Date : 25 JAN 2022
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project SOLV PROTOCOL.


1. Could you briefly introduce yourselves as well as Solv?

Hello everyone, I'm Ryan, co-founder of Solv Protocol and head of Solv’s marketing and research teams. Solv Protocol is a decentralized platform for creating, managing, and the on-chain transaction of NFTs that broadly represent financial ownerships and rights. We call such NFTs, Vouchers. As NFT containers for digital assets, the Voucher can significantly enhance liquidity for locked assets and has proved extremely useful in numerous use cases across DeFi. Our token standard, ERC-3525, allows individuals to split or merge Voucher containers in whatever way they see fit.

We recently closed our Series A round led by Blockchain Capital, Sfermion, and Gumi Cryptos, with DeFi Alliance, The Lao, CMT Digital, CMSholdings, Apollo co-investing. We have so far partnered with 25 DeFi projects, all of whom have minted their Vesting Vouchers here at Solv. And to this day, over 7000 addresses have interacted with Solv, and the TVL has reached an all-time high of $260M on January 10, 2022.

These numbers signal the tremendous market potential that comes with utilizing NFTs which express and execute sophisticated financial contracts or financial NFTs. Soon, trillions of dollars of assets will pour into the DeFi space, where customers and institutions can enjoy the leading on-chain, permissionless marketplace for the financial NFTs in DeFi, provided by Solv Protocol.

2. What problem is Voucher trying to resolve? What is a Voucher?

The most pressing problem in the emerging field of DeFi right now is the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts.

Vesting Voucher is a splittable NFT structure that represents ownership of locked allocations. For projects and investors, it’s a low-cost and frictionless solution for trading and managing allocations. Solv’s Voucher is a splittable NFT that represents ownership of allocations. An initial Voucher offering (IVO) is a public offering in which allocations of a project’s native tokens are sold in the form of Vouchers, to individual investors. IVOs are an excellent way for projects to reward early users and to form strong project-user relationships.

As NFTs, Vouchers are highly extensible by design to meet a wide array of use cases. Solv’s upcoming product Convertible Voucher is a is a structured financial product that can be converted into a predetermined number of tokens or stablecoins under certain conditions. It would empower DAOs that have listed their tokens to obtain cash in the most efficient way, while it allows voucher investors to receive healthy returns on a token in a relatively unstable climate.

3. IVO is a new fundraising model. What’s so special about it when compared to IDO
and Coinlist?

Vesting Vouchers might seem like a simple concept for token lockup, but as a tool in practice, it’s effective and neat. It plays as a crucial medium through which a crypto project can connect with the users in any real way.

As we all know, these days investors can invest in a project’s token mainly through IDOs. But the downside of IDOs is that they neither bring long-term users base to the project nor are they rewarding users of the project for investing. As an alternative, the IVO offers a rare opportunity for early, retail investors to purchase tokens at a low price point, something they are usually not able to do.

That being said, IVOs and CoinList do share a lot of similarities. For me, it helps think of the IVO as more of a “decentralized” Coinlist, but with additional benefits as follows:
1. More inclusiveness. Anyone can purchase inexpensive, early allocations through the IVO as long as they’re Whitelist.
2. More feasibility. Vouchers are accepted on every exchange, lending, or derivatives platform that supports NFTs, and you can freely send or receive Vouchers as long as you have a crypto wallet.
3. Enhanced security. Vouchers are secured by decentralized infrastructure.

On Dec 13, 2021, we launched our IVO event. Within the first hour, trade volume soars to nearly $2M BUSDs, with the highest floor price being $1500 BUSD - up from the opening $400. The next two days after the launch saw SOLV Voucher rising to the 2nd place in the 7D Hot Series list and first in the 7D Premium Creators List on the Binance NFT platform. Safe to say our IVO was quite a hit.

4. Could you introduce more about Convertible Vouchers?

As the second member of Solv’s financial NFT family, Convertible Voucher is a structured product that can be converted into a predetermined number of tokens or stablecoins under certain conditions.

From a technical point of view, the Convertible Voucher is an NFT container for locked token assets, and it revolves around three core parameters: a maturity date, face value, and a predetermined price range, which is called the “bond range.” If the token price falls into the bond range, the Convertible Voucher will execute like a zero-coupon bond, offering full nominal value payout to the investor in stablecoin. On the other hand, if the token falls out of the bond range, the Voucher owner can redeem the tokens whose amount equals the Voucher’s nominal value divided by either limit of the bond range, depending on what the token price is.

For risk-averse investors, the Convertible Voucher is the best way to invest in tokens that have unique risk profiles. It also gives owners of the Convertible Voucher an out before the settlement, by letting them trade those Vouchers on Solv Marketplace.

5. Convertible Voucher sounds like a great tool for diversifying treasuries. How is the
payout calculated?

Take this Voucher for example. It has a face value of $1,000, Bond Range from $0.5 to $1.5 and a maturity date that arrives in 294 days. In 294 days, the payment will be based on USF’s last 7-day moving average (USF/USD) up to the maturity date.

When the settlement price falls inside the bond range( $0.5 to $1.5), the amount paid to the Voucher holder would just be the Voucher’s face value. As figure shows, #30’s value (the blue curve) keeps a steady $1,000 as the settlement price traverses across the $0.50-$1.50 bond range. Assuming the Voucher was purchased at a discount for $800, in 294 days the holder will be offered a full face value profit of $1,000, generating a ROI of 25%.

If the settlement price ends up anywhere over $1.50 (upper bound), the holder receives a fixed payout 666.67 SOLV, generating a ROI of at least 25%. If the settlement price drops below $0.50 (lower bound), the holder receives a fixed payout of 2000 SOLV and a negative ROI.

6. How does it attract retail investors and why should they buy it?

Convertible Voucher is a new digital asset that allows crypto investors to receive healthy returns on a token.

Buying the project token provides immediate upside and downside exposure, whereas buying the Convertible Voucher pays a yield and only provides upside and downside exposure to the project token on significant moves.

If that still confuses you, don’t worry–let’s clear it up with some numbers!

Suppose the current price of the token is $0.80 and the total cost of investment is $800, compare two investing strategies:

Strategy A: Buy 1000 SOLV tokens: 1000 SOLV $0.80/SOLV = $800

Strategy B: Buy Convertible Voucher #30 worth $1,000 (face value), with 20% off: $1000 1-20% = $800

Suppose the settlement price drops from $0.80 to $0.20 (lower than the range), strategy A will produce a $200 payout, equivalent to a net profit of $600, or a -75% ROI. The same price would, in strategy B, generate a $400 payout, bringing up the ROI to -50%. (See figure 3.2) When the settlement price is $2.00 ($0.50 over the range), strategy A will pay $2,000 or a 150% ROI, whereas strategy B produces a 67% ROI, a lower return.

This means that from a return/loss viewpoint, buying the Convertible Voucher weakens the gain in the upward price movement but, in exchange, provides a resistance against a downward movement (see figure above). Though strategy A and B (outside the range) both mean taking a position with SOLV, a long period of holding SOLV without a protection mechanism in place exposes the investor to substantial loss.

7. Who will be the first to issue Convertible Vouchers and how to participate in this

Any project teams who have a treasury (especially DAOs) with very limited liquid assets would be interested to issue their Convertible Vouchers. Unslashed Finance, a decentralized insurance protocol, will be the first project to launch their Convertible Vouchers on Solv’s financial NFT marketplace. On Feb 7th, Unslashed Finance will issue Convertible Vouchers with tokens worth 1 million US dollars.

Unslashed Convertible Voucher Offering Event details:
Details of USF Convertible Voucher Offering
👑 Total value: 1 million USDT
⏰Offering start date: Feb 07th, 2022
💰 APR: 8%
💰 Bond range: 1/4 average price ~ 6X average price (the average price will be set up by Unslashed)
⏰ Maturity date (UTC): May 07th, 2022.

Users have to get whitelisted to participate in. Solv co-host a gleam whitelist campaign with Unslashed, you could join Solv’s Telegram or Discord to learn more details.

Unslashed($USF) Convertible Voucher Offering Whitelist Campaign on Gleam
👩🏻‍ Total Winners: 800
👑 Each Winner can purchase: $ 1w - 100w
⏰ Whitelisting Start date: Jan 21st, 2022
⏰ Whitelisting End Date: Feb 6th, 2022
Complete more referrals and tasks to have a better chance of securing a whitelist spot
Any cheating or use of bots will be disqualified immediately
Please note securing a spot on the whitelist means you can participate in the Convertible Voucher Offering but it does not guarantee an allocation - IVO will be first come, first served.

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Q1 I read about Solv Protocol is that it "allows anyone to create decentralized financial instruments through NFT". Is it really that easy for someone with no knowledge of the DeFi and NFT market to use your platform? @SharayLug

We believe that Solv is opening up a totally new path in the DeFi industry which will definitely be a new direction for others.
Solv is a marketplace that focuses on NFT financialization, which will unlock a multi-trillion-dollar financial NFT market—larger than all other NFT markets combined.
Solv’s original token standard introduces NFT use cases to DeFi for the first time and takes the protocol beyond the existing bounds of the DeFi space.
And Solv has built a platform that offers a high-liquidity, low-cost and customizable solution for minting, trading, and transferring financial NFTs.
Now I think we are on the hilltop already and we actually did so much in advance and achieved a lot but we must keep innovating and that is what we are doing now.

With so many innovative ideas we’ve presented to our investors and partners, Solv has already been well received and is developing faster than ever. We’ll continue providing value for the retail investors by launching more IVO of quality projects, incentivizing protocol DAO Treasuries to help them on financing issues with our Convertible Voucher... And building more partnerships with other great projects.
Both users and projects are crucial for the development of Solv, and they’ll mutually promote each other. We will try to balance both sides at the same time.

Q2 I observed you have done a lot of partnership so would you like to enlighten me about some of those partnership ?? @eithanjames1214

With our unique token standard(ERC-3525) which is compatible with ERC721, we could integrate with most of the NFT projects as long as we see the value of collaboration. For example, Solv vouchers could be lent on taker protocol in the near future. I should say the capacities will be beyond your expectations because we could deal with almost all the financing problems for most protocol DAO Treasuries.

Here are some examples for our partner's usage of our Vesting Voucher

And we are going to work with more DeFi projects using our Convertible Voucher for those DAOs to make the found raising easy

Q3 Do you have a user referral or ambassador programme that we can use to bring in new users? What are the several ways that your project makes income/revenue, and what is its "Revenue Model"? How might it assist both the investor and your project in a win-win situation? @Miss_teen456

Solv will charge a 1.5% transaction fee from the successful transactions on the Solv marketplace. And we are focusing on the coming Convertible Voucher launch events in the coming two months. Please note the recent announcements in Solv communities and social media.

Q4 You launched your product in bsc Chain as of now but bsc has lot of existing financial platforms so how you plan to cement your place and also the marketplace feature is cool but how you plan to keep your marketplace busy in present situation of Market @beserious1313

Today, decentralized finance is opening a world of possibilities previously unknown to individuals and institutions, and it is still highly nascent. Financial NFTs as a new primitive are capable of expanding the bounds of the existing DeFi space and of meeting the growing demands for complex financial contracts as well as decentralized financial services — this is the track Solv Protocol is firmly and proudly dedicated to.

Our product is not only launched on BSC but also support ETH and polygon

Facing the current market situation, we will focus more on our new product, the Convertible Voucher
As the second member of Solv’s financial NFT family, Convertible Voucher is a structured product that can be converted into a predetermined number of tokens or stablecoins under certain conditions.
Essentially, it features a flexible payout mechanism based on multiple release parameters including the future trading price of the underlying asset and a bond range.
As an asset class, Convertible Voucher allows crypto investors to receive healthy returns on a token in a relatively unstable climate.

Q5 How you assure about the security of your product along with the fact that your team has no intention of rugpull @Grumpyb14017909

Solv Protocol is designed to protect users’ assets. We work closely with top-notch blockchain security solutions to protect our users’ assets from external and internal risk factors. We are proud to say that our source code has successfully passed the audits by both SlowMist and CertiK, key blockchain security organizations, and is on schedule to be audited by a third security network.

In the pursuit of higher protocol security, Solv has purchased $1million worth of insurance coverage through Tidal Finance and $3 million of insurance coverage through Unslashed. This allows the Solv users to get insured over SC risk. The current plan covers smart contract vulnerabilities deployed on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Needless to say, this is quite momentous as this is the FIRST time Defi insurance is being applied to the NFT sector!

Besides, we are offering a $50,000 bug bounty to incentivize developers and white hats to help us secure our protocol by uncovering its vulnerabilities and shortcomings. And we are pleased to be able to launch this undertaking with Immunefi, which is a leading bug bounty platform experienced in the testing and securing of Defi protocols.


Q1-Captain Price 🎖:
Can you tell us about Solv IVO in simple sentences? I noticed that IVO is similar to Coinlist, can you talk about the differences between Coinlist and IVO? What is the relationship between Solv IVO and Vesting Voucher?

First of all, we are a decentralized platform, coinlist is a centralized platform. Vouchers bought from Solv can be traded immediately and can be transferred, split and merged. Also, you can perform all these operations to this Voucher before you release the token. The most important point is that participating in IVO activities at Solv gives you access to our future rewards for user rewards.

Q2-Shihad K:
Solv has created the concept of Vouchers as a new digital asset type, can you explain what type of digital assets are and with what protocols are compatible? What DeFi activities can be done with this asset and why is it better than conventional tokens?

One of the main goals of Vesting Vouchers is to completely improve allocations management experience with more even asset liquidity. And the following three characteristics of Vouchers will make sure the goal is met:
(1) Vesting Vouchers are transferrable. Thanks to their NFT-ness, anybody who owns a Voucher automatically has a right to its underlying tokens, as well as the right to retrieve them.
(2) Vesting Vouchers are tradable. All Vouchers are tradable on the DeFi marketplace such as OpenSea. It’s also entirely possible to put them up as the loan collateral (NFTfi or Taker) or a group of vouchers packaged and issued as ERC-20 tokens on derivatives platforms such as Unicly and DoDo.
(3) Vesting Vouchers are fractionalizable. Thanks to Solv Protocol’s original token standard with the feature of splitting and combining, Vouchers are supported by ERC-721 compliant infrastructures and are completely fractionalizable.

And for risk-averse investors, the Convertible Voucher is the best way to invest in tokens that have unique risk profiles. It also gives owners of the Convertible Voucher an out before the settlement, by letting them trade those Vouchers on Solv Marketplace.

Q3-Waluyo Benjo:
Of the many forms of nft such as digital works, game items and others, why do you prefer vouchers as your form of nft, what was your initial motivation for creating this #SOLV protocol??

The explosion of NFT artwork and Gamefi has given many people the mindset that art and games are the right paths for NFT development, naturally tying NFT to art, collectibles, cards, and scarcity.
But the value of NFT does not depend on NFT itself, the application scene will empower NFT value, NFT value can be redefined.
Many people currently understand the financialization of NFT as simply UniSwap v3. UniSwap v3 uses NFT to act as an LP token, which uses the ERC721 standard.
We believe that ERC721 is just a starting point for Financial NFT and is by no means mainstream.
Solv Protocol aims to bring the primary market into the DeFi space through NFT. We launched the Vesting Voucher and Convertible Voucher to address the trust gap that exists between investors and protocol DAO Treasuries. These two products are built on the ERC3525 protocol and are better suited for financial protocol-related descriptions.

Q4-Damara Dee:
what is the difference between a vesting voucher and a convertible voucher ??
and can we sell that voucher after created ?

You are able to trade, split, merge, transfer the Voucher you have at any time.

Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project??

We connect high-quality investment firms in the crypto world, wealth advisory platforms, and investors. You can see the Current TVL, Partners, and Activities of our program on the Overview page of our website.
As of now, we have over 6,000 Voucher holders, 30 partner projects, and our Current TVL has exceeded $200 million.

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