr.

That is correct, however there has been issues with pancakeswap in the past that 6% fails alot so we like to tell people 11% it's fail proof

There actually isn't any % held by developers, will explain better on some other twitter questions that pertain to that. The 2% is sent to charity/marketing wallet. Now current marketing/charity is around 4k. However we have had to rebuild this token from the ground up. So most marketing has personal come from me

Our main goal from day 1 has been charity and that is what we have focused on

Q4 How would you help to save the elephants and how could people contribute in saving elephant via your product ?

Chris S:
The way we have been helping to save the elephants is we have donated 11 times! Also we have adopted 4 elephants and 1 rhino
Our donation page has all the info Gentle Giants like us so much they did an amazing elephant buffet for Ivory Gate! Video is on donation page! Put it this way we have donated $3,400 to 5 different charities which is actually 8% of our marketcap if you compare to other charity tokens they average between .03% - 1% of there marketcap in donations

100% and the more we learn about elephants the more we realize how much they really need us

Q5 Many charity tokens are being made like 100s in a month maybe more so how you think you will stand out from the herd?

Chris S:
We believe we stand out because we give all holders a voice, to vote on next directions we as a team take. Everything is a vote with our community.We also are a niche token we stick to Elephants and down the road we will have Rhino months. Plus we are in constant communication with Charities on Twitter and have built amazing relationships. We also are working on offering amazing experiences as giveaways to holders like paid safaris, trips to Sanctuaries, covered by us with the help of charities. Everyone should see an Elephant in the wild among its herd at least once!!

We have been around since late April so there has been a ton of trial and error and trying to figure out what people want. Our recent giveaways have been back to back 48hr match and raise where every ivory you buy we match 25% and also donate 10% of that buy to charities. Here is an example


Q1 Ivory is principally a platform that support elephants but can you tell us what is the financial opportunity that you give to the investors? @ZamoraJoana

Chris S:
We would love to have you and your Input matters!

Aaron Krums:
Agreed 100%.. you are the future of the Elephants..

Chris S:
The financial opportunity we give our holders are this, we are currently only 60k marketcap. We definitely see 5mil mc down the road and also 2% reflections and giveaways. In 4th quarter we are working with select Charities to provide an all expense paid trip to Africa, Kenya, etc to where holders can experience these magnificent creatures. As we grow the holders value will grow. And also have opportunities to experience elephants that many people are never able to do in a lifetime that In itself is priceless!

And if Africa and Kenya not your style, Tennessee has an amazing Sanctuary!

Ty 🙏🐘 financially however 60k marketcap to even 1 mil marketcap is extremely beneficial to holders as well

Q2 On your whitepaper, I read that IvoryGate’s original administrators had many disagreements and quickly abandoned the project, for which Chris Schwichtenberg took over, however, can you tell me how current disputes and disagreements are handled? How do you settle conflicts now @Alistai89126620

Chris S:
Ah yes a great question and I thank them for reading our website!

We have an amazing team now with everyone involved in decisions. I do however handle most of the financial decisions. The original launch team launched on April 27th. They lasted 3 days, main objective was unfortunately to make $$ and ditch. They didn't care about the cause was a pump n dump. We took over on May 1st with no marketing or charity and only 12k marketcap. We have had to grow this the hard way. With no extra $$ for anything many laughed at us saying there isn't a chance. We are now at 60k marketcap with 900 holders and also have built charity wallet to $4k even after all our donations. This is a team project with everyone on the same page. We aren't about just making $$, we care about elephants and helping them. We believe there are other like minded people as well who would love to help and learn more about elephants. Also how we settle conflicts is we all vote as a team if u become a holder and want to be involved we add u to the team no questions asked. We want every holder to have a say

Q3 “Our ultimate goal is to become a self-sustaining token for many years to come and provide income to our dedicated holders, as well as incredible lifetime opportunities to see elephants in person in the wild.” What is the strategy to achieve this goal? @CesarSi92629775

Chris S:
We covered some of this but our strategy is to be smart financially and build relationships,in a professional manner. Give our Twitter a glance, Charities love us for what we are doin. They even had a Ivory Gate feast for the elephants. We didn't have the luxury of flying to millions marketcap. We have built this token from the ground up and have learned the value of everything and take nothing for granted and in the 3 months of doing this we know how to sustain downturns and anything else that may arise. I'll even post another message from another Charity about us!

Q4 Based on my research, I learned that your future plans include efforts towards anti-poaching and rhinoceros conservation, even though, can you tell me what places you plan to exert this strategy in? Plus, have you already made strong connections with organizations from Australia? @Alistai89126620

Chris S:
This is more for 2022, financially we know our limits. We have talked about it quite a bit and we feel the best way to help against poaching is to work with governments around the world. We aren't near big enough for them to take us seriously. Our outlook is this, we get to 5k holders and 5mil marketcap. We have calculated the finances for this scenario and that should easily give us around 25k a month to seriously help those governments.

Q5 What’s the recommended platform and slippage to buy in your token also what role do I as a holder get in decision taking related to donations or some other major decisions ??Also are you offering any special incentive for long term holders? @Abc97341745

Aaron Krums:
Lots of anti poaching businesses out there we can connect with also, lots of non profit that need our help.

Chris S:
For slippage we always use the 1% trick to buy, we can explain it if u don't know it. As for sell seems 10-11% always works best. As for the other part of the question we answered that multiple times in previous answers. May I end this segment with a statement before we open to questions from everyone here?

We sincerely want to Thank You for joining the ama and for Cryptoscape for putting this together!! Trust me when I say that if you become a holder even If it’s $1 buy you are helping and the more you learn about elephants and there struggle and see the good we are doing. It just makes you feel good inside. It’s nice to know such a small group of holders that was left with a dead token can help Charities and Sanctuaries so much. The tweets we get the videos we get are all heartwarming and I’m proud to be a part of such a great and wonderful community. And to be honest I’m glad we struggled and struggled. It made us learn so much more the last few months and we sincerely hope you will decide to join us. Also ask any holder I work 18hrs a day for this token everyday since May 1st. This is 100% my priority, I’m always here and can be reached and always open to any suggestions 🙏🙏.


Why did IvoryGate choose to donate to elephants? and How much do you donate each month?

Aaron Krums:
Elephants needed our help, for now we donate $1 per holder every month, not to mention the giveaways we run.

Chris S: we are on pancakeswap there is a buy now on as well.

Upto what extent we can participate in the token governance?
Do you consider the suggestions from the community???

Aaron Krums:
We always take feed back from holders, if we need to we implement a voting system to help with these decisions.

Q3-ama s:
Is it really necessary to use DeFi projects to do charity, knowing that donations can be made much more directly and without intermediaries to the Elephants!? Considering that IvoryGate is an anonymous project, why should people donate through this project?

Chris S:
This is a great question, we want to be the go to crypto charity to inform you of all charity's that are out there! We will also be adding a section on website to list a bunch of charity's and 100% you can donate directly to them!! We encourage that. We want to help bring awareness to Elephants and the bigger the donations and relationships we create we can offer safaris and trips to Sanctuaries as an individual donater it's hard to get that opportunity. Plus as we grow your value in holdings grow. This is why we feel we can be a good bridge between the two

This will pertain to quite a few questions I saw! We have created an amazing Charity Token Alliance with 14 amazing and doxxed charity tokens with much to come for our holders as well!! This will help us grow and stay relevant in changing market conditions and we are all promoting each other with different causes!

Who are your main competitors? Aside from not charging fee's for getting listed What else sets your project apart from your main competitors?

Chris S:
We had 2 competitors, they both folded up unfortunately. Tusk Finance and Jumbo. Many Tusk holders came over to us. With our main goal is to donate and the relationships we are building. It’s hard for other tokens to try to enter the same space. And also there are plans behind the scenes to evolve with changing market conditions to keep us relevant.

How to you plan to balance economics and make donations in a way that does not drop the token price to keep the investors happy? When big amounts of tokens are sold for a donation this can negatively affect the price and price may never recover. How do you solve this problem?

Chris S:
This has been asked alot so I'll answer it. We have struggled with zero charity and marketing it taught us to be frugal and not throw money to influencers or shill groups. My main concern has always been not to hurt the token price. I have sold Ivory during pops thar didn't effect the price. Our tokenomics is rather interesting in that 5k of buys moves us up to 250k marketcap instantly. Every thing I decide I think of the holders and also ask the holders. We have enough to sustain another 2.5 months of donations. By then we should easily be double what we are right now. No worries tho there isn't really whales to dump and kill the price we haven't dropped below 50k marketcap in 2 months.

Thank you all again for listening to this ama! Even if u don't become a holder then follow our Twitter. I tweet at least 5 times a day on all kinds of elephant charities and news 🙏🐘❤

Aaron Krums:
Thank you Sahil Seth for having us, we appreciate the opportunity. I hope everyone considers buying, this would benefit the buyers and the Elephants. Thanks again.

Thank you from Crypto Scape



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