Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :16 SEPT 2021
Time : 02:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team M7 CAPITAL
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project M7 CAPITAL.


On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So we are 2 of the 7 members for the M7 Capital Investment Platform

I am the lead dev

Rainbow handles a lot of the operations including community management

We wanted to come here and talk about the new auto compounding vault platform we just released, the M7 Capital Investment Platform

and how it's offering a new take on the yield aggregation space

So in short

We released our platform token, the M7 Vault (VAULT) token on the 30th August, then a week later released the platform along with our first branded dividend reward token, the BTC-CAT token

what makes our platform different is the focus on Dividend Reward projects

as opposed to Liquidity Pool (LP) farms

I took a lot of my learnings from my early days in the DeFi space, chasing yield farms and took the best of those platforms and melded it with features that I wanted to see

and then we took the concept of the Dividend Reward project and made our vaults work with them

the benefit we offer is that the Dividend Reward projects, by nature, have an asynchronous relationship, the native token is separated from the dividend reward which is perfect for a vault platform as we can use the dividend to push the price of the vault token up

without the negative side effect of cannabilisation

So here we are, about 1.5 weeks after launch, about to hit $100k in funds deposited on the platform

talking to new projects everyday

we have a lot more in store for the platform as well

and all of this is being done with our platform token in mind, as a majority of the revenue the platform generates is bookmarked to go back to the holders

That's about as succinct as I can make an intro, would love to take some questions from everyone

1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
I think our story might be a bit cliche at this point haha. We actually started our group in the embers of a rugged project

sick of continually being scammed

so we wanted to do the right thing and run projects that weren't about making a quick buck and leaving the community in ruin

We've been together as a group in this space for about 8months

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
we started small, in the community token space. I developed my skills as a contract dev as we went

and then moved onto bigger projects

we found our first taste of success with DogeBack

which surprised everyone in the team with how big it went

we weren't aware at the time but we helped set the stage for this whole dividend reward space, I still see my contracts around as there are a couple of functions in there that I pioneered

so we've really grown this year as a group

and now we've moved onto this venture

as a sophomore effort and a way to show how we've matured

As with all groups, we've felt the pain in the space as the markets have been a bit rough

2) What is M7 CAPITAL all about explain it along with usecases and Vision

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So as I said in the intro, the vision was to create a platform that offered the same level of investment possibilities that I found useful but do it in a different way and add in the parts I always felt was missing

The traditional LP vaults always have the same problem

if they aren't an established project or a behemoth pegged asset like BTC, ETH, etc. They are just a race to 0

get in, make as much as you can before your investment drops

it's not sustainable

so while we were developing projects in the dividend reward space I started to come up with the idea of a vault that utilised the dividend instead of the vaulted asset

and I quickly realised that it could work

and that it could also benefit not only the investors but also the projects

as instead of being a negative feedback loop, it's a positive one

causing the vaulted asset to appreciate which means more dividends which means greater appreciation

of course these projects are still volume based

but the extra buying pressure on the chart always helps drive a bit of FOMO

Outside of the vaults themselves

we are developing an integrated trading competition

this was another mechanic I came up with to help drive volume into these tokens

it is in development at the moment and we hope to host our first trading competition very soon

it will be fully integrated into the platform

and will make use of the tokens that we have on boarded

each competition will run for 24 hours and the traders will compete for a prize pool, where the trader with the highest volume receiving 80% of the prize and the remaining 20% going to a random M7 Vault token holder

we are also going to be introducing staking to pay back dividends to our platform token holders

but this is a longer term view as the platform needs to reach a level of maturity where the revenue generated is enough to make the dividends viable

we have longer term plans too but we can't talk too much to them yet, they are still early days

3) How you assure the security and safety of your product ??

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So the vaults are all completely siloed from each other, there is no shared pool of funds and they work in a two-tier fashion, a front end contract controls the vault that investors interact with and behind that is a back end contract called the strategy

so investors deposit (or they can buy directly through the vault as well) into the vault which will return to them a token indicating their share of the total pool of funds, the vault will then send the funds to the strategy where the magic happens (it's not really magic... quite simple compounding actually)

but no one, not even the team

has access to the funds in the strategy

only the vault does

and the only way to get funds out is by "handing" back the token to redeem your share

we can obviously upgrade a strategy if the need arises but even at that point, all we do is move the funds back to the vault, they are still safe and secure never leaving either of those contracts

a good thing about our concept as well

is that these projects due to their nature

don't face the same risks that farm tokens do

they are limited supply

our platform token has been audited by tech rate

that is available from our website

and the team, while not being doxxed

has gone through the process needed to be gold certified by The Midnight Show as well

we have strong ties to a lot of crypto groups and are known to be clean operators

4) How you plan to control inflation once vaults are live and can you tell a bit about your governance feature??

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So if I understand correctly we're talking about inflation like with farm tokens

which isn't a problem for us

all the projects we onboard are limited supply

we aren't dealing with tokens that mint new supply

we are looking to onboard some single asset yield farm tokens but those would only be large projects and pegged assets


so we don't have to worry about controlling inflation

and our platform token is max supply as well

set at 10m

there will never be any more tokens available for M7 Vault than what is in circulation now

So as I talked about with the trading competitions

that will be a big feature for our platform token holders

because as I called out, 20% of every competitions prize pool will go to a random platform token holder

whether they competed or not

we will also be releasing the dividend staking

which will be funded from the vaults

at the moment it's looking like the staking will be done on a time-weighted basis

so we will set a period in the staking contract

and holders if they stake for that full period

will be able to claim 100% of their share

if they pull out half way through

they'd be entitled to 50% of their share

and so on

lastly we are looking to introduce voting, to help drive the platforms future development

that will be done on the platform as well

5)Do you plan to have any minimum token holding requirements for those who can participate in governance feature

On The Shills (WON’T DM YOU FIRST):
we are discussing options as to whether we instigate a minimum amount, a fee that would then burn to add a deflationary mechanic and/or also looking at a way to track if a holder has the token staked then they would eligible for the platform features.

6) Share in your Tokenomics and mention about locking and all . Additionally mention transaction fees charged on every transaction

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So the M7 Vault token is quite simple:

We have an asynchronous tax system where we tax 6% on buys and 10% on sells,
From the total 10m supply we sold 5.1m in presale, liquified 3.675m with 375 BNB and then had roughly 945k that was left for the team and in our marketing wallet

The team tokens were put on a vesting schedule where 700k was locked until December and vests every 9 days

With the vaults:

Each vault has a 5% performance fee, 3% goes to the dividend pool that will be for platform token holders, 1% goes towards the trading competition prize pool fund and the other 1% goes towards platform running costs.

So we reinvest 95% of the dividends collected back into the project in the vault.

We don't have a deposit fee, we have 0.05% withdrawal fee that is reflected back to the pool amongst the rest of the holders, and as long as the project can whitelist the vault and strategy there are no taxes in and out

no finishes December

vesting has begun

our LP and vesting locker are visible on DXSAle

the links are in our TG.


Q1 I think I’ve read something about your plan to offer Synthetic Asset Tokens, a first in the DeFi space? So as a newbie, can you explain ¹st what are these #SyntheticAssetTokens? Also, what will these tokens offer to the #stakeholders @Wormz29

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
Good question, so synthetic assets are those that track real world assets such as Google, Netflix, Tesla, etc. I will do a bad job of explaining the details so I'll refer to go check out the Mirror Protocol for the in depth details.

What we do need to clarify is we won't be offering the assets ourselves, rather we are working to find a good partner to create a new breed of dividend reward token that pays out in these synthetic assets, instead of the traditional assets we see at the moment.

Now the struggle we are having is find a project here on the BSC that has the liquidity needed, so it's looking like we'll have to do this on another chain, most likely Terra, where there is ample liquidity

so what we hope to achieve in the near future

is setup vaults and our own branded assets for these synthetics on the Terra network

and just like other dividend reward tokens

by holding the core token you'll receive the synthetic asset token that it offers

but we will have more details on that as we get closer to realising that part of the platform

Q2 How will your vault prove to be profitable in the long run when the market changes? Are manual settings required for one to use your Capital Investment Vaults or the strategies are fully automated? Can you tell us the process of using vault on M7 Capital? @Lidiamga

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
While there is not sure way to profit on both sides of the coin, our vaults are there to be long term investments

they are automated

so as set-and-forget as you can make them

the compounding process is set to run every 2 hours

but as with all of these projects

the compounding relies on the dividends which are volume dependant

so if volume dips then the amount of dividends for compounding will too

for the platform itself that would be an issue

which is why we are looking to release vaults that tailor to the more risk adverse investor

by offering single asset vaults that may not have super high yields

it will be a spot where investors can shore up their long term assets

such as BTC, ETH, BUSD, DAI, etc

and make a return on them

which will continue to fund the project

Q3 Who are your competitors and how you plan to incentivize your users to prefer investing in your token and what will be the benefits offered to long term holders??? @Grumpyb14017909

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So I would say our competitors are the current big names in yield optimisation, Beefy, Swamp, Harvest, etc.

however we are operating completely different vaults to them

our more traditional offerings we are going to release will directly compete and to draw some market share we are going to offering reduced performance fees on those but also our key features such as the ability to directly invest through vault, no need to go and get 2 assets, liquify them manually and then deposit or deposit in belt finance first then take that else where

we'll allow it all from our platform in a single click

and then a big feature I always wished I had will be that you can withdraw only what you've earned

and leave your balance intact

for our single asset yield vaults this will be offered as a payout in BNB

for our dividend reward projects you'll get the vault token

Q4 M7 capital has a diversified asset issuance including token and NFT, but can you tell us how will you simplify the integration of NFT products on your ecosystem? Will M7capital develop its own marketplace or will you create alliances with external marketplaces in the market? Also will the synthetic assets be compatible to trade and make transactions on marketplaces?‌‌ @shadyaboabdo

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
So this is a really short one

at the moment we don't have any NFT plans


we haven't advertised anywhere that we'll be doing NFTs

Q5 How you got the idea of creating this token and what real life issues will it solve ??
What will be the revenue model for the team?? @Abc97341745

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
I got the idea as I said earlier because this is the space I started in

chasing yields on Beefy and Swamp

what we are looking to do is offer a different class of investment that caters to the more "risk friendly" space we play in here while bringing over some of the longer term investment ideals

It is also a good sell for projects as it will directly add to their MC, as the dividends that would normally be sold or used elsewhere go back into the project

Our revenue model is as I explained as well, volume based

we will take 5% of the dividends each vault collects

to fund our various operations.


Q1- He മല്ലു:
It says Stakeholders can participate in a daily trading competition here that offers a chance to win a share of the platform’s daily profits. So how do the #DailyTradingCompetitions work? What are the criteria we need to meet to be eligible to participate in the #Competition?

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
The daily trading competitions will be run via a smart contract and integrated into the platform. We will pick a token, fund the contract with the prize pool and set a time for the competition to begin, then for the 24 hours after start eligible (we are working out the model for this whether it's a fee to enter or a minimum holding) VAULT holders can trade through the platform in the dedicated area and the smart contract will track each holders volume against their connected wallet.

At the end of the 24 hours, we'll be able to distribute the winnings through the smart contract to make sure that the competition is as fair and equitable as it can be.

M7Platform provides Industry-Leading APY interest rates on stablecoins. Why did you choose stablecoins over cryptocurrency? And we all know that the market is unstable, How M7Platform give guarantee that the assets of user will increase even its bearish or bullish?

On The Shills (WON'T DM YOU FIRST):
We don't offer stable coins, our core offering is dividend reward tokens from partner projects. We are looking to augment our offering with single asset yield vaults but our focus will be on expanding our partner vaults which are focusing on the dividend reward space.

As with anything in this space we can’t guarantee a rate of return but we can guarantee that the vault will not aid in the decline of value, which is what traditional yield farm vaults do, as the process they go through to compound creates negative selling pressure on the farm token.

Token burn is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does $M7 have a plan about token burn?

On The Shills (WON’T DM YOU FIRST):
We understand the need for deflationary mechanics, we are looking at what we can do to introduce a burn system along side some of the platform functionality we are developing, for example a cost to vote or a cost to compete in our trading competitions where the fee is our platform token and that amount is burned.

Q4-Nhựt Trần🐶🐶:
Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to here?

On The Shills (WON’T DM YOU FIRST):
We actually have a number of South East Asia communities, all our TG communities are available through our main TG so please go and see which ones are already up and coming with us on this journey.

You said that holders if they stake for that full period,will be able to claim 100% of their share.What will be the maximum/minimum amount to stake in your platform?

On The Shills (WON’T DM YOU FIRST):
There is no maximum or minimum stake, we work with all projects to make sure that if there is a max/min on their side that our vaults are exempt from that as well. We also do not lock our deposits, investors are free to come and go as they see fit. We added in the earnings withdrawal feature to incentivise holders to retain a balance and just withdraw that which they’ve earned.

I ask everyone to come and check us out, come and check out the platform. What we’re doing and what we’re working towards is risky in this space as it is a longer term journey than what is usually possible

what I will say is that all the hard work is behind us we self funded all our development we didn’t go to presale to get what needed we are in an aggressive onboarding campaign

so come, have a chat, DYOR

and give us your feedback

Thanks everyone

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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