Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :22 june 2021
Time : 05:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Scott Privet (MOONRISE)
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the project MOONRISE.


Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

*Scott Privet (#MOONRISE Representing MOONRISE :
Sure - so I’ve been involved in crypto since around 2016, when I first got involved with researching projects and trading mainly. Obviously BSC wasn’t around then, and because of that I never really spent too much of my free time involved in crypto.

This year during the memecoin craze is when I really started to get interested in things because of all the crazy potential all these projects seemingly had, and thats when I started also developing my own projects.

Since a few months ago I've worked with and developed over a dozen different projects with different teams, and all of that has lead me to MoonRise today :)

Our team in MoonRise is comprised of some OG's I've met along the way, and some new guys too. Mainly a guy name Nate is helping out, but there's also like 20 other core guys that would be too much to list out here, but every single one of them is doing an amazing job helping promote and market the coin to get it to grow.

Q2. What Is Moonrise all about explain it along with the usecase and vision?

*Scott Privet:
So MoonRise is a fork of EverRise - one of the first publicized proprietary hyper-deflationary tokens on BSC. Although they were extremely successful with their huge presale & following pumps, we saw issues with their contracts early on, that were later exploited & abused causing the function to not work as optimally as it should.

The most tricky part about EverRise clones is controlling the Whale, and in order to help out with this in MoonRise, we've implemented a "MoonShot" feature - which is basically like a manual buyback of any amount directly from the accumulated Whale's wallet.

By relying more on this buyback, and less so on controlling the amount the Whale buys back after each sell, we are less prone to bot attacks & other issues that arise from trying to operate an inoperable machine such as a smart-Kraken

Our vision for the project is the become the #1 buyback contract, with a team that has perfected the art of controlling it. Later on we want to automate these controls in a dApp, of which more info will be released soon on our website/upcoming whitepaper

Yeah, we use the dead address. aka 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

And to-date, we've burned over 17% of the total supply, just from whale buybacks!

Q3. Market is going through a crazy downfall do you think it was a right decision to launch in your token??

*Scott Privet:
Of course no one could have predicted this market downfall, but it seemed to have been pretty imminent. It would have been nicer to launch during Bitcoin’s rally from 40k to 65k maybe, but I don’t think this recent 1-day downtrend is going to have any long-lasting effects on MoonRise or its community in any sense. Most of our holders see the value in the coin, and are willing to wait out some temporary bleeding for some hopeful big gains in the future if we are able to successfully replicate EverRise’s success

Our token will retain value no matter if BNB continues dropping or not - the usecase still stands in the future with the proposed dApp ideas.

Q4. Please share in your tokenomics along with transaction fees involved and recommended slippage?

*Scott Privet:
We employ an 11% total fee, although we change how that fee is distributed:

7% goes directly to the whale [from EverRise 6%]
2% is redistributed to holders [same as EverRise]
2% is put into the marketing wallet [from EverRise 3%]

1Q total supply; recommended slippage is 12%+

The dev wallet is only 2.5%, and it is solely held for marketing payouts in $MOONRISE at the moment, as there is no incentive for the dev team to even sell it. The team has access to the wallet that receives the 2% BNB tax from each sell, which is what is used for all other marketing purposes.

And apart from that, the entire team has reputation in the space & wouldn’t ruin that by dumping a small bit of tokens out of nowhere on everyone. Everyone is dedicated to making this coin a legitimate success.

Q5. You quoted you are an improved version of Everrise could you tell how ???

*Scott Privet:
This is attributed mainly to our improved tokenomics (more % directly to whale wallet & holders, less to marketing as its not needed as much), and "MoonShot" function, which allows the Whale to act more like a human trader, and less like a simple bot that is prone to errors.

This has been proven to be more effective thus far when compared to EverRise’s contract, chart looks very healthy at the moment.


Q1)What’s the security of your product and how you plan to gain trust of holders? @Rohan20383770

*Scott Privet:
Right now, only I (Scott) have access to editing the Whale wallet, as I control the private key to the genesis wallet. In the future, in order to make the project more scalable and advanced, we hope to create a dApp that allows multiple admins to control these functions. Similar to how EverRise is creating a ownership renouncement management system, we want to do the same, but for the rest of the functions within the contract (such as callMoonShot() in ours).

Yes - since we’re a fork of EverRise, with only one new function added that isn’t super advanced, getting audited ourselves hasn’t been our #1 priority as EverRise’s contract already has a TechRate one. But we are in contact with two different companies at the moment who are looking at auditing us for the future.

Q2) You have witnessed a nice increase in market cap but how do you plan to make those buyers keep on holding your token @Stevero23845473

*Scott Privet:
As I said previously, a lot of our usecase stems from our proposed future dApps, which will give value to our token apart from any price they are trading at. The tokens can operate similar to a governance system on OptionRoom’s COURT tokens on ETH if you’re familiar, and will basically allow for users with more tokens to have more say in what a certain vote should be, when it comes to a decision such as how much BNB should be used in a MoonShot, etc.

Q3) How MoonRise’s phase will works during the launch and can you explain what do you mean by : “will eventually controlled through a community-consensus based dApp”? Also can you state what’s your GOAL & VISSION as you launch? @Wormz29

*Scott Privet:
Yeah, so the launch has already happened with our small 150 BNB presale, and it went very smoothly. And I believe I already covered this dApp a bit, but basically users would be able to vote on how much BNB should be spent by the Whale, and when. All in a decentralized voting process - thats the brief vision.

Q4 What are your plans about nfts and yield farming any plans to venture into these fields??? If not tell about some other major plans @Nishita29767888

*Scott Privet :
We have no current plans for NFTs, but yield farming is a definite possibility as well, to encourage staking for our dApp platform in the future. We were also suggested to make a launchpad where the Whale wallet helps fund launches, but that’s a far-out idea. Our aforementioned dApps are what we’re really aiming for 😉.

Q5 How much do you value your community and what role do they play in major decisions taken by your product in the future? @Grumpyb14017909

*Scott Privet:
We value our community a lot, in that we generally always consult them at the moment for how our MoonShots should be structured & sent, etcetera,

and sure, we can glance over this one since it was mostly covered already.


Q1)Get it:
What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

*Scott Privet:
This is a good one - basically, we have our dev wallet to pay out in $MoonRise to anyone who we feel deserves extra tokens, but also all the devs got a small private allocation before the presale, in which they receive most their profits from.

The marketing wallet is not shared among devs, its used solely for marketing.

What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

*Scott Privet:
We are currently creating an Asian/Chinese group for our Telegram, and have even hired a 3rd party to help run & manage it for us! We have plans to expand to all sorts of different communities as well, not just Asia :).

Q3)Midhun Midhun:
For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

*Scott Privet :
Yes, the 2% marketing tax on sells is sufficient to run this project optimally. We’re going to be able to afford NYC billboards & everything with it. 1% may have been too little, and EverRise’s 3% was a bit overkill in our opinions.

Q4)Xavier Army:
Where I can buy your tokens currently ? N how can I buy them also can you share your roadmap pls?

*Scott Privet:
PancakeSwap at the moment, although we are looking into a few CEX’s in the future.

Our roadmap is @

Q5)Sahil Jangra:
What extra features you are providing than other which makes $moonrise grow in dip market

*Scott Privet:
Our MoonShots & milestone-moonshots on our website ( are going to play a huge factor in this :).

*Scott Privet :
If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to stop by our Telegram and ask our dev team directly in chat or in voice! We’re always available :)

Thank you for hosting this AMA with me today!


Thank you from Crypto Scape




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