Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :24 OCT 2021
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest :Alex
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project TIPSY.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
I am Alexandru Frigioiu the CMO of TipsyLabs

I started to study about crypto and blockchain 6-7 years ago.

I have vast experience in Project Management and Marketing.

Together with Stefan and the team we're working on Tipsy Project. For us Tipsy means to be YOU.
Our team has different shills and we are in continuous growing. For the moment the core team has 9 memebers with expecience in Quality, Management, Sequrity Experts, Finance, 3D Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Marketing.

Also advisors from this industry (ShelbyParis MMA Figther and NFT Creator, Shoma Ishikawa WSOP 2020 winner
Bracelet holder).

We are technology & crypto enthusiasts.

2) What is TIPSY all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:

Tipsy is an entire ecosystem, a platform where the best adult related services, media, merchandise, apps and games can be found under the same roof.

It’s a one-stop solution

We decided to do this because of the annoying search for the right provider, security issues and because the industry today is lacking innovation.

Also we want a place where only the desired good services, apps and games can be found so we are doing it all open source but we will let the community choose which ones are going online through a voting system.

3) How can users buy your token and what is the recommended slippage and how you plan to convince that your coin is not another pump and dump coin

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
TIPSY token will be used to purchase products or services and to pay fees all across our platform and beyond.

In the near future you will need $TIPSY to buy Land on TipsyWorld, a world where you can play games, start businesses, trade NFTs or just socialize. A world just for adults.

So it is a utility token on the entire ecosystem, as BNB is on Binance and so on.

It can be bought from PancakeSwap(0.1% slippage) with contract address: 0xf380334b9a181f54bf2f32fdd3e153d259472ebb

In the near future it will be available on CEX.

This is not a P&D token because, we developed a business plan, we have a doxxed team, great advisors & partners.

The liquidity is locked.

From the total supply of 450mln, 440 mln are locked for 10 years and 5 mln locked in the vesting locker(until 2022 and 2023).

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
No, Tipsy is on BSC and it will remain. But We are using mult- iblockchain. BSC for token, EGLD for small transactions and ETH for NFT's.

Tipsy will be publicly offered on the Binance Smart Chain. The NFTs will be based on the Ethereum Network and all intern transfers will take place on the Elrond Blockchain.

Later on, Tipsy will automatically choose the network depending on the app used and the needs at the moment of transfer.

This will allow us to ensure that we always have the maximum possibilities and scalability.

4) Nowadays many projects rugpull and leave like blacklisting addresses to sell , removing the liquidity , misusing the marketing wallet etc .
So how can you assure you are not another rugpull

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
$TIPSY liquidity is locked.

So rugpull isn't possible.

TIPSY is not a SCAM. Tipsy addresses are posted on the website. Everything is transparent. Our mission is to innovate the adult entertainment industry. Through Tipsy Ecosystem this will be possible. Our team is on website so..we are public persons.

this is the core team.

TIPSY is also Certik Audited.

5) You are venturing into adult content in which there are feature like dating, video chat gambling and media can you explain these features and when will your app go live ??

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
Yes, this is a great question, it's a lot of talking here but I will try to be short.

Tipsy is a virtual playground for the adults, as we are working on an entire virtual world where you can meet, interact and have fun.
It’s a place where dreams can become true.

By using so called avatars you will immerse yourself deep into a new realm.

Solve quests, socialize and also do business like trading NFTs, buying merchandise and also buying or selling properties.

On TipsyCam you can watch and interact through a webcam with models' around the world, on TipsyXchange everyone as user can exchange their crypto. Models can withdraw the earned money directly from it.

On TipsyMarket will allow everybody to sell their products, offer services and even get rid of their used stuff.

Payments will be made with Tipsy tokens and both buyers and sellers will profit from our Tipsy buyer/seller protection to ensure the best possible experience and quality.

Furthermore, our marketplace features will also be available as native tools for developers to integrate into their apps and games. NFTs, sexy clothing.

Detailed version(on whitepaper) available on
We already have a DEMO of TipsyWorld.

The developers are working on TipsyWorld, land sale platform and TipsyFans module.
We aim to reach the release of TipsyFans, listing on CEX and Land Sale Platform in Q4 this year.

Here are a few of Tipsy Founders Edition NFT’S.


Q1 Some projects are lacking customer service or customer support. Do #Tipsy have a 24hr customer support service? How would you define good customer service in Tipsy Trade @SLiomie

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
We are a team of 20 admins. We are 24/7 online and at least one of us is available for questions and support.

A good customer service in our vision is to offer answers and solution to the clients.

We value the feedback of our clients and try to create an ecosystem based on their needs.

So you can find us on @tipsyonline Official Telegram Group🤗. We are there for you.

Q2 Tipsy platform offers a virtual assistant known as ‘Infinity - intelligent personal assistant’, She will be gaming companion. What distinguishing characteristics does "Infinity - intelligent" personal assistant have compared to traditional gaming assistants @Lidiamga

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
First of all, thank you for your research @Lidiamga

Yes Infinity will be your Virtual Assistant but not as traditional ones are.
Everyone will love her.

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
Using core sub-areas of artificial intelligence like machine learning and neural networks, Infinity automates analytical model building, identifies patterns, makes decisions and adjusts actions with minimal human assistance.

Her accurate predictions are based on the data that clients
decide to feed her.

- Visual question answering & dialog, or simple VQA
- Body, face & gesture analysis
- Language modeling
- Speech & audio processing

Users have complete control over the amount and kind of data she is allowed to analyze. She is capable of learning a great deal, but this will be limited to our users needs. She will have no permission to obtain or analyze data unless the user has specifically OPTED IN to do so.

Q3 You have plans of venturing into nft and nft marketplace also first of all can you give a glimpse of your nfts along with telling the features of your nft marketplace
I also wanna know when will nft marketplace go live and transaction fees involved in trading @Grumpyb14017909

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
Yes in Tipsy Ecosystem the users will be able to create unique NFT's, store and trade your collectibles and bid on auctions through our marketplace or directly in the Tipsy virtual world.

Trading NFTs will be very easy and in our VR TipsyWorld, you will be able to store and display them for everyone to see.
Infinity sold our first founders edition NFT.

Buying and owning such an NFT from our own founders edition brings you advantages like never having to pay fees on our ecosystem again, or exclusivity at land sales in our virtual world.

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
You can see it in the TipsyWorld DEMO, on the website(download and install for playing with other online users).

The TipsyMarket will be live in March 2022 (beta version).

Q4 How you get the idea of creating the token and who are your competitors and what are your partnerships and when can we expect the first cex listing @beserious1313

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
Tipsy doesn’t have a direct competitor, let's be serious have you heard from anyone a great ecosystem like TIPSY?

This is an innovative ecosystem.

Tipsy is an ecosystem - with interoperability between apps and games

The Tipsy ecosystem links native apps like TipsyCam or TipsyMarket with other apps deployed by developers, but also with external businesses where needed.

The entire ecosystem will contain TipsyCam, TipsyMarket, TipsyXchange, TipsyFans, TipsyWorld.

Tipsy is an entire ecosystem, a platform where the best adult related services, media, merchandise, apps and games can be found under the same roof.

It’s a one-stop solution.

We decided to do this because of the annoying search for the right provider, security issues and because the industry today is lacking innovation.

The CEX Listing will be in October or November for sure.

We already choose an CEX and our layers makes the legal stuff.

For the moment you can Farm and stake Tipsy👍.

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:


Q5 Can you tell us what will be the eligibility criteria for models? What incentives do they get on being associated with your platform and in the adult industry lot of illegal things happen how will you prevent it? @Tinetinej90

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
We already discussed with many models agencies and on the platform will be a trending system of Likes & Votes..reports so on.

The models and agencies want to migrate to the Tipsy ecosystem. If you heard about OnlyFans..which bans adult content and so on. Huge fees, many middle man.. Tipsy will increase considerably the quality and income for users.

Here are a few of the Tipsy Models.

With that token, you will gain access to our entire ecosystem.
We will not have access to your private data unless you do something really bad.


Q1-Trade Art:
Do you think "TipsyFans" can make your Community bigger?

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
1. Yes. yes, we already share content from our models. they will recommend us to the other models and so the community will grow. Adoption and development.

This is a short lesson abou how staking works 😜.

Q2-Boss Now Meeting:
Where can I buy your tokens now, what is are your current contracts address. And, when it available on any exchange?

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
2. The TIPSY token can be bought from PancakeSwap with the contract address : 0xf380334b9a181f54bf2f32fdd3e153d259472ebb.

Q3-Milon Hasan:
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?How many experts in your team as per now? please give us the team background and experience of the team? Do you have any plans to recruit any ambassadors or any positions?So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
3. No minting or burning systems. 450 mln. total supply. 400 mln locked for 10 year with quarterly unlocking. Our team and tokenomics details can be checked here.

Q4-Minh Gianggg 👺👺:
There are many projects that only last for a while and then die on the road, making new investors afraid. Question: How can TIPSY survive, continue to grow and how does TIPSY convince investors that it is very promising?

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
4. We have a great and huge industry. A great business plan (please check the whitepaper). Private investors( Private sale rounds was done). Budgets to develop a few modules which will sustain the next developments. Great partnerships and more will come. Advisors from this industry..and a HUGE MOTIVATION TO INNOVATE THIS INDUSTRY. And last but not least a great motivated team.

Q5-D.K Din 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲:
Tells🔐🔐 us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?Telll us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?🔒🔒

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
5. Tipsy was Audited by CertiK Blockchain Security Leader. The results can be found here:

Q6-Jk Luky:
DO you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us???

Alex • $TIPSY - CMO •:
6. Yes 👉🏼 you can understand what Tipsy innovates, solve and how Tipsy Ecosystem works.

There are a lot of questions. Great questions btw. You have a active community here👍🏼

There is still a lot to describe and talk. I will be on @tipsyonline as well here for more Questions and answers.

Thank you very much for moderation. Thank you all for your great Questions🤗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏆.

See you in the🚀. Have a great day!

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍