Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 26 NOV 2021
Time : 05:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project MICRO SANTA.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

I won’t go into too much detail on the team as we are still KYC’d and not doxxed.

I’ll start with myself. I’ve been in the crypto space for almost 5 years now as an investor and 2 years as a developer. I graduated with a degree in computer science and have been coding since I could use a keyboard. I mostly focused on Java, Python, R, and C++ in college but 2 years ago decided to pick up solidity since I'd been investing in these cryptos and knew I could code one myself. Ever since then i've been examining the inner workings of a smart contract to fully understand what makes it work. Over the past few months I decided to create a smart contract that would reward its holders and out came Micro Santa. A BSC token that will make this holiday a lot more magical

As for my team, I'll stick to the core team members, of which there are two others besides me. Both with degrees in business and computer science with a vast knowledge in management and coding. They have been in crypto for about 5 years as well and we met about a year ago when the Binance Smart Chain started gaining traction. Since then we've studied thousands of tokens and truly examined what makes a token work. The three of us combined have 15 years of knowledge in cryptocurrency and we are finally putting it to use, in what we think is a great way. With Micro Santa we hope to change the lives of others and use cryptocurrency for good. There are too many exit scams and BSC tokens that get abandoned. We we're tired of seeing hard working individuals lose money to this so we took action and here we are. We hope you can join the chat to meet more of the team and get to know us! We are always in there conversing and would love to have you there too!

2) What is MicroSanta all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Micro Santa is a one of a kind token for a few reasons. The biggest being its rewards to holders. Not only do holders get rewarded in BUSD but they get rewarded a lot! We've had holders earn up to $50 a day when our volume was at it's lowest. Micro Santa is unique not only for is huge rewards from holding but also its huge rewards given out by myself and the team!

This Christmas Season we have planned an advent calendar of giveaways where we'll be giving away 1 prize every day in December until the biggest giveaway on Christmas Day. The biggest giveaway will be a Tesla Modely Y! Just another way we're trying to make this holiday season more magical. Some examples of other rewards to come are Micro Santa tokens, brand new Iphone 13's, and even Mac Book Pros. Whatever the community wants us to giveaway, we're giving away! (Within reason of course). To make a long story short, I’m not going to sit and preach that Micro Santa is more revolutionary than any other rewards token on the BSC. What makes it revolutionary is the team behind it and the extra rewards we plan on giving away.

The team has been wanting to produce a BSC token for some time now and we got the idea after seeing Santa Coin. We took what Santa Coin did and are doing it better. Not to hate on Santa Coin because we love what they're doing but I was in the community very early on and they lacked on bonding with the community. It was very rare that a dev was in there often and there we're a lot of questions that would go unanswered. So, the team saw this and decided that we're going to be the developer that every community wants. Very active, always there to answer questions, and no matter the price, always doing our best to create a long term succesful project. We rewrote Santa Coin's smart contract to be more efficient, and you can see this on token sniffer where we have a much higher rating than Santa Coin. We really wanted to take the concept of Santa Coin to give back during the holiday season and do it with more passion and attentiveness. We're taking it one step at a time and shaping Micro Santa into the token that the community wants it to be. We truly believe we are forming a great community and we’re so excited for the holiday season to come! We've seen steady organic growth and are aiming to keep it steady until a 100M Mcap and beyond.

3) what are MicroSanta’s unique selling points as compared to the other similar projects in the industry

The unique selling points of Micro Santa are actually not its passive income rewards in BUSD. Although those are great and make the token worth holding we think the unique selling point of Micro Santa is actually the play to earn game that will be releasing within the year. It will include a vast variety of in game NFT’s which you can collect and trade on the open market for real money. It’s going to be designed after Subway surfers where you can collect these NFT’s and get rewards for higher scores. Not only are we creating this NFT gaming ecosystem but we are creating our own Micro Santa NFT collection this christmas. This NFT collection will consist of 10,000 unique Micro Santa's and will not only give holders more opportunities to make money, but it will help supply children in need with gifts this christmas. A fee of every NFT will go towards donations to non-profits like Toys for Tots and Salvation Army. We hope to turn Micro Santa into a larger metaverse down the road with more Micro Santa features but for now we’re focused on steady growth and production of our NFT collection and play to earn game.

Apologies. Not before the end of this year. The NFT collection will be out in december, the play to earn game should be released within a year from now. We're working as fast as possible behind the scenes

4) Are there Any exciting News or updates with regards to MicroSanta That you would like to share with Cryptoscape Community

Exciting news updates? OF COURSE! We’re giving away a Tesla!! You heard that right!Pretty exciting we think! Not only are we giving away a Tesla but we will be giving away more than 45 thousand dollars in rewards over the holiday season. We hope that makes everyones holiday a little more merry. Not only do we plan on giving away a Tesla and over 45 thousand dollars but we plan on giving away brand new Iphones and other Apple and Tech products! All of this is in an effort to change the lives of people who invest in our vision.

5) Can you justify the transaction fees and your tokenomics and tell how is it in the best interest of investors??

At first glance the transaction fees seem high but in reality they are not that bad. The 14% fees are laid out as follows: 8% of every buy gets redistributed to holders, in the form of BUSD, higher than Safemoon which is wonderful! 2% goes to liquidity which helps provide a stable price floor and 3% goes to buying back and burning tokens which decreases the supply and increases demand. The final 1% goes to marketing to ensure we can keep the project running until time ends. The reason i say the fees are not that bad is because the majority of the fees go to rewarding holders. So if you buy Micro Santa now, not only will you earn back your initial investment but you will profit simply by holding. We will discuss why Micro Santa rewards in BUSD when the question comes.

Yes. The buy and sell feels are both 14%. We've discussed with the community on redistributing these fees to rewards holder even more. This could look like moving 2% from the Buy Back and Burn to the Rewards meaning holders would get 10% rewards instead of 8%


1) #MicroSantaCoin is an exciting smart contract and Hyper Deflationary ensuring BUSD reflections daily. So what are these exciting features of the MicroSanta ecosystem that guarantees steady USD rewards to its holders and users? Can you mention them?

I'm not sure i understand the entirety of the question but I will answer to how i interpreted it. The Micro Santa contract has a function written into it in which it automatically takes the Micro Santa it has pooled, and converts it into WBNB which is then used to buy BUSD and send to holders. This is all done automatically every hour which means you can earn a lot of money. The contract is written so that this accumulated money cannot be withdrawn by anybody. Another exciting feature of the contract is the MoonShot Buy Back. The moonshot buy back will be deployed at strategic times to help avoid drastic dips and maintain smooth steady increase in price. I hope that answered your question of how we guarantee steady rewards. That is what the contract contains and that is how we do our part in growing this token

2) The roadmap stated that Micro Santa is yet to unveils its NFT collection/series to its community. Do you have a tentative date on its release? Have you already got preliminary sketches/samples of your NFT concept? @Ojeanwayne

Yes! The tentative release date for our Micro Santa NFT collection is December. As of now there is no scheduled date as we are deciding amongst the community what day will be best. The team feels like December 25, christmas day, would be a perfect day to release this collection. However, we are taking votes amongst the community at whether this should be one drop, all 10,000 at once, or a series of drops in which we release a limited amount every week of December. We have already got preliminary sketches but will not be sharing as our idea's have been picked up by another team of developers so we would like to keep this private until release. However, we can promise you the NFT's will contain super rare elements. I didn't mention at the beginning but in order to buy these NFT's you must be a holder of Micro Santa. We are also working on the development of our own Micro Santa platform where you can buy and sell these collectible's directly on our website

3) I see Micro Santa offers a service to earn BUSD passively, so I wonder, what are the benefits of rewarding your holders with BUSD and not with your native Micro Santa token? How is this good for the sustainability of your project and are there other possible uses for the token? @Lidiamga

Love this question! The benefits of rewarding holders with BUSD instead of our native Micro Santa is that BUSD is stable and will always guarantee holders get rewards. If we were to rewards holders with our native Micro Santa that means that their rewards are dependent on the price of Micro Santa as well as the volume. This issue is solved with BUSD rewards so that the holders rewards are only dependent on volume and not the current price. This also helps the longevity of the project. If we were to give our native token for rewards, large whale holders would accumulate more and more and their wallets would grow much faster so when they sell it could drastically hurt the project. Hopefully that answers your question on how BUSD rewards help with the longevity of Micro Santa!


How can i get a chance to win TESLA MODEL Y?
I am very much attracted towards MicroSanta rewards.. Could you please tell me how can i participate?

In order to win the Tesla Model Y you must hold at least 2 BNB of Micro Santa before December 24, Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day there will be a contest held for those members holding the minimum amount of Micro Santa. The contest will be announced on Christmas Eve, giving everyone a fair chance and preventing people from preparing ahead of time. Simple! Do that, and you could win a TESLA MODEL Y!!

MicroSanta seems to be very appealing for investments.. what is the easy way to buy it's coins and could you please tell me is there any lower limit i mean how much should i invest in this project??

The easiest way to purchase Micro Santa is through Pancake Swap! There is no required purchase amount, however, the more you buy the more you earn. Plus, if you want to have a chance at winning the Tesla, you must hold a minimum of 2BNB. We love our community, and have invested thousands into it, but it is your investment not ours so we cannot tell you how much to buy. Not financial advice, but we think you'll want to buy as much as possible before the holiday season. :)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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