Venue : Crypto Scape
Date : 12 NOV 2021
Time : 10:00 AM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and opinions about the Project TRY HARDS.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Hi I am Thomas, CEO of Tryhards. I am from the Netherlands.

I worked in the web development industry for 7 years. I had my own web development company for over 5 years, before my focus shifted towards crypto more and more. And of course I love video games! The idea for Tryhards was born in 2020, when the core team and I recognized the immense potential of NFT’s and blockchain for gaming.

I know the TryHards core team already for a longer period of time and also already worked with the dev team on previous projects. I shared my vision and mission with them and they were instantly on board.

2) What is TRYHARDS all about , it’s usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Tryhards is an NFT-based action game, players collect Fanatics and Weapons (NFT’s) which can be used in the Arena to fight each other and waves of monsters. With a focus on Community building and social aspects of games. Players can upgrade their NFT’s to become stronger and receive better staking rewards as well as in-game loot. Combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting action metaverse.

The team and I have always loved playing video games, and now with blockchain and NFT’s we can finally empower the player to have true ownership over the ingame items. Also we love the idea of the metaverse, and trying to connect our game to as many other metaverses as possible. So Tryhards came from our shared love for crypto and games.

3) Can you elaborate more on your game and the background of the game and how can the players strategise in the game?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
In short, players want to collect Fanatics and Weapons, which are both NFT’s. They come in different qualities the better the quality the better the NFT on multiple fronts like, stakingpower, health, armor, etc. When players have acquired both NFT’s they can start playing the game and fight other players in the Arena in 1vs1, 2vs2 and more game modes coming out soon. Or do PvE and fight waves of monsters. With the rewards players get from playing the game they can upgrade their NFT’s so they become stronger.

Here is a short list of the features/utilities of the token:
Purchasing NFT’s
Providing liquidity
Players can place wager in TRY before they start a fight
Participate in seasonal events
Contribute in the Guardians of the armory (DAO)

4) You have some amazing partnership and advisors on board can you elaborate on how it will benefit your product?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
It's not a lot i think. It's the base items and characters. We will try to leave as many items normal ingame items. To ensure the smoothes gaming experience

We have quite a list of strategic partner and advisors, i'll keep it short by just talking about a the advisors:

Dr. Deeban - GD10 - CryptoBlades
Charlie Hu - Head of Polygon, China
Kevin Abdulrahman - NFT strategist
Minh NGUYEN - Ca’Koin Capital - Marketing from Wanaka
Dorji Rabten - Oddiyana Ventures
Duck Dao

They all help us in a specific area we lack a bit of knowledge. I cant thank them enough for all help

5) Can you justify the transaction fees and your tokenomics and tell how is it in the best interest of investors??

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Sure, so the game is basically free to play, one needs to acquire a weapon and Fanatic, from there you can just play Tryhards. But since you need to communicate with the blockchain in the form of a transaction there are transactions and someone has to pay the fee ;’) We take a little bit on top of the transaction but this will be so small since it's on the Polygon chain.


Q1 One way to obtain crystals in the game is users to provide liquidity. Oftentimes, liquidity farming can be risky especially when users are exposed to IMPERMANENT LOSS. Aside from liquidity provision, are there any means of acquiring these precious crystals? Can they be bought @Lidiamga

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Besides providing liquidity we also drop crystals from loot boxes, so a player can get a weapon of a fanatic NFT + some crystals to balance all the drops. Every box is worth almost the same amount in TRY. But you can get lucky on the quality which ranges from normal to legendary of the NFT. Also we will give players rewards from playing PVE which also include crystal drops.

Q2 I wanna know the features of your marketplace as to what all things can people trade there ?
What will be the transaction tax charged? How will you verify the authenticity of products listed over your marketplace? @MaryjoyGloria5

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
So we will only sell our ingame items and NFT's on the marketplace, so no foreign items to our metaverse. The Fee is 4% i believe, so less than on OpenSea. Players can also choose to sell our NTfs on OpenSea if they wish, but for a higher fee, they have 5%.

Q3 I Noticed that the TRY HARDS is the biggest NFT based cross-chain blockchain action game with CHAINLINK VRF , Can you tell me the Main Reason to introduce the CHAINLINK VRF in the Ecosystem , What is the Primary Role of the CHAINLINK? @Heartlesss98

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
The chainlink VRF is to ensure fair drops from the loot boxes. To have transparent ecosystem.

Q4 I am really intrigued to know how the collaboration with sparkpoint aill benefit your product and is it a long term partnership @NoNowonders2

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Sparkpoint is one of our investors. Together with the team and advisors and investors we are aiming to make a good product.

Q5 Tryhards has many ido planned on various platforms .I want to know the reason for doing ido on so many platforms and on what all platforms whitelisting is still open??
When have you planned token launch? @Grumpyb14017909

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
We will go on Seedify, DuckDAO, Polkabridge and Prostarter. They each have their launch dates and times.


Q1-Honey car ⭕:
Do you take community feedback and try to improve your project accordingly. how do you prioritize community feed back, because most of the new project are only worried about investment,??

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Yes, we believe community feedback is very important. We also introduce a DAO where TRY holders can help decide on things like new game modes, new seasonal events, new factions and fanatics. Or make other sugestions.

Q2-Captain Price 🎖:
What do I need to play the TRYHARDS game, do you have an entrance fee? Do I need to have a certain amount of local coins or an in-game NFT to play your game?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
You need to hold a Fanatic & Weapons NFT. That's all you need to have to play the game.

Q3-♠♠♠Hữu Hĩu♠♠♠:
English is a popular language ... How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Does TRYHARDS have a local community for them to better understand the project?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
Yes, we already have a vietnamese official community. We are looking to introduce more official TG groups in other languages as well. We believe it's important than anyone who wants to join Tryhards should be able to do so.

Q4-Hasan 3:
Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness thanks ?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
We integrated a buy - back mechanism that will purchase TRY tokens back and burn them from the revenue earned inside the metaverse.
When it comes to the game, we have chosen to go for a dual token model whereby one token is inflatable to balance it out. We had a team of mathematicians work on it so the game is balanced.

Q5-Syed Rahmat Mubeen Shah:
Most of the new projects are only interested in short term profit, how will you assure a beginner like me that TRYHARDS Is here for long term and not looking for Short term profits for someone who wants to invest for long term?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
I think the idea of Tryhards is that it's a game firstly and an investment second. So if you are a gamer you should definitely join ASAP. The game is on the blockchain to empower the player, to give them ownership of their own in-game items. And our strategy is that if enough gamers join and love playing the game. The price of the NFT’s and tokens will rise with them.

Q6- 💞💞💞💞:
Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? or dose it only appeal to professional users?

Thomas | Tryhards | Will never PM you first:
We are working very hard to make the UIX Design as userfriendly as possible. As wel as making guides on how to set up you wallet and connect to the game, or how to get your first crypto's in the wallet. We want to develop a game that's accesible for everyone.

Thanks everyone for joining the AMA session today and your interest in Tryhards. I loved all good questions. Please follow us via the socials below!

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Thanks again everyone, i cant wait to see you in the Tryhards Metaverse 🔥

@Sahils2000 Thank you very much for beeing such gracious host, hopefully untill next time =)

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍



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