Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :02 July 2021
Time : 02:30 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Next Earth Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project NEXT EARTH.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

My name is Ányos, I’m a Director of Community management at NextEarth project and I’m here with Sergei from the marketing team. We both have more than 5 years of working in crypto projects and we strongly believe that our experience would bring the NextEarth project to the moon 🚀

*Sergei Crypto_Sailor:
Can confirm that!

Q2 What’s Next earth all about explain it along with usecases and vision ?

Next Earth is a sales and marketing platform where landowners will benefit from the business activities and the businesses will benefit from the size of the community on a global scale. It is guided by DAO governance, profitable tokenomics, and DeFi solutions for its users and the whole community. In addition, Next Earth is following a powerful charity purpose that is meant to aid our planet. The entire ecosystem is built on NFT land ownership and comprises 10mX10m sized squares on a digital grid layer - these squares are also an exact copy of Planet Earth! We desire to create a global platform like Google/Facebook/etc

Q3 What kind in what manner are you actually planning to benefit the environment?

We wanted to create an “environmental support mechanism” that doesn’t have to ask for money any of the time, rather automatically donates large amounts of money to where it is needed the most. The key is to create a platform that incubates and runs valid long-term virtual businesses that generate large amounts of traffic and can support a continuous charitable purpose. These are backed by global awareness and limitless possibilities to expand this vision forward.

The community will vote on how to distribute the charity pool between different environmental charity organisations. These organisations can be voted for once a month, and that’s how the charity pool will be distributed - based on DAO voting outcome. Any environmental organisation or a project can be recommended to this list by anybody from the community.

Love these questions😍

Q4 Tell a bit about your governance feature and how you assure you are truly democratic??

In NextEarth we are sure that the engaged community should decide crucial things about future developments of the platform. This DAO governance will also choose the different directions they would like to see Next Earth’s global ecosystem evolve toward. Our goal is to fully convert our operations to community. Handing over governance to the DAO will be done in steps, and with continuous evaluation, to ensure an optimal shift of decision making. But, in the end, we are committed to having a fully DAO governed global platform, for businesses that finance environmental charity.

Q5 What all land would you be initially supporting to trade and how the value of this land would increase ??

Land tile prices are influenced by several things. First there are 3 types of land that you can purchase at Next Earth. The Urban, non-urban and water tiles. All these 3 types have different prices. The prices are increasing by how much of the total types of land are sold. So we could say that the more Urban tiles are sold the more expensive it will be. We are expecting that the Urban tile prices will go up the fastest while the water tile prices will increase the least. Also our algorithm will increase the price by how much of the country’s land is sold. So different countries will have different prices. Small countries will go up the fastest since their territory is the smallest. We are supporting all traders to trade their land on our site. We will have our own marketplace where they can sell or buy the land tiles.


Q1) A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #NextEarth planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #NextEarth team? @luckyjem02

I am responsible for community building. I built my own community while I was actively streaming so I have a lot of experience building a community. Also I understand the crypto space very well since I owned several mining rigs back in the day.

Besides me and all the team members have experience in crypto. You can check all the team members' bio to get more information on how they are connected to the crypto world.
Next Earth is planning to build their community by being active on all social media platforms. Actively talking with current community and listening to them. Also we will focus on making content about Next Earth which can reach a lot of people. So by being active and responding to our community while potential community members will join because of the contents. New members will have a really good experience with Next Earth because we will take care of them, will help them answer all of their questions. So they will be connected to the project. Also we know for a fact that if we are making them feel good and comfortable with the project they will share our project to other people. So we can spread in the crypto community.

Q2) So does it mean we can Create our own business inside Next Earth? So how do you plan to support your active community members so they can create their own businesses inside Next Earth? @Wormz29

In the Next Earth ecosystem, businesses will be able to reach out to users and also profit from valuable, unique, and well-known locations, where they can set up their operations. For example, setting up your business in the White House, or the Sydney Opera House.
Beneath the surface, 2 main real-world issues are guiding us:

1. We are committed to a sustainable future through improving the environmental well being of the world

2. We believe in the redistribution of power from unaccountable structures to individuals

Regarding the process of onboarding businesses into the ecosystem, we will use several methods, e.g., simply contacting and asking them and more complex partnerships like financing businesses to enter Next Earth's ecosystem. We will delegate a part of tokenomics to this purpose.

Q3) Great metaverses currently available on the market, such as Decentraland, are loved by the community and have a whole economy behind them because they offer a unique experience. So, can you explain what innovative experience Next Earth can offer to the community? @Hoan26571098

Yeah, that’s a very popular question across the community :) Our goal is to create a global scale sales, marketing, and service platform, but it will be only similar to Decentraland in terms of the concept. The whole universe, the structure, and the development will be totally different, since Decentraland is more of a gamified metaverse, whereas we are planning to bring mainstream businesses to the virtual world.

Q4) I’ve heard that the Land Ownership has several benefits? So please tell me first how to buy and give me reasons why should I buy? Also what are the benefits of being a metaverse landowner? @Wormz29

Benefits for landowners are great but simple. In the beginning, they buy when later, they will be able to sell at higher prices. Why? Because if you jump in earlier you could buy famous or useful locations Famous places will be in the focus of interest, thus will be catchy for marketing and services. Economically useful locations will be advantageous when building an economy.
As a landowner, you will be able to craft your own collectibles by creating one-of-a-kind land collector concepts. For example, create your own NFT collectibles - NFL stadiums, or diamond mines, and so on.
Regarding how-to-buy. The Land Pack Presale will start in mid July.

Q5) What blockchains are your team planning to connect to in the near future to unlock more features and provide customers with access to key DeFi protocols and innovative applications in the blockchain space? @g76974594

Our development team is looking into multi-chain integrations for sure. We understand that it would be beneficial for us to enable Polkadot, Cosmos and other defi protocols users to join NextEarth. And yes - implementing these blockchain solutions requires a lot of time and energy. But stay tuned - we are moving so fast and will notify our community on these updates obviously.
Not to forget about out product development phases (and unlocking features 💪🏻)

1. Land distribution stage, where 10mX10m sized land tiles (NFT's) can be purchased and traded.

2. Products and economy building - the land will receive resources. We will build a global economy for crafting NFT products based on these resources.

3. A Digital/VR marketing and sales ecosystem; real-life businesses will be funded inside Next Earth, and brought into this ecosystem from outside.

4. Environmental charity. When we entirely build the ecosystem, the charity process will launch. It will include staking rewards, commission, and token burning while supporting environmental charity purposes.


Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners? Can anybody anywhere use this project without Any restrictions?

*E 🐲:
We are a global project for sure. And yes we think partnership is crucial for our success, so we have a lot of opportunities and complex approach for engagement businesses on board, as well as other partners who will be interested in ecosystem growth.

Q2-◔͜͡◔Sherrr ◔͜͡◔:
Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

E 🐲:
1) we are not just a virtual land metaverse - we are one stop ecosystem for finding, sales, marketing and Lange scaling virtual businesses online
2) we have well-designed and economic based tokenomics so our landowner will get long term profit no matter what crypto trend we would have :)
3) we have very flexible dao governance - so the concept is truly decentralized and community driving 🌟

Q3-🔵🔵🔵 MOONER 🔵🔵🔵:
🔵🔵🔵 explain your way to do EXPANDING MARKET as written on your website. What marketing strategy will you do? And are you going to do a partnership in the future?

*E 🐲:
we have a complex approach for engagement virtual businesses online and a global marketing and pr strategy which will be localized according to each community we will work with. In short, a lot of educational videos, promo campaigns, PR activities and community engagement opportunities we plan to run. Stay tuned.

How much progress did the project obtained after launch?

What all the things are planned for coming days?

*Sergei Crypto_Sailor:
We have successfully formed the team of 20 people and can quickly scale it if needed. We created amazing concept and now actively bugbusting our smart contracts and developing our NFT marketplace.
Not mention that we made our first partnership with SafeEnergyX and more exciting news are coming soon!

Q5-Aalfia Aalfia_456:
-What are your upcoming plans and goals???,"
-Do you have any top priorities, for 2021 in roadmap???,"-What are your upcoming plans and goals???,"
-Do you have any top priorities, for 2021 in roadmap???,"

*E 🐲:
We have a detailed roadmap in our wp on the site so you can check it. We don’t have top priorities - we are exciting about each of 4 product development phases and we looking forward to succeed them all.

Sergei Crypto_Sailor:
What I want to say to the community is that we are here to stay. Our most challenging goal is not only to make profit for our landowners and tokenholders but also we have focus on wellbeing of our planet Earth. And that will require much time and energy from all of us. And with our amazing community we will make a success story out of it, for sure! Thank you for joining in and hope to see you all as a part of our dream!.

Thank you from Crypto Scape 🥰

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