Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 10 DEC 2021
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Nic Peterson
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project DARKKNIGHT FINANCE.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Oh boy. I'll try and keep it short and sweet. Like most, Im sure, the crypto story is an interesting with oen with a lot of unexpected turns.

So my background is actually in business and consulting. I’ve been fortunate o partner with some of the most brilliant people and institutions in the world (Florida Dept. of health, Endocrinology Dept at John Hopkins, and a few well known financial institutions.

In all industries, the focus is basically the same:

How do we help people get what they actually want in a timeline that is appropriate as efficiently as possible?

Finding these solutions has led to founding, co founding and even still owning multiple 7 and 8 figure companies (and one in the 9 figures).

But like many, once I got into crypto and REALLY started to understand it... it become clear that it's a HUGE piece of the financial puzzel for many. Or it could be, if people can slow down and learn to understand it, ya know?

So with the backing and support of a few multi billion dollar financial institutions and some friends and partners, I just started deep diving, writing smart contracts (my first ones were UGLY) and sharing what I was seeing, how things are ACTUALLY built... what makes something sustainable, etc etc.

During that time built a team of amazing people:

I am fully doxxed - to respect the others, Im only going to share their handles

Me =) Can see some background, reviews and all that jazz from the real world:

Oleg:- Head developer and CTO worked with IBM have more than 6 years of solid dev experience - without Oleg, I would not tackle large projects like this. Best dev in the space, IMO

LichKing:- BDE, Owns a consultancy

Doc Kev:- Relationship manager and communication head

Brovin:- content manager

Jonathan:- Designer and UI/UX head

We have a bunch of private, unsung heroes that make everything smooth. But that's the core team.

@Doc_Kev makes the greatest medium articles in all of existence by the way. Tremendous mix of information, education and hilarious memes

2) What is KNIGHTSWAP all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Alright, I'll try and nvaigate this one without naming any names of other dex projects lol

So my frist project in crypto is educational. We show mostly affluent people that are respectful and have long time preferences (want to invest and leave it for 5-10 years) how to safely get into and out of crypto while respecting the projects and protecting the price of their investments

ie. they dont dump tokens because they want to invest for like... a decade

The issue we were running into is that dex 1, dex 2 and dex3 all made great promises about farms and pools - length, sustinability and emission multipliers and then went back on them.

That makes it very difficult for people to get in and out safely, especially over a long period of time. So, we knew we have to come up with a solution thats less about hype, mania and getting people to chase huge APRs and APYS

and really focus on the long term, educated investors. We tried to sue articulate to this other projects so we could use their dex, but nobody would keep their word so we decided to be that project. We will work with our hodlers AND partners to create long term, reliable places to generate yield consistently

and trade safely

We also needed a place to send our largest investors, partners, friends and families that had an organized and easy to understand communication system. As you know, these telegrams aren't always useful to knew people trying to navigate, and that puts them at risk.

So we just needed to create a safer, calmer, more reliable system to generate wealth. Knight is a big part of that.

3) what are KNIGHTSWAP unique selling points as compared to the other similar projects in the industry

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
I think the answer to this question might be an amalgamation of the answers above.

First, I'm fully doxxed. Most of our holders know me in real life, many have been to my house, played with my dogs and paid tens of millions of dollars to me in the real world. Lol

I have more to lose by doing wrong by our investors than I could ever gain by trying to exploit or scam anyone. And as far I can, that is unique.

Second we go live almost every day showing the new features, farms and pools and how they were built, why the multipliers are what they are, etc etc so they they can make the best decision for themselves by understand what is actually going on.

That's why something like 80% of the yield goes back into LP from our holders instead of sold off. They actually undestand how to use the dex to best help themselves

we cannot stop moonbois from wrecking themselves, but our mission is to have the most educated investors. And again, everyone says that but we show up every day and make sure its happening. So the words are not unique, but the actual behavior is. =)

4) Can you justify the transaction fees and your tokenomics and tell how is it in the best interest of investors??

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Sure. Transaction fees are the standard .2% with .17% going to liquidity providers and .03% going to our treasury.

Starting with the obvious, we want to incentivize holder to provide liquidity as much as possible. The fees are a small part of that, obviously the farms will dwarf the fees

Its good for the dex, it’s safer for people trading and (the thing nobody seems to talk about) its better for the actual project for many reasons. (ie. more holders providing liquidity for Guard/BUSD is better for guard and we want all of our partners to succeed).

Second, the .03% to the treasury is used entirely for buying back, which support the price of the token being yielded

5) Are there Any exciting News or updates with regards to KNIGHTSWAP That you would like to share with Cryptoscape Community??

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Nope =)

Buy the rumor, sell the news, right?

We don’t make promises about what’s coming, we just deliver.

That’s always been my style - this is what it is, it either fits your investment criteria or it doesn’t. We are not in the business of making promises to get investors to violate their own economic and personal principles based on words.

So, we have what we have. We are what we are. If it’ not what you need, just sit back and check in frequently to see what’s new

I can tell you some things that have already happened:

- Our presale was 1600% oversubscribed before we had a chance to announce it or market it
- We flipped Jet to become the 7th largest dex in bsc in like 4 days
- Now we are top 5, I believe
- Token has stayed over 2x presale even with the emissions being high

But no promises or hype about whats coming. I don't want people spending their hard earned (or degen) money on promises.

Got my Taylor Swift playing in the background. Its a secret weapon


1)Some DeFi projects that offer yield farming are driven by hype and scarcity, so as the hype decreases the automation of the project decreases as well. What is the key to maintaining the yield of your Project? How can "KnightSwap" keep users from contributing to your project?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Well, there is no hype. By design, but I'll answer the question to hopefully be as helpful/useful as possible

The key to maintaining yield is pretty simple:

- Use treasury to buy back and burn supply when appropriate

- Educate our holders and partner projects on how to help themselves by behaving in a way aligned with their beliefs.

Only like 1% of the holders need to really understand the ecosystem and have a long term time preference to stabilize the whole thing

Now, keep in mind, the yield is designed for optimal performance of the dex, not maximum yield possible to each individual all the time.

So “maintaining yield” for the short term users end may mean something different than maintaining yield for someone on a longer time preference.

So our focus is maintaining a sustainable yeild over YEARS or decades. Not keeping it a billion percent until YOU cash out lol

2)What is the revenue model of @KnightEcosystem ?! And how it will be in the best interest of investors?!

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
That's a good question, I think we are unique in this

.03% of trading fees are kicked to our treasury and 100% of that is used to buyback supply to support price

Remember, Knight is part of a whol ecosystem and metaverse, we are not looking to make profit off Knight. My education program is a profit center for us and Wizard NFT marketplace is a profit center.

We need a reliable dex that people trust in order for those projects to be optimized. So the revenue of knight is designated only to support knight yield and development

Again, I think it's unique to us that taking profits from knight would actually be counterproductive to building out the eco system we are looking to build.

3)There are other critical pillars that condition the success of projects: marketing, technological expertise, community, impulse and,of course,the network. So how do you plan to unfold these other aspects in order to condition a better community?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
In order:

Marketing is not much of a need, the last few things we have done has sold out or oversubscirbed in minutes, sometimes seconds. That said, there is standard playbook team will be following - stuff like this AMAs.

We have hundreds of millions we are still trying to help safely get into the ecosystem to marketing to investors is not a critical control point at this time. Getting new projects into Knight and helping them promote their tokens is a higher priority and the team is in dozens of conversations right now helping onnboard them

Tech expertise is an easy one, our head of dev is amazing. There is a new UI coming out soon that will help users understand some of the differentiators from the dev side, but will have to wait until thats live to say any more about it.

Community - ours is very strong. It was built on education and will continue to be built on education. Many of our comunity members from from watching youtube videos or coming to in person events that we do. Very, very strong, connected community that is welcoming and helpful. Just going to keep cultivating that

4)KnightSwap is DEX, but it is important to attract liquidity and create a large pool, the more liquidity there is in the pool, the less slippage the orders will have. So, what strategies will you use to attract enough liquidity and thus counteract the slippage of orders?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
There is the standard playbook:

Project adds liquidity, our holders ape in and their token benefits, etc etc
But to avoid repeating the same thing everyone says....

Education is the answer.

Guard/BUSD for example has like 60% APR - so its not crazy moonboy and almost half their supply is sitting in Knight as LP provided by holders

most guardian holders watch our videos and ask good questions - the outcome is a TON of liquidity provided without outrageous APRs that put the eco system as risk

Project owners across BSC message me like "how in the hell did you get holderrs to provide so much lp?"

Answer: I taught them things

so we are helping our partner projects do the same thing

5)May be this is simple question but I am curious to know about it. Knight on BSC and Dark Knight On FTM. What is the difference between this two? Is there any difference at all? If not, Why have you used two different blockchain to build on when they are same?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Okay so if you build a boat and then an exact replica - you put one in the indian ocean and the other on.... idk the Mississippi River

even though in a vacuum they are the same exact thing, do they behave the same and serve the exact same function in different environments?

Fantom is an entirely different environment than bsc.

From block time to total liquidity to sophistiaction of holder and maturity of native network token.

If you know how liquidity pools work, you know the price of the native token (eth, bnb, ftm) will be tied directly to the other tokens on the network - as they are often the primary pair. So just by virtue of having a different primary pair, Dark Knight will be very different than Knight.

Knight is going to be more stable, have more liquidity (at first) and more options because bsc, inherently, has those things right now.

We do not live in vacuum, so a lot of the "math" people do on paper does not hold up in the real world. The same thing only acts the same way in the same exact conditions.

That said, FTM was the choice because outside of Elrond, I feel that it has the best safety to speed to cost ratio by far. And thats where I would be looking for help people build wealth 5-10 years from now

BSC is the safest way right now because it offers the most liquidity and options with fees low enough for beginners to not wreck themselves.


How do you increase the value of your tokens? Will you make any changes to your token that will make your token popular with customers? How do you balance your tokens?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Think about this.

If you invest $5,000 today and get 80% a year (which is less than most of our farms and pools) you would have 11 million dollars in 10 years.

We do not need to increase the price of token for people to make a lot of money =)

Of course, we are in line to be listed at all the standard places and that will create some token pumpage. But the sytem was built so that people that pay attention make profit no matter what.

As far as balancing the tokens, I am not sure what you are asking exactly but we do mint (like all dex) and burn supply based on analytics.

Q2-Crypto Expert:
Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project to that its security more secure and reliable?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Yes. We have audits lined up with basically every reputable 3rd party - necessary for a dex that hold as much TVL as we do.

Techrate was the most recent:


Gonna answer this one because it implies awareness as carefulness. And we like that.

Brand new Twitter:

TG is announcement only. Remember from the AMA, organized communication is one of our safety precautions. Great question.

NFTs are very popular nowadays. Will you add NFT to your acquired products?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
We have an entire metaverse in the works with our partners Wizard that is heavy on using NFTs in the ecosystem.

Knight will be partnering with Wizard to build an NFT powered eco system/metaverse
Dark Knight will be partnering with Undead on FTM for the same.

What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?

Nic Peterson (I will NEVER dm you first):
Like any dex token, you will always be able to egernate yield through farming or pools.

There is always a route to passive income with a good dex token in your posession =)

Ive seen some creative strategies, so that part is up to you but the point is that you can yield more and you have options - ie. there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of different pools to choose from so you dont have to yield more knight if you have knight.

Appreciate the time, great questions

I dont wanna shill or anything sketch like that - but you can look into our other projects

I think we have some of our larger investors in here. We do everything the boring way but charts keep going up lol

Appreciate those of you that are slowing down and thinking about what you want out of life and how to use crypto to get there.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast 😉

Hope to see you aroung our communities in the future.

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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