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6 min readSep 8, 2021


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

2) What is LocalTrade all about explain it along with usecases and Vision

3) What makes the LocalTrade Project stand out more than other Trading platforms in the same direction at the moment

4) can you explain more about LocalTrade university and how they can encourage the more responsible use of assets by users

5) When will local trade visa card pre-orders be available ? Could you please provide us with more information regarding the LocalTrade VISA card? What are the restrictions and fee

1) Can you please tell us what our some of the solutions #LocalTrade has to offer? @girlogcrypt

2) BSC is really in trending, now because it has low gas fee and high transaction, speed. Have you any plan, to move on BSC?And if so, when will it be? @elliekingcash

3) The fee be based on the trading volume. The more you trade, the less you pay. So if we trade more with LocalTrade, will the fees we pay less over time? Can you tell us more about the Fees in LocalTrade? Is there a maximum trading volume to be achieved to pay less in the trade? @Lidiamga

4) They are emphatic that LocalTrade as an ecosystem owns and provides over 100 trading pairs, which is fabulous, but to buy cryptocurrencies through LocalTrade I must perform some kind of advanced KYC?

5) Partnerships is one of important factors for every project. Could you name some of LocalTrade' partners? What are the benefits that you get from them? And is there any partnership that will be established in near future?

Q1- iTu Putu☺️♡:
good day sir,
-);Is this platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Q2-লাল দা:
Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project," to make it more secure and reliable???

Q3-iLu bilu ☺️:
Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Q4-Busra Ani:
Based on your token distribution, 5% of the total supply will be alloted for airdorp and event. Can you share with us the airdrop program you have right now and how can we join?

Q5-T N O Sir:
How big is your team and do you have well experienced team to run your project in the long run?

Well, thank you for having me here, it was a great time!
And remember guys: DeFi is the future, and the future is now, so don’t miss it!



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