Venue : Crypto Scape
Date :05 SEPT 2021
Time : 01:00 AM UTC.

Guest :Mr. Ham Sparrow
He shared detailed information and his opinions about the Project YARLOO.


1) please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Ham Sparrow:
I'm Ham, an experienced crypto project leader and entrepreneur who helped multiple ventures raise their funds to kickstart production with their crypto projects and an expert in marketing. Our team at Yarloo consists of peop[le with years of experience in the crypto space that allows them to grasp all the necessary requirements we need to capture the essence of a great marketing campaign, one of the best user experiences in our products, and so much more.

2) What is Yarloo all about explain it along with usecases and Vision

Ham Sparrow:
Yarloo is a gamified crypto lottery that utilizes NFTs as the main ticket entry system that allows you to qualify for winning grand prizes with huge reward pools. We also introduced the concept of RST for our project, which means Revenue Sharing Token. RST, in essence, is an ecosystem that focuses on enhancing the main pillars that ensure a token's market value never dips/crashes, and that's by sending passive income to our holders, LP providers, and buying back our token then burning it.

3) What are your plans for nft will it only be issues to participate in lottery or you have some other plans too??

Ham Sparrow:
NFTs will be issued for anyone to win/purchase regardless of whether or not they want to participate in lotteries.

4) What’s the difference between solo lottery and team lottery and can you explain how they work and how you assure it’s fair??

Ham Sparrow:
Solo lottery is simply you against everyone else, with RNG picking one winner only. Team lottery pairs you with 3 more users, so a team consists of 4 users pairing their cards together for a maximum number of cards of 20. Team lotteries are more strategic because you can pair your cards with the cards of others in case you don't have the same cards they have, allowing for better combinations and smart tactics that increase the odds of winning. The catch is that you'll split the prize money with your 3 team members as well, so you'll earn a bit less, but the risk is also smaller.

5) Share in your Tokenomics and mention about locking and all . Additionally mention transaction fees charged on every transaction.

Ham Sparrow:
Total supply is 25,000,000 $YARL - we'll lock our team tokens for 2 years.

Liquidity for 1 year.

or 6 months depending on the DEX we're listing on in case we decide to migrate afterwards.

We recently decided to implement a transaction fee of 0.01% to increase our revenue further and it'll also be part of our RST.


1) How soon can users start enjoying the games and lotteries on the YARLOO platform especially the Wheel of Fortune? How can users earn/profit from these games? What other tokens can I use to play your games apart from the $YARL token? @MesutGunerri

Ham Sparrow:
We plan to launch with the Wheel of Fortune and our wallet first, in addition to having a demo for our lottery game too. You'll be able to profit from all our games by gambling and trying out your luck or engaging with teams - a P2E game is also in the making but unannounced for the time being.

You can only use $YARL initially, but we'll add partner tokens for lotteries where their communities can participate with the token of their favorite projects.

2) Yarloo has a "Revenue Sharing Token" feature. What is the condition to receive 30% of Yarloo’s profits? Does the user have to invest a certain amount to satisfy the condition? How profitable is the Yarloo ecosystem to pay users such high interest rates? @Lidiamga

Ham Sparrow:
The only condition is for you to either invest, HOLD, or provide liquidity, and you'd automatically become eligible for a distribution of our RST allocations. There won't be a threshold for how many tokens you hold, but there will be one for how long you hold.

Our RST is extremely profitable, if not better than staking and farming, but that can only happen if our revenue and user-base is high as well.

So the more people who use our platform and generate revenue for us, the more money everyone in our community gets to make passively.

3) I read that Yarloo has a hybrid DeFi system that allows users to earn 2% of a pool’s profits and by benefiting from RST ecosystem if they hold enough $ YARL. What is the minimum $ YARL holding to receive this offer? Do we need to stake or farm or use some other way to get profit system? @Rahulmadassery7

Ham Sparrow:
Guess this one's been answered in my previous answer as well.

4) Can you explain more about Cryptosailers programme and $50000 $Yarl Bounty programme. What are the benefits one will get when he became cryptosailor @ArnoldTom256

Ham Sparrow:
Basically, Crypto Sailors is how we appreciate early investors and community members who are helping us move forward with significant progress.

They become eligible to the following rewards:

1. Monthly NFT Airdrops (Silver Tier Cards)
2. Extra spins in Wheel of Fortune for FREE
3. Exclusive Beta Access to New Products
4. New NFT Ship Drops
5. Free Referral Codes for Friends to Join (1 month only)

To qualify, they must be presenting something that benefits our community or project for the long-term, whether by keeping up the good spirits of everyone, helping with graphics, giving a lot of cool feedback we could utilize, etc.

As for the bounty program, it's on Bitcointalk at the moment and will reward certain participants for joining our socials and participating in conversations and so on.

5) You have a feature of nft marketplace in place so my question is how is it better than other marketplaces which exist and what are the fees and all involved in the same??? @Grumpyb14017909

Ham Sparrow:
Our marketplace, NFTShore, will host a number of special Yarloo NFT collections in addition to collectible NFT ships, and will allow our users to trade their NFT cards to use them for playing in our lottery game whenever they want. It's going to have multiple chain support to avoid fees and our own fees will be less than Opensea's, as we'll be taking only 1.5% of each sale, while listing itself will be free.


Q1- Jem Trần:
How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you plan to develop many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, ... about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand your project?

Ham Sparrow:
That's why our bounty program exists. There already is a Spanish variation of our website and Lightpaper that's been wrapped up recently, and we hope to see Chinese as well since we'd like to include this community in particular in the future.

Sir,,👉Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Ham Sparrow:
An introduction video to Yarloo is being prepared, but we'll have educational materials for new users so they can understand how our products/games work and how to best use them.

Q3-Hasem- Mahmud _67:
Are there any plans to bring governance or staking options to the request token in the next 6 months? Year?

Ham Sparrow:
Governance is in our roadmap, and we plan to rely on our community first and foremost as soon as we launch.

Q4-Thakbo Na Keho Ar:
🍁🍁🍁🍁 Bear market will not be easy for a new project to survive. We have seen so many projects failed to survive in the bear market, Have you thought about this? What are the plans on surviving on bear market?

Ham Sparrow:
That's why our RST ecosystem was built. It's designed to survive the bear market and be able to maintain value in the worst crypto winters possible, and we're quite confident in its ability to keep our community and holders satisfied.

Q5-Lucy Girl:
Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Ham Sparrow:
Yes. We’ll gradually burn 80% of the total supply across 3 years. Could be less depending on how much in funds is in our RST, but that’s our main time estimate.

Ham Sparrow:
Yes! Yarloo's current funding stage is SEED, meaning the price is currently cheapest for anyone interested to get in before the rest, and we'll list for 2x the price on launch, so if anyone's interested, our Seed form is in - also feel free to ask any questions in our group!

Thank you for hosting me, guys.

Thank you from Crypto Scape 😍