Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 14 DEC 2021
Time : 11:00 AM UTC.

Guest : Andy Agnas, Rico Zuniga
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project SPARK POINT.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Medard Mandane:
btw we are representing our CTO and CEO because they are very busy as of the moment with a really high priority stuff

Harvey Javier:
Hi! I’m Harvey Javier, one of the Lead Developers in SparkPoint Technologies Inc., and one of the earliest engineers in the team. Few years back, I worked as a web developer in an IT startup in our province and on top of that, I did some freelance work related to information systems, mobile apps, and game development. I got introduced to blockchain as a whole, firsthand when I entered SparkPoint and spearheaded the development of its early product, the SparkPoint Wallet. It became my stepping stone to the space, made me more curious and interested with the technology, and made me delegate all my computer science and IT skills and R&D into blockchain.

Medard Mandane:
Hi, I’m Medard. I’m a backend developer of SparkPoint.

I'm currently the lead of the team behind SparkDefi.

I started engaging in crypto (airdrops specifically) when I was in college, I only started exploring it in depth when I got hired in SparkPoint year 2019.

2) What is Sparkpoint all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Harvey Javier:
SparkPoint's initial vision is to build an ecosystem of products and services around the SRK token to spearhead the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. This is a bold vision and not something that can be accomplished easily. We've identified what works and what doesn't through the years and we've refocused our efforts and core competencies around these verticals including decentralized finance (SparkDeFi), gaming (SparkPlay and partners/investments), education (SparkLearn and BDB), SparkPoint Wallet, NFTs (SparkNFT soon and partners/investments), and money transfer/remittance (ongoing VCE license application).

We are also encouraging people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money and participating in cryptocurrency exchanges. Our mission, however, as we want SparkPoint to be a globally competitive project that focuses on financial inclusion by integrating blockchain technology and promoting financial literacy awareness to reinvent the world of digital payments.

With our recent accomplishments in the past months and current progress on developing our products especially our flagship products, SparkPoint wallet, and SparkDeFi, we can proudly say that a big aspect of our mission and vision are already being realized and coming to fruition.

3) You have a launchpad feature in place so how many projects have you successfully launched and what are advantages given to projects who use your launchpad ?

Medard Mandane:
We launched three successfull projects so far in our launchpad, although we encountered some challenges at first, but challenges are there to help us improve

The first project to launch an IDO was a project dedicated to NFTs -- Ownly, you can visit for more information about the project.

As for the advantages

One of the advantages of our launchpad is we charge low fees for those who would like to conduct an IDO in our launchpad, We coordinate closely with partners, we are ery flexible when it comes to the rules if it is feasible, like if the project would like the distribution to be manual or automated.


SparkPoint has a strong community and that community also support those projects that launches in our launchpad platform, SparkLaunch. We also offer marketting strategy and some sort of advising for projects during the process.

4) You have done a lot of partnerships so discuss about some of the key partnerships in here ?

Harvey Javier:
Yes we have a lot of partnerships and a lot going on lately. Especially with our recent partner NFTrade. We collaborated on launching our first “Sparky NFT” NFT collection which are minted in our own NFT minting platform. We are also having ongoing collaborations with Ownly, a project leveraging NFT, and MGG, a play-to-earn gaming guild.

There's a lot going on, but further collaborations and activities are being done currently with the mentioned partners. 😄 Let's proceed with the next

5) You have plans of launching a lending platform and governance so can you give us some of the insights into the primary unique features it will boast and also can you share tentative date of launch??

Medard Mandane:
We are undergoing extensive R & D regarding this. Some of the details will be added to the new roadmap that we are currently polishing. Please stay tuned 🙂


Q1 Liquidity mining is the best way to generate passive income. Liquidity funds are very important for decentralized exchanges and this is exactly one of the key advantages that you will have with SparkSwap. What passive income strategies does SparkSwap offer to users? @Lidiamga

Harvey Javier:
Like other projects that provide liquidity mining, we also offer liquidity staking pools that offer high APRs. They can stake their LP tokens that they got from providing liquidity to certain pairs.

You can visit for more details 😄

Q2 Probably most investors are buying tokens which are likely to increase in price in the future. So can you tell us about the supply of $SRK tokens? Do you have any plans to burn tokens in the future to reduce the supply of tokens and increase their investment attractiveness @themiracleboy0

Harvey Javier:
Yes, actually we burn tokens quarterly until it is down to 10B tokens. That’s our goal. And our next buy back and burn event is this coming December 30, 2021 as our last event for this year.

Here are further details with our burning mechanism:

Q3 Can you share your journey from getting a pool over julswap until now? What all ups and downs you been through? @Abc97341745

Medard Mandane:
When we decided to create a BEP20 version of SRK token, we started with julswap and it was great.

But eventually we thought of launching our own bridge and therefore a need for a new BEP20 version of the token which is SRKb

But it caused confusion to the community since there are two BEP20 versions at that time BSRK and SRKb

So we decided making SRKb as the official BEP20 version, that way we also have full control in terms of bridging from ETH to BSC network especially when it comes to fees

Q4 Tell me some of the features of your wallet and how secure is it and what all the chains tokens can I store in the wallet. Sometimes decentralised wallet charge crazy fee because of bug or something so how you protect it @Namanbhalla926

Harvey Javier:
Yes, I understand that most dApps in the space are very risky especially if developers are anonymous.

Regarding the security of our wallet, as one of its lead developers, I guarantee that your private keys and seed phrases are indeed secured. Its data are not stored in the local storage of the app, else they are stored in a secure keychain.

Regarding its supported chains, it supports BTC. It supports Bep2, but its native BNB token only. It supports ETH mainnet with ERC20 tokens like our very own SRK, and stablecoins like USDT and DAI. And it supports Binance Smart Chain with the native token BNB and other BEP20 tokens like SRKb, SFUEL, and stablecoins like BUSD. It also has 3 centralized exchanges namely ChangNOW, Swapzone, and Changelly.

Q5 SparkPoint Wallet
SparkPoint has a variety of products that add value to the crypto industry. Isn’t it difficult to deal with and develop such a variety of products? @Coin_Travolta

Harvey Javier:
As one of the early members, it was tough entering the space as an engineer with zero knowledge with blockchain in general. Although my skills in computer science and IT helped me in tinkering with stuff that’s still new to me. Development through the years was a roller coaster ride, a lot of ups and downs, but it was worth it. I grew as a developer. Since then, we have acquired more developers to maintain our products. And it does not stop there, as our team values continuous and lifelong learning a lot!

Medard Mandane:
We created teams dedicated to each product. At first it’s hard and that’s normal.
But thanks to the great talents within the team we are able to successfully launch these products 🙂 We also brain storm a lot, as a family.


Q1-Binh Minh:
To run a project smoothly, Funding is very important, Where does SPARKPOINT's Capital / revenue come from?

Harvey Javier:
Revenue comes from our in-app purchases in our SparkPlay Games, Exchange fees in our CEX platforms in our SparkPoint Wallet, Blockchain Development Bootcamp tuition fee in our SparkLearn platform, Exchange fees in our SparkBridge, SparkLaunch, and SparkSwap in our SparkDeFi platform.

Q2-❤️ I Love INDIA 🇦🇷:
Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I'd like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Medard Mandane:
Yes we consider community feedback/requests. The trust of the community is very important to us. Although again challenges or unexpected things happen that prevents us from delivering what the community wants. But we do our best to compensate 🙂
We try to cover everything that is feasible as much as possible, expand the team if needed. 🙂.

Q3-Lija Mim:
It is very risky to invest on project without Audit. How strong is your security measures adopted by your project? Do you have any Audit report done ?

Harvey Javier:
Our SRK ERC20 contract is verified by CertiK 😄

Q4-alex sanv:
Where can I buy tokens now? What is SPARKPOINT contract?

Harvey Javier:
We are available in multiple exchanges.

For our ERC20 contract (SRK), here are the preferred exchanges with good liquidity, KuCoin,, and Uniswap

For our BEP20 contract (SRKb), here are the preferred exchanges with good amount of liquidity, SparkSwap and Pancakeswap

For more details and exchanges:

Q5-Feri Wahyudi:
I want to know that, Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions could they vote on about your project? And do you have any plan to create other feature? Might be yield farm, stake, or NFT project? Could you explain more detail?

Medard Mandane:
Off course, token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project, that is one of the reason SFUEL was created. Like what I said earlier we are conducting extensive R & D regarding this 🙂 So stay tuned. But rest assured we will add these features 🙂 Yes what you mentioned are some of the type of decisions they can vote on

Harvey Javier:
Thank you for having us in your community. And sorry our CEO and CTO can't make it. I hope all of you are satisfied with our answers!

Medard Mandane:
We would like to thank everyone here especially to those who asked their questions. There are many questions we would like to answer but let's reserve that for future AMAs.
Thank you Cryptoscape for having us 🙂
Good luck to everyone with your crypto journey

We will be logging out now 🙂 Thanks again guys 🙂

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍




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