Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 17 NOV 2021
Time : 10:00 AM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project SCAM KILLER.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

We are a team of engineers and analysts specializing in blockchain technology and business analysis with extensive experience in the DeFi market.

Scam Coins are becoming more and more common. A recent study we conducted seems to indicate that 78% of the tokens listed on PancakeSwap turn out to be scams.So we decided to do something about it.

2) What is Scam killer all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Our vision is A world without DeFI Scams. the best tool to invest in DeFI safely. Minimize the risk of your investments and avoid DeFI scams by using our Audits, Scanner, ApeBoard .

Our team of blockchain engineers is working day and night to create tools to avoid DeFI scams, creating a revolution in the crypto investment world. Find our first features such as the scanner.

3) Why you think other projects will use your vaults what’s unique to your vaults as compared to other projects ??

SCAMKILLER would allow any investor to screen
any 'project' much more effectively, and therefore reduce their losses caused by scams.

Any investor using SCAMKILLER will therefore have more capital to invest in the right projects;

Allowing, mechanically, a growth of crypto-assets that have real value. Moreover, a virtuous cycle will take place in terms of reducing scams: scammers will earn less and less money, and consequently will probably change their activity.

SCAMKILLER , in short, is the end of scam tokens, and the redirection of stolen capital into the relevant projects.
And in the later stage, we will build the safest and most reliable contract launchpad around the contract.

4) You have a presale scheduled today so how can our community participate in it and what will be the benefits offered to those who buy in your token ?

First of all, thank your community for cooperating with us to organize this AMA event. If people in your community want to participate in our pre-sale event, we can give you 5 whitelisted places.

Our token has a dividend function, and I believe that as our project advances, our token will become more and more valuable

5) Can you elaborate on your tokenomics and transaction tax and justify the same??

Presale: (30%)
LP: (20%)
Development: (35%)Locked 2 months
Team/Marketing: (10%)Locked a month
IDO: (5%)

Tax Information
10% tax at each transactions:
3% goes to holders
3% goes to Liquidity Pool
4% Marketing

The development wallet was locked for 2 months, and the team wallet was locked for a month. The marketing wallet will be used for marketing. The team wallet will be used to connect and cooperate with other communities, and the development wallet will be used to expand our team and develop other more applications.

Our current plan is like this, but if we don’t need those tokens then we can keep locked .


Q1 Partners and marketing are crucial for adoption, it’s also important to have translation programs or local communities to pass information across to non English speakers, Would ScamKiller be form of marketing and are there plans of your project to partner with other projects ? @crypto_odeb

We attach great importance to these aspects. Including that we are now propagating in at least four other voice communities besides English.

Such as Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and so on. Later, we will try to publicize and promote our projects in communities in more national languages, so that more people can understand and join in.

Our marketing team will do that.

Q2 Community support has been a very important aspect that defines the success of a project. Do you have any plans in mind at the moment to expand your community and attract more users, maybe even globally? @SharayLug

This is a good question. I think that the prerequisite for a project to attract users must be that the project has a certain appeal.

While enhancing the strength of the ScamKiller project itself, we also carry out multi-platform and multi-modal propaganda work, such as highly used, Ins, Twitter, Youtube and TG.

Q3 I saw that scam killer will be starting a launchpad so what will be the features of the launchpad and is there any tier level decided as of now ?? @shelby2256

Our launching station can only launch the contract provided by ScamKiller, and the project law does not need to do redundant audit and KYC.

The contract provided by ScamKiller includes but is not limited to (anti-Pixiu, LP mandatory lock-up)

Q4 From what I observed that you will prevent us from scam but how you assure security about your product?
How can you assure that you don’t have intentions to rugpull?? @Emjam17

We will find some large financial institutions to do trust endorsements and pay deposits

SCAMKILLER was born to dispel investors’ worries.

Q5 One feature that I find surprising is ScamKillerVault. Can you be more specific about this feature? How will it function to filter and find a scam project? How will the verification process for a project work, is the ScamKiller community entitled to participate in this process? @Lidiamga

Our company has a dedicated audit team that checks hundreds of contracts every day and finds loopholes in them.
These vulnerabilities can make this contract dangerous, whether it is a security issue that the developer has missed, or a permission reserved by the project party.
We will announce all security risks so that investors can avoid scams or damn BUGs, and we will also provide the project party with a complete solution.


Q1-BAO 🍾🍾:
Why did you build ScamKiller, what was the motivation for ScamKiller to start this project? What is different about ScamKiller project to attract investors' attention?

Our scam detection protocol is mainly based on 3 points: share analysis, code analysis and trade simulation. Firstly, share analysis is based on a precise examination of the distribution of tokens and liquidity: is the liquidity evenly distributed? Can the largest holders cause the price to collapse? Can liquidity be withdrawn at any time? Have the holders interacted with the dev wallets? Answering all these questions is already a first step towards security. However, it is not enough, and that is why we complement this with code analysis.

Q2-Văn Hoàng:
ScamKiller looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other Blockchain projects. What should I pay attention to in ScamKiller to give it the importance it deserves? What does ScamKiller intend to achieve?

Our marketing plan will be listed on dextool's hot search list as soon as possible after the opening, and then CG and CMC will be submitted successively. We look for youtubers, Twitter, Instagram influencers to pitch ScamKiller to us.

Q3-Binh Minh 💌💢💢💢💌💌💌💢💢💢:
Does ScamKiller support any betting or mining schemes? if yes, what are the requirements???

Later we will consider developing farm pledge function.

Q4-Khắc Bảo:
The burning of tokens makes tokens rare. DOES ScamKiller burn tokens to stabilize the prize and create a limited supply with high demand?

We have 45% of the tokens in a locked state, we can ask community members to burn or do other things.

Q5-Syed Rahmat Mubeen Shah:
Will ScamKiller launch scanner app for windows and mobile phone?

This in our plan.

Thank you very much for your community, I believe we will have more cooperation in the future.

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍

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