Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 10 NOV 2021
Time : 11:00 AM UTC.

Guest : Kenneth Coal
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project SHIBOSU.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Kenneth Coal:
I go by Kenneth Coal here in the the BSC space. Obviously not my real name.

I've started my journey with cryptocurrency back in 2014 when I bought my first 4 btc for $120 each.
I got to see heavy FUD for BTC until it became popular with the normies in 2017. Sold them on the up and was empty of BTC after I sold my last one for gambling at the BSC shitcoin scam casino this year.

Aped into literally every single launch that happened since January and was able to gather intricate details of how a coin should be ran.

I did stealth launches with 1 bnb liquidity the last 2 months and finally built up the courage to take on a presale. Getting a stealth launch to 100k and go sideways for several days got me hooked.

IT was EPIC. Getting a coin from 150k to 2.6 mil and tapping on ATH through the following day was nothing short of an epic journey.

We've consolidated down to a discouraging 500k market cap and slowly riding back up as our usecase and partnerships being built with other shiba communities.

Shibosu is the gifting Shiba and wil be around for holiday season for some pump action.

You would be getting in on the ground floor of this project since the initial pump from the launch has consolidated.

I copy and pasta for ease of reading

sold 1 at 1k for a fireplace

sold 1 at 10k for furniture

sold 1 at 25k for more fun stuff

We bought random things

The last one.. I don't want to talk about haha

Its gone.

Sold it for shitcoins on the BSC casino

and lost it all

2) What is Shibosu all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Kenneth Coal:
Shibosu, the name came from a play on words.
If you were involved in Kabosu. You know how amazing it was.
It went to 100m in one day and recently pumped to 25m from 2/3m on its birthday last week.
That day, we spammed the living crap out of twitter with Shibosu and made it almost back to ATH until presales dumped their bag at their 20x. Its hard to break through.
Now that they've all exited and we are at 5500 holders. We have a strong floor and ready for expansion.

Shibosu is the Gifting Shiba. I'm basically Santa Clause to my community and to any other we 'infiltrate' :)

Shibosu rewards in Shiba. The outside world have not had a taste of a reward coin yet and they'll be ready to ape in when they see us giving away and getting listed on major exchanges.

3) what are Shibosus’s unique selling points as compared to the other similar projects in the industry

Kenneth Coal:
We are the Gifting Shiba. The only ones that actually gives BNB straight to their community not in forms of a few bucks but a few BNB's. We have contests, giveaways, and many random prizes.

Philanthropy is in , especially, during the holiday season.

Our goal is to be the FIRST reward token to get listed on Hotbit.

Our contracted Dev, Trynos, may have found a way :)

We are a lean company with only me as the 'team' per say. I get to run this how I want with no overhead. I control the marketing and you're investing in my vision for Shibosu being the first reward token to hit the normies outside of the telegram/twitter world.

I was able to hit all our goals this past weeks. We got CG/CMC, audits, fun billboards, celebrity shoutouts, and now we're on to making the game and getting listed on exchanges.

4) Are there Any exciting News or updates with regards to Shibosu That you would like to share with Cryptoscape Community

Kenneth Coal:
Wen game. Wen exchange.
I'm at the point where I've hit my roadmap goals with just these 2 major milestones left.

I've also launched with a team yesterday (1/5 owners) called @shibanaut. It was created to help support Shibosu as they are now in the same 'profit sharing' ecosystem of Shibas I'm creating.

This is new news that was just released to my own community.
The details are not in stone right now so this is all I will say. We will only partner with ours own coins. This is also our marketing strategy.

5) Can you justify the transaction fees and your tokenomics and tell how is it in the best interest of investors??

Kenneth Coal:
Taxes for rewards are used to buy Shiba and redistribute it among the holder.(Like a Shiba Santa) *pretty good name for a coin actually*

Buyback wallet and Marketing

I use the buyback wallet to 'manipulate' the chart. Bringing green candles at will when selling pressure ease or easing pressure from heavy sells. We've bought and burned over 420 bnb over the course of a week.

Marketing wallet... pays for EVERYTHING that this coin has done and will do.


1) With an overwhelming number of scams that raid the BSC space, tell us how will #ShibosuToken creates a fun and safe place for its investors and community? How will you positively impact the crypto space? @Wormz29

Kenneth Coal:
I've surprisingly been in touch with literally every single Telegram call channel in telegram. These range from 300 small whale groups to 30k (probably botted) groups.

They've watched me launch many coins the last 2 month and feel safe with me. This itself is an amazing moment as we now have organization among the telegram groups.

We've launched the sister coin @shibanaut with over 14k members in the group. I have access to all these guys and have a plan to create safe launches for everyone in the BSC space. We show the BSC world how a coin should be ran.
We've already built a trusted relationship and that in itself is priceless.

I've built a reputation down here and that's more valuable to me than the BNB's in my wallet

2) I see that Shibosu actually a meme coin with community but will have utility and new development about gaming, NFT and marketplace. Can you explain more about your NFT, will the NFT only for collection or we can use NFT inside your game? And how about your NFT marketplace? @Lidiamga

Kenneth Coal:
We do have a collection and have not posted them up yet in the market place. This is what we are working on this week. You can find it in our pins.

The game part is still open. We have met with DogeDash game developer and determing which game dev we would like to go with. We are small market coin with less than a 1mc market cap but can afford big boy toys due to our taxes.

Honestly, we might have to go with a less expensive route, with a less expensive game and build our way up to a DogeDash type game. No define action has been taken yet.

3) There are many #SHIB projects nowadays and I could rarely see any token reach success after $SHIB. So how are you different from any other SHIB projects? @kimterbear

Kenneth Coal:
Creative and noval ideas to get trending is key. We spend time to think creatively and has shown to work. Pounding out facebook contests for shilling and twitter raids are fun and work but we are thinking of more creative ideas to 'infiltrate' the Shiba community.

Lets just say we've been giving away more BNB than the Shib community and we've partnered up with a few ShibArmy twitter groups to soft shill Shibosu :)

4) You have plans of venturing into gamification how you plan to make your game attractive and can you give a bit of background of your game.Also how can users earn through your game? @Pancakeapes

Kenneth Coal:
The game portion is vital. Its a fun usecase that would separate us from other shitcoins in the space. It also does not a gurantee a mooning just because we have a game.
It will be P2E as that is now the standard.

5) Undoubtedly, marketing strategy is very important for every projects. So what are your plans for marketing & promotion? How will your team work to build strong relationships with communities? @SLiomie

Kenneth Coal:
We've kept our community mostly happy with giveaways but there is a point where most of the community get bored and leave. That's ok, we gain new investors with new energy in the chat.

A part of the Shibosu gifting idea is to give other Shiba related coins bnb to giveaway to their community. This is both a marketing play and a giveaway play.

Promotions such as influencers who get you those nice baby pump and following dumps are fun and great for volume but discouraging to holders who see the price jump then fall even lower than it was before.

Exchange listing and game dev is the best promotion we have. Once we get action on that, that will be our tool for shilling before the actual milestone being hit.


Q1-Kenneth Coal:
Currently there are many blockchain projects, what will be the reason for the SHIBOSU project to be widely used in the future?

We are a memecoin sir. Our utility coincides with our ability to get viral. We are the cutest dog in the space, we give away the most, we have unique and creative ideas that other coins lack.
We're not making an launchpad or anything that requires high level dev work. That is not our space.
We will moon through the method of being viral.

Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone.

Q2-Trần Hiền 💗💥☪🕉:
I see many people appreciate the SHIBOSU project. What makes the project so highly regarded? What are the project milestones that SHIBOSU has achieved so far?

Kenneth Coal:
I have been on voice nearly 24/7 since launch. I took a break yesterday. The community knows what I've been doing and have been there since day 1 supporting me. Being transparent about everything helps alot to build trust. They call me Dad there.

We’ve hit cg/cmc and got our logo and audit. Next step is exchange listing and game development.

Q3-❕KHOA ❗:
There are many projects that only last for a while and then die on the road, causing headaches for investors with new projects. Question: How can Project SHIBOSU survive, continue to grow & how does SHIBOSU convince investors that it is very promising?

Kenneth Coal:
In our case, we've hit the bottom. The private and presales buyers have sold their bags and we are building up at the ground floor. Still up about 4x from presale but 4X down from ATH. It hurts to see a bad chart but the pain is ease with a rising floor.

Q4-💝💖কিছ দে রে👍🌹💛:
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?🌹🌹🌹

Kenneth Coal:
No team tokens and we’ve actually bought and burned over 420 bnb worth of tokens. Making the token supply 14.5% less. This is a continual buyback and burn mechanism.

Q5-Captain Price 🎖:
Will Shibosu have family ties to other Shiba projects or will Shibosu compete with them? What is your favorite feature that sets Shibosu apart from other Shiba projects?

Kenneth Coal:
@shibanaut is a sister coin to this ecosystem and will share profits among any coins in this ecosystem. We fight other meme shibas and help our own in the ecosystem. Its a trial and error move but expecting success. There is already an increase of marketing funds for Shibosu as @shibanaut just launched yesterday.

Q6-Phạm Quang Vinh:
As you continue your journey, what is your next most important priority? Does the SHIBOSU team have enough background (Funds, Community, etc) to hit those milestones?

Kenneth Coal:
We've successfully hit all of our targets up to this point and we're not stopping at the finish line ;)

Next step. Exchange listing

If you like to get in on the bottom. Here is your chance. I'm not going anywhere and about to conquer the underground BSC scene in telegram :)

Thank you! That was my first AMA and loved it

Especially with all the rugs and honey we've been aping into the last few weeks :)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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