Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :15 July 2021
Time : 01:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Mr. Arno Wingen (CEO & Founder)
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the project OCULUS VISION.


Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story?

*Arno Wingen |:
Of course, my name is Arno Wingen. Together with my co-founder Allan Heremi we started Oculus Vision.

Allan has been in crypto since 2018 and has held multiple high level corporate positions. He's now full time into crypto.

I have owned and operated multiple businesses in the past 15 years, mainly in real estate and finance. Discovered crypto this year and went into this full time.

Basically we know how to build and run a business and we feel that's the most important skill to have when starting a venture. We've identified a few problems/gaps in the current cryptomarket and decided to jump into those by founding Oculus Vision.

Q2 What’s Oculus Vision all about explain it along with the usecase and vision?

*Arno Wingen | :
We designed Oculus to solve problems that every investor is familiar with, especially investors like yourselves that want to find early stage projects and profit from the growth from the earliest stages.

When you try and find these projects there is so much information available that it’s basically impossible to keep up. You get overwhelmed with all the different launchpads, opportunities, due diligence you should do, etc. etc.

Oculus solves that issue by streamlining all of the available info into an all in one platform. This way it will serve as the ultimate investor toolbox, from early seed funding stage to live coin tracking, the platform is designed to give crypto investors all the tools they need, in one place.

To elaborate on that, let me tell you which problems we focus on:

Oculus will be launched in phases where each phase will solve a different issue.

1) IDO overload - it's impossible to keep up with all the different projects and launches going on in the space AND it gets even harder when you try to find out which are legitimate and which are just cashgrabs.

2) Complicated cointracking - Tracking your DEX coins across chains is such a hassle. You have to wade through endless dashboards and keep switching from chain to chain just to see how your stuff is doing.

3) Early Stage Access for a small group - There are a lot of good projects that are looking for investors but right now the very early stage investments are usually only visible to a small group of insiders.

4) Rugpull Risk - When you buy into a launch 100% of the rugpull risk is on your shoulders as an investor.

So we’re building Oculus Vision to do 4 basic things for investors:

-Get a clear overview in one dashboard of all the different IDO’s and coin sales going on.

-Allow you to track all of your coins, crosschain, both CEX and DEX, in one spot.

-Discover super-early stage projects so regular investors get a chance to invest in seed or strategic raise stage so you get access to projects pre-IDO.

-Participate in launches with a rugpull safety net feature so investors don’t have to carry as high of a risk.

Apologies for the enormous answer, hope it's clear 😃

Q3 You have a private sale ongoing so who are eligible to participate and what’s the minimum contribution and what are your plans for public sale??

Arno Wingen |:
Right now we have no public sale going on. We’re only opening up allocation to a few VC’s and for the AMA groups we choose to work with, such as Cryptoscape.

So we have some allocation set aside for both the strategic round and the private sales round for your group. We made a pledge form for you which contains all information. So if anyone is interested in that feel free to fill out this form and we will get back to you with instructions:

Minimum is $250, max is $25.000.

You'll see that the price for strategic round tokens is lower but the vesting period is longer. The price for private sale is higher but the vesting period is shorter.

Of course, good question.

Public sale price will be 6.8 cents / token.

Private sale price is 4.8 cents /token.

So you're buying tokens at a +/- 30% discount

Strategic round tokens are 3.5 cents so that's almost a 50% discount.

Private sale tokens will be vested for 3 months, so you'll get 33% at launch, 33% next month and 33% the month after that.

Strategic sale is 16,67% / month

Q4 Share in your tokenomics and justify the distribution

*Arno Wingen | :
Ok. So I’ll paste a pic of the tokenomics for you and then tell you a few things about it. One second.

Arno Wingen | Will never DM you for money:
So a few things about the tokenomics:

1) We have a vesting schedule in place and we're launching in phases. This means that we don't expect to see a megapump and then megadump after listing AND the project will increase in functionality over time. So we're expecting that this will have an beneficial effect on marketcap and thus token price.

2) Marketcap at launch will be +/- $450.000. Many competitors are sitting at marketcaps of 15million - 100million+. So there's room to grow.

3) You also see that we've put vesting in place for team tokens, marketing, development etc. Most of our tokens will be releasing after months. So we're in it for the long haul.

Q5 What are your upcoming plans in the coming few months???

*Arno Wingen |:
Ok. We are currently hard at work developing the first phase of Oculus, the IDO index that gives investors a clear overview of different launches across different launchpads. We’re expecting to launch the token along with phase 1 in +/-4 weeks.

Things are coming along very well and we’re already working on phase 2 simultaneously so that we can quickly follow up on the succesfull launch with a new phase.

We're also talking to a few launchpads for our public sale. Can't disclose names but you can expect to see a LOT of publicity and marketing around public sale launch.

So right now we're focused on finishing up the details for phase 1 and having an amazing launch. After that we will be focusing on developing phase 2, 3 and 4 AND also setting up partnerships.

I can’t go into very many specifics since it's so early but users can expect the platform to expand quite rapidly after launch as well as a huge marketing campaign & some undisclosed partnerships.


Q1 Can you tell a bit about oculus safelaunch and why should people prefer it and how you assure rugpull safety net for projects @LagiAkoSuspend

*Arno Wingen |:
Yes, great question.

So the way it works is pretty straightforward. Launchpads and incubators make a good amount of money by launching new projects. Right now the investors carry 100% of the rugpull risk. So if something goes wrong they're the ones losing all the money.

What we've done is create a rugpull safety net. Funds will be continually added to the safety net in various ways and the projects we incubate in our platform will be required to set aside a certain % of the funds raised for the safety net.

So that does two things:
1) we are less attractive as a platform for projects that are planning to rugpull
2) in the unlikely case that there IS a rugpull we can use the built up safety net function to compensate the token holders that lost money as a result of the rugpull.

Q2 How do you promote the long term holding of your token and what’s the incentive offered to people who buy during the pre-sale and don’t sell it immediately after listing @Serasa864

*Arno Wingen :
There’s a lot of projects that pump the first few minutes after launch and then the value falls off a cliff.

We've put several measures in place to prevent that with Oculus. Here's three measures that come to mind:

1) The project releases in phases, which means that we'll be able to attract more users, more attention, more partnership, more marketcap and more investors s with every new phase and function we add.

2) The token will only increase in utility with each new phase. Token holders will get additional functionality based on the AMOUNT of tokens they own and HOW LONG they've been holding. So we will be rewarding HODL'ing.

3) We've put strict vesting schedules in place so that we don't get into a situation where a giant amount of tokens get released and the price plummets because of it.

Q3 As a beginner and interested in this project, I want to understand more about #OCULUSVISION. So
do you have some tutorial videos on how the Project works? How we can get involved in this Project and how we can support you to your huge success in the future? @Wormz29

*Arno Wingen |:
We don’t have a tutorial video because the product isn’t live yet. We will be adding tutorial video’s when it goes live.

If you like the project the best way to get involved is:

1) join the Telegram group and pin it to the top so you don’t miss any new announcements:

2) take advantage of the discount on tokens we’ve reserved for Cryptoscape by filling out the pledge form:

Apart from that make sure to follow us on Twitter and come say hi in the Telegram community chat!

Q4 My question is, can you tell will there be any minimum tokens holding required to track all the IDOs and how will you manage to track so many IDOs? @Gina44986190

*Arno Wingen :
Yeah, sure.

You can find our litepaper on our website:

It goes into detail a bit more, but as of now we haven't worked out the exact amounts of tokens necessary for IDO allocation. What we do know at this point is that allocation will be based on both the amount of tokens and the amount of time you've had those tokens. We will also be providing rewards for staking to promote holding the token.

As for the other part of the question: we have given our developers a list of launchpads and they are busy consolidating all the info on there so that we can show it to our users in realtime.

I don't want to get overly technical but basically what we're doing is scraping the platforms, creating an API with the data and displaying that in the frontend along with ways to sort and filter results.

Q5 How you assure the security of your product and how you assure you won’t rugpull after the pre-sale??? @Grumpyb14017909

*Arno Wingen |:
I wanted to NOT be anonymous when I started this project for this exact reason. If I was anonymous and I would hide my identity behind some cartoon character then it would be easy to rugpull and disappear.

But both me and Allan are fully open about who we are. If you Google us you'll see that we're real people with real lives.

I've owned several different businesses in the past 15 years and I value the reputation I've built on that time. I have a family and kids (and three dogs). So it would be the absolute dumbest thing in the world for me to suddenly decide: "let's rugpull". Because I'm the easiest guy in the world to find 😃

Also we have safety measures in place like multisig wallet etc.

But the main thing is that I have a LOT more to lose by rugpulling than I have to gain.


Q1-🔵🔵🔵 MOONER 🔵🔵🔵:
🔵🔵🔵 it is written on your ROADMAP that this month you will be holding a MARKETING PHASE 1. Can you explain what type of MARKETING PHASE you are going to do?

*Arno Wingen |:
Great question.

Part of the marketing is AMA's, so you're witnessing the marketing plan in action.

So we're scheduling a lot of AMA's right now. We're also finishing up phase 1 and we're ahead of schedule there so very soon we'll be able to show people a beta version of the product.

Once we can show the beta version we'll ramp up the marketing on different social media channels. And as we get closer to the public sale we have a LOT of influencer marketing lined up with some very big accounts. If you go through the Telegram you might recognize some names 😃.

So expect to see the word "Oculus" come up a lot in your Twitter + Tiktok + other feeds in the next few weeks as we get closer to launch.

Q2-Habbiner MR:
Please I can't find your website, really need more details on your project

*Arno Wingen |:
No problem. Here are all the relevant links for you:


Telegram announcements:




Pledge Form Cryptoscape:

Q3-Rickey Bourne الأيوبي:
Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on?

*Arno Wingen :
Completely agree. A lot of coins don’t have any functionality, don’t solve any problems and just exist for trading purposes.

We've started Oculus to solve some real world issues, specifically these problems:

1) IDO’s are scattered among countless platforms which makes them impossible to keep up with

2) DEX Cointracking is ridiculously inefficient and time consuming and it’s even worse when you try to do it crosschain.

3) Early seed rounds are virtually inaccessible for regular investors while at the same time many great projects never find their way to the market.

4) The rugpull risk is 100% placed on the shoulders of the investor and oftentimes investors are not given the chance to do their due diligence.

Oculus provides a solution for those and we'll be focusing our marketing on attracting users and investors this way.

Q4-Phillip Carl✨:
Did you raise funds so far? If so, How did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

*Arno Wingen |:
Yes, we’ve had a (small) seed round in a private group and we’ve used these funds to:
1) start the development process for phase 1 and 2.
2) make our first marketing deals with several big names.

You will be seeing results for both of those points very soon.

Right now we've opened strategic round and private sales round for our inner circle, VC's and a few select groups.

In +/- 4 weeks we will have our big launch and the public sale. This will be handled by a launchpad. I'm not at liberty to tell you which one because we're still finishing up the deal but rest assured that you'll see some big announcements soon.

Q5-⭕⭕Red Cow⭕⭕:
Do You Have Whitepaper If Yes and Secondly Do You Have Plans For Pre Sale? Where Can I Join it?👈👈

*Arno Wingen |:
Yes, the litepaper is on the website, top right corner.

We're offering a few VC's and a few Telegram groups a chance to join the presale and buy tokens at a discount. Cryptoscape is one of those groups.

If you want to buy the tokens at a discount please check the pledge form we made for you. It contains all the information.

If you like the project please join our Telegram and if you want to invest and get in early please fill out the pledgeform pinned to the top of this chat.

It was a pleasure talking to you and thanks for having me!

Thank you from Crypto Scape



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