Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 16 NOV 2021
Time : 06:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project SAFECHAINTOKEN.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
My name is Fabian Wunn, I'm 25 years young and I was self-employed for over 3 years. I built, managed and developed some MMORPG games in the past. I'm in crypto now for several years and was always a believer of digital money and decentralization. I'm the Founder and the one initiating the project. The first person who joined the Safechaintoken team was @Dennis_twentyone has vast knowledge of marketing. He is acting as our CMO. Marco was the second person joining the team - he is fully committed to the project and is the left and right hand for Dennis. The last person who joined our Team is Daniel Lee - he is acting as the CTO. He worked before together with Solana, Luna, Uniswap, Fantom and many more projects. He is a great addition to our team and is helping us to achieve our Roadmap goals.

For reference one of my old projects:

You can also search "Leya2 and Aloria" on YouTube. Leya2 was my biggest project so far with over 100.000+ registrated accounts and 20.000+ players online at the same time on peak hours.

The team is fully doxxed and we did a full KYC with SolidProof :)

2) What is Safechain all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
The Safechaintoken is a hyper deflationary utility token for our upcoming Safechainswap platform. The Safechaintoken had an initial supply of 250M. We burned 25M before we launched and we locked another 25M tokens for future burns. 5M of those 25M will be released every end of the month and will be burned. Those burn events will bring the total token supply down to 195M. Currently we are working on our platform. The platform will have the following function/products: Swap (easy to use token swaps), Staking (stake your tokens for high APY while still receiving your reflections), Pools/Farms (Add liquidity and farm new tokens), NFT (NFT marketplace for purchasing NFT's in our native currency Safechaintoken), SafechainPad (other projects can launch their projects on our platform like on DxSale/PinkSale), SafechainLocker (Locking contracts for LP locking and general token locking). We are a strong believer of utility. So we are building an ecosystem for our token to get it grow organically through utility.

3) You are planning to launch your dex so what will be the benefits to users who use your dex ??

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
The DEX is all about simplicism. We think that most of the current DEX lack in functionallity and for beginners it's very hard to adapt. We want to build an easy to use all in one platform to on ramp new investors in this space - giving them an easy to use platform to work with. We are also focusing on a clean and simple design, fast reaction time and low fees. This makes our platform superior to our competitors.

True - people call me "Dev of the year" for a reason mate :)

4) Did you do a fair launch or a presale launch? How was the initial response of the community?
Also share in buying links of your token along with contract address and recommended slippage?

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
We did a private sale to raise initial funding for the project. After that we did a public presale with a Hardcap of 250 BNB - the presale was sold out in less then 10 minutes. Because of this great success we got featured in multiple big news sites such as Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Btcmanager and many more! We launched one day after the presale day because the community decided. After a little sell off from presale buyers we got listed on CMC and Coingecko over night and reached our first all time high. So the launch was very positive and we built a strong community in the meantime. I should better say: The community became family.


Contract: 0xc3262500039696ff8ef9830fb422ab32b15bd366

Slippage: 10% (11-12% at times with higher volume)

5) Can you elaborate on your tokenomics and transaction tax and justify the same??

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
Our tokenomics are as followed:

10% tax (5% goes into the Liquidity pool and 5% is redistributed to all Safechaintoken holders)

We think 10% is the perfect tax, because we don't want it to be to low so that people really have some benefit of the reflections and we also don't want it to be too high to not scare traders and general investors off who are not familiar with token tax in general.

Supply: 250M
Burned: 32M+
Future Burn: 25M
Circulating Supply: ~ 147M
Founder wallets / burning wallet and reserve tokens are locked


Q1 $SCT is a hyper-deflationary utility token for the upcoming Safechainswap platform. With so many competitors, motivate us why choose #SafechainSwap? Can you tell us what makes #SafechainSwap different than other services? What are your great products, features & use cases? @Wormz29

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
What really differentiate us from other Swaps is the low total token supply. You can't compare our supply with Pancakeswap and Uniswap - they have way more and still are at multiple dollars. I think with our solution we will be their biggest nightmare while we will rise to the top and eat a good portion of their share in the market.

So generally as I already mentioned we will provide a really simple and easy to use interface so that beginners can easily adopt the technology. Secondly we will focus on high yield products generating additional wealth apart from our reflections for our investors. Third we focus on fast reaction and loading time in combination with low execution fees.

This will be a gamechanger in the market, because we will on-ramp all the people who have issues with the complexity of the other platforms and through that we will bring lots of new investors to the crypto space.

Currently we are only listed on Pancakeswap and we are shortlisted on, but we had a lot of offers from smaller exchanges like Bitmart, Whitebit, Coinsbit and more. Just waiting for the right moment after releasing all of our utility and then we will go for the big ones.

Q2 Safechain gives very details about its NFT that will take place in 2/2022, could you tell us in more detail about your NFT project? Will you have an NFT Market Place where you can buy and sell NFTs? Can the collectibles be auctioned or will be used for gamification features? @Lidiamga

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
That's a very good question and I'm also very exited about that, because NFT's are a new emerging market and it's growth is parabolic with no stop in sight.

So what are our plans on NFT's?

We will integrate a NFT Marketplace into our platform. We will work together with well known artists from which we will buy art collections. The first drop will be Pokemon related. We will buy the art and will make NFT's out of it. There will be common collections, rare collections and mabye also 1 out of 1 collections.

But how will it help the Safechaintoken?

Good question! NFT's can only be purchased with Safechaintoken. Let me give you an example. We will list an NFT for 10$ - 20% of that will go to the team to ensure more funds for the project and the other 80% will be burned. So people will buy Safechaintoken to acquire NFT's and while doing that they help us to reduce the total token supply even more over the time. This will be very healthy for the Safechaintoken ecosystem.

Q3 How is development going? Can you describe in detail the current development efforts, the market expansion plans, the expected applications and when they will be commercially available? @SLiomie

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
So currently we are working on the staking contracts. The staking contracts need some additions to be fully capable of still granting reflections to the user and we also need to add timelock functions for several staking periods. As soon as those modification are done - we will do another testing phase of the contracts. It is planned to release the Staking feature in early December. We also already work on the swap contracts and development seems good for release in mid/end of December as stated in our Roadmap. Today we showed a draft of the platform in our TG - so our Designer is on it and I think by end of the week we have the full platform design ready to start working on the front end and contract implementation. As of right now everything seems to be good and on time.

Q4 When did the idea to create the project begin? who initiated it? What is the biggest goal that your project has towards the end of 2021? What are your project goals for the next 10 years in the crypto world? @KiyokoSumaru

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
So the first idea of creating this project was like in June. This was the first time when I heared about BSC Presales and I was catched. I was hopping from Presale to Presale and then I got rugged several times and lost a good amount of money in the process. This was the time when I thought "I need do give this community a safe alternative to invest their money without loosing it". Luckily I had a lot of experience from my previous projects so I started to read everything about blockchain development and one thing lead to another and the Safechaintoken contract was born. Gladly I found two very good friends that are also very passionated about Crypto and we built a strong team.

Our goal was to hit 1M MC by end of the year, but after only two weeks we exceeded that goal by 12.5x and reached an ATH of 12.5M.

Our goal for the next ten years is to be one of the biggest DEX in the crypto space - by that time I see us at around 10 billion marketcap and we overtook both Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

Q5 How you plan the value of your token in bearish market?
What’s your take on governance @Grumpyb14017909

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
In a bear market people can use the power of compound interest while using our staking products to accumulate more tokens for free. They will go into the bull market after with a bigger bag size and will be pretty good to go. We can also ensure to help the Safechaintoken in a bear market with clever buys/sells from the marketing wallet to support the price level in important price zones. I'm in the crypto space for several years now. I've seen the bloodbath last year in March - I've seen the top in 2017 and let me tell you - the next bull market is around the corner - we will not enter another bear market in the near future. Take some time to analyze the stock-to-flow model:)


Q1-S M:
Are your smart contract audited ? And will you ensure that your projects you offer to your community be audited as well?

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
Our Smartcontract was audited by the reputable audit firm SOILDPROOF. We plan to also audit our upcoming product smart contracts .

Check it out:

Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
Many investors are looking only for short term gains. We are a strong believer in utility and we think with utility there will be a great increase of price. Our first product will launch in December and as you can see in our Roadmap we will drop a lot of products in the future - so with more utility there will be more demand for our token. Also with our reflection feature you get rewarded bigly by only holding Safechaintoken.

I check your project it looks different for me from where i get information. Do you have whitepaper for know more about this project

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
We made a Gitbook. A Gitbook is like a diary for developers. It shares a lot of information about the project. If you have some free time go ahead and scroll trough it.


⭕ How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
We are listed on Pancakeswap. Go check it out and grab some SCT :)

Is your Safechain Token platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Fabian - CEO of Safechaintoken:
The main goal of the platform is to onboard crypto beginners. With it's simple to use interface and simple to understand products it's the perfect solution for crypto noobies.

Thank you very much for having me. It was a big honour for me to be here and speak about the Project and my Vision. I want to thank everyone for attending the AMA and especially a big shout out to the Safechain Family for coming over and support us. I wish everyone a beautiful morning/noon/evening depending on your time zone and I hope I was able to convince you of the project and I am happy about every new user :)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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