Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :20 SEPT 2021
Time : 05:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project MOONPOLY.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

My name is Victor and i'm the tech lead of @moonpoly project.
Our team consists of 7 members: me (backend, blockchain), front end developer, designer, QA specialist, 3d artist, marketing manager and 3d animator
I've been software developer for 15 years (as professional) and few years prior. And I always wanted to create games, but had to do corporate stuff.
Regarding my crypto experience... I've been sceptical of crypto from the start, but once, around 5 years ago, as i've started digging deeper into the blockchain technology and concepts, i was thrilled.
When i saw NFTs rising, i saw it as a way to use blockchain to get users to actually own their game data (items, accounts, etc).
I'm a believer that if you play a game, you own a character (for example), then you can sell it, can change it, can lease it. It's yours.

2) What is Moonpoly all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Moonpoly is a online board game, with cryptocurrency and NFTs. it's based on the monopoly game, but we wanted to

*) not infringe copyright

*) allow to earn by playing the game or trading nfts (since it got huge lately, and not going back)

*) make the game more dynamic than monopoly (all the players do the turn at the same time). this allows us to make the game more fast-paced, and allow for online play (the usual 6 hours of monopoly might take too long)

*) the blockchain technology allows the users to keep their own data, and use it as they see fit.

we actually thought of that idea while we've spent summer evenings playing MONOPOLY and CATAN games.

catan felt much more dynamic than monopoly, since it involved random chance of either gaining or losing resources, and it was funnier than monopoly, so we decided to make our own board game :)

3) You have a presale coming please give more details about the same along with the benefits offered to presale buyers?

First of all I would like to say that we did our best to make it more attractive for investors. First of all we put in PCS liquidity 70% from BNB and 31% of Max supply CMP tokens.
Devs will have only 4% of tokens for them. And they are locked without vesting for 18 months. All tokens for Marketing and Game Rewards are also locked. All links are available in our official telegram channel @moonpoly
50% of all tokens received on NFT Marketplace,as Moonpoly commissions will be burned until there will left only 50% of MAX Supply.
Smart contract has also pass audit. We have different community groups around the world, such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean and other! And we got great marketing plans for future!

Also, presale investors are participating in giveaway of ZC NFT in-game model (playable character)

4) How you assure the security and safety of your platform?

From the blockchain perspective, the smart contracts we use are audited, follow best practices, are generated by audited tool (we don't want to reinvent the wheel), or are based on @openzeppelin standards (ERC721).
The future NFT marketplace will be audited to make sure it doesn't involve known attack vectors.
From the code perspective, we follow code best practices, using up-to-date libraries and frameworks. We're also hosted in managed cloud instances, so infrastructure is kept up-to-date by cloud provider

5) Share in your Tokenomics and mention about locking of liquidity and locking of team tokens. Additionally mention transaction fees charged on every transaction

also i wanted to mention, that 5% of transaction tax, goes back to holders

(total tax is 10% which is 5% to holders, 3% to developers, 2% to liquidity)

also we will have the ability to create your own moonpoly boards, which might be played by other players, and the creator will earn 0.5% of the board total bank

so the popular boards will earn even more token

My colleague forgot to mention tokenomics

We are transparent, here it is.
Pre Sale & Liquidity Pool = 67%
(All unsold tokens on pre-sale will be burned. Liquidity locked by DxSale)
DxSale Fees & Burns = 2%
Airdrop = 4% (Unlock and distribution 2 days after pre-sale ends)
Game Rewards = 16% (Locked until January 2022)
Development Vault = 4% (Locked for 18 months (monthly partial unlock))
Marketing Vault = 7% (Monthly unlock for 8 months)

You can check when Tokens will be unlocked, here
As you can see we had Airdrop. But Airdrop tokens will be unlocked 2 days after Pre-Sale, so Airdropers wont ruin initial investors fun :)


1) As we all know, #Moonpoly is a play-to-earn game, but every play-to-earn game demands a huge initial deposit before users can begin playing. As a result, I’m curious if users will be required to make an initial deposit in order to begin playing #Moonpoly games? @Stevenpukulu

As we want to share moonpoly not only with crypto community - we will have free characters instead of NFT’s that will not have any special abilities in game, but will be completely playable. There will be needed initial deposit only for Bet, which player should make to enter the game for 2-6 players. The minimum limit will be really low, so there will not be any issue of start playing the game. We already have interface of game creation available on the website and you can see how easy it will be to create your own Custom Room to play the game -

2) I wonder if the #moonpoly is specifically for gamers? What about non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? If so, what are the other possible ways?

Well, as a lot of people probably know the initial *Monopoly* game is already 98 years old. And billions of people have played in it. The idea was to teach people how to use capital. The Moonpoly game will hopefully teach people how to use crypto ;)
Of course moonpoly is quite different from it's older brother, and it has much more features and is more dynamic.
As i mentioned earlier, the holders of the token, will get 5% of transactions from the PancakeSwap.
Also by creating the boards, users might get additional percentage of all games played on their board, which is like a new way of staking

plus, since marketplace will burn CMP tokens when trading NFTS, the total supply of CMP token will decrease by 50%

3) Gaming sector is extremely competitive and many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will CryptoMoonPoly team compete with the existing gaming platforms and what extra will CryptoMoonPoly offer to get the gamers from the other platforms? @toliptok

There are actually not as many games in crypto world now (not as many as non-crypto games).
The excelent feature is that as of now, there is no game like Moonpoly in crypto-world.
The game will feature fun and fullfilling gameplay, and the ability to play on many devices. (the first planned release is PC/Web platform, then iOS/Android devices)
The game also allows to earn money passively by holding the token, or by leasing NFTs to other players.
We also plan to do partnership with other crypto-projects and influences, to make them featured and integrated into Moonpoly!
Which in turn would increase brand visibility for both parties :)

Also, since you don't need to own NFTs to play, but only a small amount of CMP tokens, the game will be more inclusive, than games that require you to spend hundreds of USDT on NFTs

4) After checking the website, "Moonpoly" vision & Mission is good. but it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What is your marketing strategy to increase the validity of your project brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project? @blackrose11221

As i mentioned earlier, we're planning on featuring bloggers, influencers, crypto coins, crypto projects, crypto-anything, on the game board.

we'll also use marketing vault (locked after game release) for marketing purposes, of increasing brand visibility the standard way (ads, posts, etc)

5) Pump & dump schemes are becoming a major problem in the crypto space which needs solving, Investors hard earned money going down the drain. Could you please tell how Moonpoly will prevent whales from manipulating the price & ensure the price appreciates and reach for the moon? @alex_2290

The thing is that there is whales in every crypto project you might know, but since we are only starting there is a great chance to become a whale for everyone who is participating in presale. Also whales keep manipulating not only the crypto market but also stocks and commodities markets, and not much is done in the real world to prevent it. On the other hand, whales can also help the token to grow, by increasing the price.
The more people will play the game, the more nfts would be sold, the more tokens would be burned, the more games will be played, the more viable it would be to hold the token long-term.

The game from the technical perspective isn't hard, from the balancing perspective, it involves a lot of balancing, and we're planning to involve community in creation of new NFTs . the bonuses of NFTs will also be approved by devs and community, in order to ensure the game is fun and inclusive for everyone, and there's no pay-to-win aspect.


Q1- Qwer:
Hello Sir,

Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

We have local communities in many countries in languages now! below is a list of channels!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: @moonpolyofficial
Global Chat: @moonpoly
KR: @Moonpolykr
ID: @MoonpolyID
CN: @MoonpolyCN
TR: @MoonpolyTurkish
Arabic: @MoonpolyArabic
JP: @moonpolyJP

Also, we are now working with a Chinese translators team to bring our game to the Chinese market.

As an investor in “play to earn” games, it is quite important that apart from the “play to earn” elements, because the game feels boring when the gameplay repeats itself and eventually leaves the game. How does "Moonpoly" solve this boredom problem?

As we've mentioned earlier, the game features street modifiers, that add semi-random element to the game. the modifiers might increase/decrease different yields, as well as modify gameplay in different ways.

Can you give me the actual contract address for buy Your MoonPolly? where can I trade it? And what is the minimum amount to own your token?

Pre-sale Info:
DxSale page -
Pre-sale time is set to 21 of September 4PM UTC

Soft Cap - 150 BNB
Hard Cap - 300 BNB
Liquidity - 70%
All unsold tokens on pre-sale will be burned
Listing on PancakeSwap 1h after pre-sale ends

the contract address is 0xcfd947b1ad06c39522fb67fb00b21a3fda906e34

What is your motive behind the creation of this project?
what is the advantage of holding your project long term?

The idea behind our game is that the community can create and change the game's rules. We called our game Moonpoly, and it's a game about the crypto industry in general. So who should we introduce to our game? The people around crypto. People who created this industry. So in our game will be possible to play and meet 3d NFT models of your favorite crypto influencers, big and small; creators, innovators, influencers will be features in the game. Anyone who will contact us and make something for the crypto industry, in general, will be featured in the game. The advantages is holding token, that when users will trade on our marketplace 50% of every transaction fee tokens will be burned. Also 50% of profit from new NFT models will be burned.

Yes, the Moonpoly game will involve community in building the NFTs. The community will not allow NFTs to become over or underpowered. As with can see with non-crypto games, games that strive for community-driven design, usually attract a lot of players, and allow them to have fun the way, the developers might not even envisioned

Q5-Damar aureva:
🔵🔵🔵 on your roadmap it is written that you will issue an ALPHA VERSION. can you explain the difference between ALPHA VERSION and REGULAR VERSION that you have?

Alpha version is the first playable version of the game, which we are ready to present to our holders. There will be issues for sure. That's why it's called alpha. During the alpha stage, we will gather feedback from the tester about the game, bugs, and stability issues; we will also listen to our community and collect information about game improvements. After the alpha stage is over, we will go truth every bug report and suggestion, fix the game, and bring the beta version. Beta is the pre-release stable version of the game. Only tokens holders will be able to try Alpha version. It is essential to gather information from the community and listen to them to avoid many mistakes.

As a gamer obviously I truly appreciate messing around, WHAT more we play while getting prizes. How would I mess around on @CryptoMoonPoly do we have to purchase your tokens to play the game?In the event that yes what No. of tokens would it be good to play game on your platform?

it would be a very small initial amount of tokens (20 000CMP), but players might be able to place their own bets, and if they want, they can bet more. The game will be competitive, so there's always a chance to win or to lose, no matter if you own NFTs or not.

Q6- sreerag k s:
How many characters are there in Moonpoly and how the game is designed, could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?

There are now 15, 3 is presented, and one more will be present today! For example, Melon dusk has Flamethrower that he can use Once every 5 Rounds. Flamethrower will damage the structures on your block. Zc is Immune to regulations, So he will ignore all negative effects cards. Bitalik Vutterin has a Hyper Boost he can make two moves in one round but got 10 round cooldown on his ability. You can read more about the passive skills of these characters on our website! . All of these characters are limited, and every new character will have different abilities, so Moon Heroes, as we call them, is very important for your strategy in the game so pick wisely. So Every hero will have a price based on tactical advantages. so that’s how price of them can pump and dump since new modifier cards will be introduced and when you got a perfect mix with your character, you can have a great setup for winning.

And yes guys thank you for participating we were kinda slow but wish to bring you more detailed information about our game!

We invite you all to play Moonpoly when it will released and thank you for your support!

We hope to thank everyone for joining us on the AMA today, hope me and my partner @Endlessway55 have answered a lot of questions, on our project and team and future plans. See you in-game! :)

have a good day everyone! it's getting late here, see you tomorrow on our presale Voice chat on @moonpoly !

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍

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